Online Internet Marketing Tips, Advice, Beginners What Works?

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Online Internet Marketing Tips, Advice, Beginners What Works? What Don't?
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Online Internet Marketing Tips, Advice, Beginners What Works? What Don’t?

Alright your just starting out online, and your looking to start an internet marketing business on the side. But you do not know where to begin? There is so much information online it can be very overwhelming, even more so if your a beginner, and new to the internet marketing World in general.

I am gonna get you off the ground and running, all that I ask in return is that you tell a friend about my blog sound like a fair trade? You can also like this post to Facebook on the top right hand side of this blog, I would really appreciate it. I put a lot of time, and effort to bring my blog readers valuable information that will help them with their online businesses. So a recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Enough chit chat about my blog. Lets get down to some tips for you beginners out there so we can get you guys, and girls up and running.

Here Is A Proven Internet Marketing Business Plan That Cuts Out The Bullshit Do This!

1. If your just starting out online you are gonna need some products to promote to make some money right? But where do you find some good affiliate products to promote? Here is a list of some good affiliate programs where you can join for free.

A. Commission Junction

B. Amazon

C. Clickbank

D. Rapbank

E. Pepperjam Network

F. Payspree

( These affiliate programs will get you beginners started there are a ton more out there but these are my top ones )

2.  Once you find some affiliate products to promote make sure they are of high quality so they are easy to sell. Ask yourself would I buy this product? Does it offer value to my customer? Will the refunds be low? You do not want to get a ton of sales from your internet marketing efforts only to have them all returned due to a low quality product. If it is feasible buy the product yourself, or check out reviews on the product from past customers, just do a Google search.

3. If your thinking about starting your own blog, or website then do it right from the get go. Start a self hosted WordPress blog in an evergreen niche where customers can buy from you year round. You do not want to base your internet marketing business on one hit wonder products like Christmas, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, where after these days are over your sales are non existent. Think long term ideas, for long term passive income online. You want the money to keep flowing in not dry up like the Sahara desert.

If your a beginner the free hosting platforms like blogger, and seem like a logical choice but think again! Do not build your business on quicksand if you are just starting out in your internet marketing career. Here is why?

1. Free hosted platforms for bloggers like blogger, and the free essentially own your blog. You heard me right they own it! And they can do anything they want with it. For example: They can delete all your hard work at the push of a button for violating any of their terms of service policies. ( Which change almost daily I may add ) Beginners do it right from the start! Buy your own domain name, and pay the few bucks a month for paid webhosting. Your new online business is worth this small investment right? If you said no, go back to your dead end job. Being an entrepreneur is not your cup of coffee. Do not roll the dice with your internet marketing business. Start off the right way, and build a real online business that can one day earn you a lot of money.

Internet Marketing Strategies For Beginners That Work The Do’s.

1. Article marketing

2. Blog commenting

3. Forum Posting

4. Video Marketing Example: Making You Tube Video’s

5. Submitting Press Releases

6. Blogging

7. Classified Ads – Craigslist, Backpage, U.sfreeads For Example. Only Use The High Traffic Classified Sites. The Others Are More Or Less A Waste Of Time!

8. Monetizing Your Blog: Adsense, Affiliate Products, Kontera Links,  Building A Mailing List. I Recommend Aweber By The Way.

9. Building And Growing An Email List – Ever Heard The Saying From Internet Marketers The Money Is In The List? Beginners Write That In Your Notebooks. It Is Very True. Start An Email List As Soon As You Start Getting Some Decent Traffic To Your New Blog, Or Website. The Sooner The Better.

10. Joint Venture Partnerships With Other Internet Marketers – Adswaps, solo ads, product creation – once you start to get real good at internet marketing down the road.

11. Search Engine Optimization Or SEO – Learn seo and you will be rewarded with free traffic from the search engines that can make you a lot of money. Only write unique, original content on your blog, or website. No duplicate content Google is really cracking down on this.  Google has been hitting autoblogs, and content farms hard lately. They are dropping them from the rankings. Which is a good thing. It will reward us hard working internet marketers by giving us a little boost in the search engines, and cleaning up the garbage that is out there when performing an online search. So we can get relevant results when performing an online search. Go Google! Just write original, unique content, for your blog, or website and you will be fine.

The Dont’s Of Online Internet Marketing ( Time Wasters )

1. Stay Away From Traffic Exchanges – Poor quality traffic, and they just do not work plain and simple. I can go on and on about traffic exchanges and internet marketing but I will just leave it at that. Warning: Stay away: No money to be made surfing traffic exchanges. The only people earning a lot of money from traffic exchanges are the owners of these time suckers. I know this will probably upset some people ( Mainly The Traffic Exchange Owners) but I like to spread the facts not the fiction.

2. Do Not Get Overwhelmed! Stick to one internet marketing tactic at a time. Find out what works for you, and keep doing it till you see some money coming in.

3. Laziness – Do not be lazy and play video games for eight hours everyday and expect to make a lot of money online. Affiliate marketing, and internet marketing in general is a business treat it as such. Get your priorities straight! Do as much as you can to build your business as time permits. Even if it only a little bit of work it is better than nothing and it is bringing you closer to your end goal. Financial freedom one day!

4. Procrastination – I will do it tomorrow? No you won’t, and you know it! Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

5. Jumping From One Get Rich Quick Scheme To The Next – Total Time Waster! Beginners do not fall into this trap! If you want to buy a few make money online courses be my guest but cut it off at a few. I have given you a little roadmap now use it! There is no magic money tree out there. Only hard work, persistence, and continually learning will get your internet marketing business raking in the money one day. Build a business not a pipe dream!

Will some of these make money online courses help me to make money online? Yes some can but limit yourself and choose the course wisely. If you spend too much time chasing pipe dreams – that is all your internet marketing career will ever be a pipe dream. What sounds better to you? A dream of making money online? Or actually earning a lot of money online? Duhhhhh! Sort of a no – brainer!

6. Paying For Guaranteed Clicks Or Bulk Traffic Scam Programs – Buy 20,000 guaranteed hits to your website for $9.99. Total scam I fell for when I was a beginner internet marketer. Do not fall for this scam they are fake auto generated clicks preying on newbies. You have been warned!

If You Enjoyed This Internet Marketing Advice For Beginners. Feel Free To Spread The Word, And Share This Blog Post With A Friend.

To Your Online Success New Internet Marketers, Jay!

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