Newswire Press Release Distribution: A Review

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In the dawn of digitalization, various marketing and sales strategies have died out after failing to adapt to modernization. But among all of them, the art of Press Release Distribution remains steadfast and is still one of the best marketing methods in the world. These days, a press release is not just distributed to the media, but to various platforms on the internet as well. If you haven’t already launched your own press release distribution campaign, then you should. Your business can reap massive benefits from a successful and well-executed press release distribution. In this article, we’re going to review one of the best online PR agencies in the world, Newswire. Best Press Release Distribution Services for 2018 – Newswire is one of the leading press release distribution services that cater to both small and large companies. Let’s see what it has to offer.


Founded in 2005, Newswire has become one of the best and most trusted in the press release and digital marketing industry. Newswire has in fact, been top-ranked for Press Release Distribution numerous times by peers and industry experts. The company is known for having the ‘best in value’ press release distribution services. The goal of their services is to increase a client’s online visibility and web presence. With a specialty in press release distribution, Newswire teams up with leading news outlets who can syndicate high-quality content on their websites. Newswire also offers services to suit any budget for small startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. Basic distribution services include usage of their easy-to-use systems, and premium services provide a full range of features you can think of.

How It Works

With Newswire, press release distribution is made easy. Their submission process is relatively straightforward and only includes a few simple steps.

  • Sign up for an account. Signing up for their website is free and easy. After creating an account, you can choose the option of which distribution package to take.

  • Submit your press release. Once you’ve set up your account and chosen your distribution package, you can submit your press release in a single-page submission format where you can input all of your press release information. Newswire’s editorial process is quick, and you will usually receive an update within a few hours.

  • Track and analyze your campaign. Tracking the progress of a press release distribution is essential to ensuring its success. Newswire has their own analytics tool where you can view how your press release is doing, how many people it has reached, and other relevant statistical data.

Company Newsroom

Newswire also gives its clients their own company newsroom. Each package includes a custom newsroom with your own unique web address. It is also completely customizable to suit your company’s brand and look. With your own newsroom, you can manage all of your content in one place. Imagine having your own digital press kit that contains all of your company’s news, events, images, and media assets. Furthermore, your newsroom includes performance metrics that enable you to look at a clearer picture of your visitor engagement and which pieces of content are getting the most user engagement.

Media Outreach

Perhaps one of the best features that sets Newswire apart from other PR agencies is its premium media outreach feature. When you avail a premium package, you’re given some ‘pitch credits’ that allows you to send pitches to various media contacts of your choice. Better yet, you can use Newswire’s template to import your own email list quickly. After your email pitch submission, you can track your campaigns “open rate” to know who and how many people opened your email and clicked on your links. Searching for relevant journalists are also made easy by their own media database that lets you connect with hundreds of thousands of journalists that are relevant to your own niche and location.

Distribution Features

Depending on which premium service you avail, Newswire offers a wide array of features on everything from Media Outreach campaigns to Social Media services. Here is a full list of everything Newswire can offer.

Media Distribution:

  • Premium Network Distribution to around 250+ media outlets

  • PR Newswire Distribution (1,000s of outlets)

  • Google News Inclusion

  • Yahoo News!/Yahoo Finance

  • Business Journals Network

  • Reuters Network Distribution

  • Associated Press Distribution


  • Up to 6 hyperlinks in your press release

  • Up to 4 image attachments

  • Embed video

  • Industry links inclusion

  • Up to 2 additional files

  • Autopost to Facebook and Twitter accounts

  • Shareable PR Review to clients

  • Publish email notification

  • 2-tier editorial in-house process

  • Traditional reach in State Print, Television, and Radio

  • National Reach in Newspapers, TV, Radio, and magazines

Available PR Distribution Upgrades

  • One Featured Image with PR Newswire

  • Expedited Release Processing


  • Detailed Analytics Report

  • PR Newswire Visibility Report included


  • Premium Package: $119

  • Premium Plus Package: $359

  • State Newsline Package: $699

  • National Newsline Package: $1,199

Other Services by Newswire

Media Outreach – Enjoy a personalized and perfectly customizable media outreach service that connects you with local and industry media contacts. Newswire has over 1.7 million media contacts that can help you accumulate targetted reach to a diverse range of industries and niches. Newswire’s easy-to-use media list also allows you to search effectively to specific locations or news corporations.

Writing Service – Don’t know how to write a compelling and high-quality press release? Don’t worry. Newswire can write a great news copy for you. The company’s writers are experts at writing press releases that can catch journalists’ attention. Additionally, the process takes only three easy steps. Share your important news story to Newswire’s writers, review the news copy once it’s written, and give your final approval before it gets distributed.

Newsrooms and Analytics – Newswire provides your company with its very own newsroom. This is where you can store all of your press releases, news, events, images and all other multimedia files. A detailed analytics report will also be provided for you as well as an analytics program that will enable you to track the progress of your press release campaign


If you’re looking for an excellent all-around press release distribution service from a company with a proven track record for successful press release campaigns, then Newswire should be your number one consideration. One of the most important things you should look for in a PR distribution service provider is earned media pickup, and Newswire has the best in the PR business.

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