Outsourcing Blog Work How To Save Time And Increase Your Online Income?

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Outsourcing Blog Work How To Save Time And Increase Your Online Income?

If your just starting off blogging, my first bit of advice to you would be to concentrate on providing quality content for your blog. Your blog should be updated at least a few times a week and if possible more. Content is king online, and content is what your readers want.

So make sure you update your blog accordingly. Google will reward you for it with more targeted search engine visitors. Your next step is gonna be concentrating on bringing traffic to your blog, and lots of it. I am gonna show you a few ways to increase your online income, and make more cash from your blogging efforts by showing you various ways on how outsourcing some of your blog work can free up a lot of your valuable time.

After all who wants to sit on the computer 24/7 when they can outsource the tedious work for dirt cheap. This can free you up so you can concentrate on the aspects of Internet, or Online affiliate marketing that is gonna make you money. Such as list building, adswaps, guest posting on high traffic blogs etc…. The more traffic you can bring to your blog the more money you are  gonna make. Your time should be spent 75% on driving traffic to your blog, and the other 25% on adding new fresh blog posts.

Here are  few aspects of your blogs  marketing that you can outsource for cheap.

1. Linkbuilding – You are gonna obviously want to do this on your own too especially if your blog is new. But too speed up the process why not outsource your work on Fiverr? Fiverr is a cool site that I have talked about previously in a few other blog posts. I am an avid Fiverr user for a lot of my outsourcing work. Fiverr saves me time, and money. You can find some real bargains on Fiverr for only $5 bucks. Everything on this website is $5 bucks as you can tell by the name.

You can outsource people to build links for you on profile pages, social bookmarking sites,  they can do blog commenting for you. They can do video marketing for you. You name it Fiverr has it. Buying a few quality Fiverr gigs can save you a few days of strenuous, tedious work if not more.

Linkbuilding when done correctly will boost your rankings in the serps. Or the search engines for you newbies reading this post. Outsource .Edu link building and .Org links if possible first. They carry more weight in Googles eyes. Building profile links with your anchor text in the profile is also very effective. But generally the more links you have pointing at your blog the better.

I would recommend linking to other blogs, or websites in your niche that have good traffic levels, and a solid Google pagerank. This will build your own blogs pagerank faster and it will also boost your blog in the serps a little faster. This is when your doing the work on your own, if your outsourcing your blogs work through Fiverr for example find gigs that cover what I spoke about above. You do not have to be too picky, when you are paying someone else to do the work for you. Just remember quality over quantity.

2. Guest Posts – A great outsourcing method that you are gonna want to do down the road when your blog has some decent traffic levels. Sometimes we just do not have time to blog on a continuous basis for whatever reason. Why not let someone else be a guest blogger on your blog? It is free, it won’t cost you a thing. And it will bring targeted traffic to your blog. All you have to do in return is put a link to the guest bloggers website, or blog in their post to reward them for their efforts. Not too big a price to pay. Both parties win!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Outsourcing Blog Work How To Save Time And Increase Your Online Income? Remember your comments are always appreciated!

To Your Online Success Affiliates, Jay!

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