Online Affiliate Marketing Learn How Steps For Beginners

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Online Affiliate Marketing Learn How Steps For Beginners Online Affiliate Marketing Learn How Steps For BeginnersOnline Affiliate Marketing- Learn How? – Steps For Beginners

Listen up new affiliate, or Internet marketers out there who are interested in starting up their own home based business from home. Wouldn’t it be nice to work from home in your favorite pajamas? While you collect money while your sleeping? If that is not the best job in the World then you must be living in another galaxy, where earning easy money is as easy as picking it off  trees.

Starting your own at home money making business is the most cost effective business model around bar none. Very low startup costs – I will tell you what you need later on in this blog post. You have a world wide customer base you can reach with your online business. Try doing that with your local home town brick and mortar business.

And you can earn money 24 hours a day 7 days a week. How appealing is that? Once you put the legwork into your online blog, or website, it can be as if you have an ATM spitting money out at you on autopilot. These are some of the many appealing reasons for me, that working online has brought to the table, to get me motivated to hit a home run so to speak, when it comes to being profitable, stable, and happy, even in a bad economy.

Did I mention an online business is less prone to be affected by a bad local, or nationwide economy? Think about it even if the whole United States was under a great depression – you would still have the rest of the World to market to, and earn money with. Not too shabby a business model if I do say so myself. So if your ready to get up and running and launch your affiliate business into maximum overdrive keep reading. These are the steps you will need to take to reach your goals. Warning: It will not be easy – If you do not have the motivation needed to run a highly profitable online business, go get a normal 9 to 5 job and stick with it! Internet marketing is not for everyone. It takes work, continuous learning on your part, and pure motivation where failure is not an option. Now it will not be easy at first but if you stick to this game plan step by step you will be earning money online before you know it.

Step 1 In The Money Making Process

I want you to take the time and buy 1 good program that will speed up your learning curve considerably. I recommend 2 programs and they are both by Michael Jones. This is his newest one the Cash Code How To Make $106,381 In 29 Days Using A Top Secret Blueprint That’s Completely Setup Inside 2 Hours. And this is another great program for beginners who are interested in starting up their own online affiliate marketing business. It is called the Clickbank Code The Secret Blueprint Everybody Was Waiting For… Learn How A Super Mega Affiliate Makes 7 Figure A Year.

Both these programs will get the wheels turning in your head, and your learning curve will be cut down dramatically by taking the time out to learn the tricks Michael Jones teaches. He is a multi – millionaire and he did it all online. Wouldn’t that be someone you should be listening too?  You betcha! He has some good products that I highly recommend for all beginners out there.

Step 2 In The Money Making Process

All beginners should learn the bum marketing method it is free, and it will give you some basic knowledge on how to rank highly in the search engines. Google it, trust me it is well worth the 30 minutes it will take you to go through Travis Sago’s bum marketing method. This little free program really helped me out a lot in the beginning of my online career. I am highly confident you will find it just as useful.

Step 3 In The Money Making Process

Now I want you to think of a niche which you are interested in, and can write about with relative ease. It should be something you are interested in, because content is king in the search engines. The more content you have, the more income you can potentially earn online. It should be something you have a passion for, or if you learn more about that particular niche you could have a passion for. Picking something that interests you is very important so you do not quit in a week. This will make your online business seem less like work, and more like fun. That is a huge factor for me and is a main reason for my success on the Internet motivation, and I picked something that I am passionate about Internet marketing, and making money online.

Step 4  In The Money Making Process Starting Your Own Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Do not base your online business around a blogger blog! They can delete you at the push of a button if you violate their terms of service. Which is constantly changing by the way! I should know first hand mine was deleted for no good reason. I wrote an earlier blog post where I compare Blogger verse WordPress if you are interested in checking it out. Do yourself a favor start your own self hosted WordPress blog with Hostgator, control your content, your online business, and your money.

Step 5 Monetizing Your Blog

Here is what I do. I monetize my blog a couple different ways. 1. Google Adsense – Sure money as long as you can bring visitors to your website. You get paid and earn money by every unique click that is generated on your adsense ads that are placed on your blog. Sign up for a free adsense account to get started.

Affiliate ads – Depending on what your blog is based around – placing  affiliate programs on your blog can be extremely lucrative especially if you pick some hot sellers. Sign up for a few affiliate programs that sell products that would fit nicely in with your blog to monetize it. You get paid when someone purchases that product through your banner, or affiliate link. Make sure you find a few vendors with high paying affiliate commissions so you can earn more money from less clicks.

How To Bring Targeted Traffic, And Cash In Hand Visitors To Your Blog

This is gonna require some legwork on your part. Are you willing to work hard so you can earn some good cash with your new blog? Now I am not talking about killing yourself by no means. But be willing to set aside a few hours a day so you can concentrate on building traffic, an online income, and high rankings to your new blog so you can rank well in the major search engines and receive floods of free targeted visitors.

Write, and submit articles to the major article directories.  I would recommend you submit at least 50 unique articles, or more if possible. To,,, and are a few places for you to get you started. Make sure you put your blogs URL in the author’s resource box. Why should you bother to submit articles? Targeted traffic, which in turn equals more online money, backlinks which will increase your Google page rank so you can rank higher in the search engines. And more backlinks when other bloggers, or webmasters publish your article on their websites.

Add unique content to your blog, and update it at least 3 times a week, by adding new fresh content the search engines love this and will reward you by gradually moving you up the rankings for your keyword phrases.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting – This has a lot of the same effects as article marketing. Increased backlinks, and targeted traffic to your new blog. It is a highly effective form of Internet marketing.

Online Forums

Join online forums that are related to your blogs niche. Make sure you add a signature link,  so you receive targeted traffic for every new forum post that you make online. The Warrior forum is the biggest, and best online, so sign up for a free account there for sure. The Warrior forum is a great Internet – Affiliate marketing tool, where you can  earn some good money by utilizing their traffic to your advantage.

Classified Ads

Write, and submit free classified ads to high traffic websites such as Craigslist, and

Video Marketing

This is absolutely huge nowadays! You know how many people love to watch Youtube videos for example. Use this to your advantage, and you can be smiling all the way to the bank literally.  Millions of people watch online videos on a daily basis. They rank highly in the search engines, people love to republish good videos on their websites, or blogs, which will give you more backlinks, and more targeted cash in hand visitors that will be viewing your new blog. Make sure you post a few videos to Youtube and watch your Internet traffic explode!

Search Engine Optimization

Learn how SEO works and apply it to your new blog. In a nutshell it is basically scattering your keyword terms that you want to rank highly for throughout your blog posts. Obviously their is a lot more too it but familiarize yourself with some free SEO pointers that you can apply to your new blog. My advice to you would be too join an online forum if you are beginner and read various posts about SEO so you get a basic understanding of it. When your blog is optimized correctly you will be receiving free targeted traffic from the search engines for various keyword terms on your blog. This is the best form of laser targeted traffic that you can receive but it will take time to rank high in the search engines especially if you are in a competitive niche. My advice: Stick to your game plan affiliates. This is an online business, not a get rich quick scheme! It will take some time, but the traffic and money will flow when done correctly.

Online Affiliate Marketing Learn How Steps For Beginners Online Affiliate Marketing Learn How Steps For BeginnersSocial Networking Websites Like Facebook, And Twitter Huge Free Traffic

Sign up for a Twitter account, and a Facebook account if you do not already have one. Market your blog on Facebook, and Twitter. Your blog, or website can really earn some good money once your friend count, and followers grows. Online affiliate marketing is a business. It will take time, and a lot of patience, like a good fisherman to succeed on the Internet. Waiting for that big one to grab hold – if you want to turn this into a full time money making venture be willing to work hard, and have that fisherman patience. Their will be a lot of ups and downs with your online journey beginning affiliates. But if you are willing to learn, and put your best foot forward, your online earnings can grow by leaps and bounds.

Will you be the next Internet Multi- Millionaire? Good luck on your quest to kick that day job to the curb and work for yourselves affiliate marketers! Your friend, and fellow Entrepreneur Jay!

Online Affiliate Marketing Learn How Steps For Beginners Online Affiliate Marketing Learn How Steps For Beginners
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