Opt for these Latest SEO Trends after the Recent Penguin Update

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With recent shakings and trembles from Google and other search engines thus making a revolutionary change to their algorithms, major sites are actually undergoing ranking problems and they could not detect the actual position of the site in the search engine. Sticking to the major search engine like Google, with some of the deadliest updates like Penguin being rolling out, it has actually laid many sites to problematic areas. With the recent updates from Google, it has left most of the website to freeze down in their business.Opt for these Latest SEO Trends after the Recent Penguin Update 2013 penguin seo strategies


So, it’s better not to avoid all those algorithms and get into the shoes of Google to get better ranks of your site in search results page. Therefore, let’s just get back to the point and start discussing the latest SEO Trends:


1. Say an instant “No” to Keyword Density:  The traditional use of Keyword Density is a strict “No-No” now. It is all about producing quality content and not content concentrating on the amount of keywords that you are mainly using in your content. Try to write the article focusing mainly on your readers and not on the search engine. It is always recommended to use quality keywords in your content and avoid using excessive keywords in it. This is because using a lot of keywords would lead to keyword stuffing and would be considered as spam in the eyes of Google.


2. Opt for Domain Authority: Yes, authority definitely rules the game nowadays and is infact a super-hero in the eyes of Google. As it is true that social signals are losing its actual value, hence the value of authority is gaining its importance. The authority of people and interaction with its respective visitors is therefore gaining importance in the eyes of Google and therefore will have its impact in the search results. Therefore, Google will only count those shares and retweets that have actually come from high-authority source. Therefore, having an authorship of your professional SEO company India site is considered to be a must nowadays.


3. Stop having blind faith on Social Signals only: Earlier in 2012, social signals were considered to be important and also gained a faith in Google’s eye. But the latest SEO trends suggest not having blind faith on social signals only. This is because things are actually getting confused with social signals only. Although, social boosts are definitely needed and also considered to be important but at the same manipulating it using poor quality content is considered to be bad nowadays by Google. Hence, you need to keep this mind. Opt for these Latest SEO Trends after the Recent Penguin Update 2013 penguin seo strategies


4. Stop doing Manipulated Press Releases: Yes, this is absolutely true that press release which was once considered to be the most important path has recently lost its complete importance and especially after the recent Penguin update. Press Release which was once considered as on of the best ways to reach the internet market has suddenly lost its importance in Google’s eye. Recently, Google has stated that they are not going to consider press release links to be valuable any more and therefore it is highly recommended to stop opting for press releases for your much valued site any more.


5. Go for Quality Links and not Quantity: With the optimization of websites, link farming has truly been a serious issue. With frequent messages and warning from Google repeatedly highlighting the poor quality links or unnatural links, yet some sites have truly become the eye-sore of Google. There are certain issues which need to be stopped for your site like link exchange, directory submissions which would do nothing but would decrease the ranks of your site in the search results page. Hence, not having those links is profitable for your site. Therefore, it is always recommended to work on quality links of your site and follow the rules and regulations as abided by Google.


Therefore, these suggested tips are truly the latest SEO trends need to be focused upon for a better rank in Google’s search result page. Hence, it is always recommended to go for quality and not for quantity links. At the same time, quality content should be written only for the readers and not for the sake of search engines.


Author Bio:


Sarmista Aun is the author of this post. She works in a professional SEO company India and provides useful guidelines to save your website from the grasp of powerful algorithm updates by Google.

Opt for these Latest SEO Trends after the Recent Penguin Update 2013 penguin seo strategies
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