Online Affiliate Lessons Do’s And Dont’s Here’s Some Quick Tips:

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Online Affiliate Lessons Do's And Dont's Here's Some Quick Tips:

Online Affiliate Lessons Do’s And Dont’s Find Out From My Own Personal Experiences Here’s Some Quick Tips:

Affiliate Training What Works What Doesn’t?

1.  Don’t: I would not recommend spending hours, and hours surfing traffic exchanges. The traffic doesn’t convert very well. Tip: It can be effective if your just trying to build up an email list though – but your better off paying the $5.00 or $10.00 dollars a month for their guaranteed traffic. Traffic splash is a pretty good one for building up an email list.

2. Don’t: Paying for guaranteed traffic: An example would be 10,000 guaranteed visitors for say $10.00. What I found – save your money I can almost guarantee you will not get 1 paying customer out of those 10,000 visitors. Tip: So save your affiliate money, and use it on something that actually works!  3. Do: This is a relatively new technique I picked up not to long ago: I use this on a social networking website I like to use for affiliate marketing purposes. The website I am speaking of is called myyearbook they let you add affiliate links on your profile page! Tip: You can also add friends very easily, I use the match toolbar to build up my friends list.  Here’s  a cheap secret once you build up your friends list somewhat, you can become a gold member for like $10.00 a month. This allows you to send mass messages to everyone on your friends list at once. Sort of like a side email list , use this to your advantage!

4. Do: Pay Per Click – If you have the extra money to spend and your a beginning, intermediate, or advanced affiliate marketer. I would always recommend one of the big 3 to spend your advertising dollars on. Google, Yahoo, or Msn now known as Bing. If your a beginner, PPC can be extremely expensive if you don’t know what your doing. Tip: Try to find a keyword phrase that is highly targeted to whatever product your marketing. Spend the least amount possible with your cost per click costs. Find out if that keyword phrase is profitable – if it is stick with that keyword phrase. If it’s not research another keyword phrase to use.

5. Do: Please take advantage of article marketing – It’s free targeted traffic, though its time consuming it is well worth the effort. Advantages: When you write a quality article people look at you as the expert. Plus you get high pageranked links pointing at your website if you have one. Tip: ezinearticles, hubpages, ideamarketers, and are my personal favorites.

Cheers To Your Online Success Marketers, Jay!

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