Pokemon Go Marketing Secrets PLR – Learn How To Cash In With The Pokemon Craze

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Nintendo Scores A 9th Inning Grand Slam With The Interactive Game Pokemon Go That Gets People Of All Ages Out Of The House And Chasing Pokemon Around The Streets. 

True Pokemon Story 1:  The clerk at the gas station I go to regularly started a conversation with me about a guy that had literally ran into the bathroom of the local Road Ranger.

He thought to himself wow that guy must really have to go bad!

Then the guy started pacing around the bathroom which then led to him pacing throughout the gas station.

The clerk was thinking to himself is that guy alright?

Lol:) then he left the gas station, and was sitting in his car for ten minutes, when the clerk took it upon himself to ask him if he could help him with anything by actually going up to the guys car and asking him if everything is ok?

The guy then responded to the clerk…

Oh yeah man I am cool I am just looking for pokemon:)


True Pokemon Story 2: Here is another Pokeman Go story that I read about while playing the Pokemon Go game a teenage girl stumbled across a dead body under a bridge.

Ouch! That dead bodies definitely not Pokemon.

You would think this would be traumatizing, and I am sure it was.

Did this deter her from her Pokemon Go game?

Heck no she is playing even more:)


Stories like these are happening all over the World as Pokemon is kicking ass and taking numbers.

Pardon my French:) wee wee!


So how do you cash in off the Pokemon Craze?


I am about to tell you, so do not get your panties in a bunch:)


But first some cool Pokemon stats that will shock you!



Here’s The Fact Based Info About Nintendos Pokémon Go That Will Shock You:

  • There are over 24 million users that have downloaded this game since it first launched. Which was not too long ago btw.
  • Over 24 million daily users in only a two week span.
  • Pokemon go users in a small USA town were offered a free ice cream if they purchased an entree at a local restaurant. They ran out of icecreams so fast they had ice cream trucks on standby just to keep up with all the customers who took this local  up restaurant on there offer. This particular restaurants  Pokemon go promo increased there revenue by 75%. I think they should send Nintendo a thank you card B.T.W. dont you?
  • Much better engagement even over Facebook. Pokemon go users are hooked on this game because it is so interactive, and fun.
  •  $15,000 bucks in pure revenue per minute from one app store from Pokemon Go.
  •  This is mindblowing – $3 Billion in cash for Apple for Pokemon Go related downloads.
  •  Higher daily traffic than Tinder and the most popular dating sites online.
  •  Pokemon Go has made many app developers instant millionaires.
  •  Pokemon Go is predicted to have more users than Facebook in the future.
  •  There is a ton of money to be made serving the Pokemon Go marketers for internet marketers.


Awesome stats huh?

Now let’s see how we as marketers can capitalize off Pokemon Go and help people build their business in the process.


How To Make Money With The Pokemon Craze With The Pokemon Go Marketing Secrets PLR Done For You Business In A Box Package


Pokemon Go Marketing Secrets PLR - Learn How To Cash In With The Pokemon Craze how to make money with pokemon
Click Here To Learn How You Can Cash In Off The Pokemon Craze




What Is Included In The Pokemon Go Marketing Secrets 2.0 PLR

The pokemon go Marketing Secrets is a complete Step-by-Step Guide  Pokemon Go marketing course that allows your audience to understand what it takes to get massive traffic from pokemon go, and monetize that traffic to the max.

It comes with many different formats such as Word, PDF, JPG, GIF, Powerpoint, and PSD.

Here are the “Three benchmarks” to creating pokemongo Marketing PLR:

1. The creators have researched Pokemon Go intensively learning all aspects of the game inside and out.

2. The creators Henry Gold @ John Halpin have created a step-by-step Pokemon Go blueprint that covers everything from A-Z.

3. The whole business in a box course is very detailed, and very professional. You basically just plugin the system, and drive traffic to it and make money.

4. For complete details just click the link below it goes into a lot more detail on what you will be buying.


Learn More About Pokemon Go Marketing Secrets And How You Can Cash In By Clicking Here



I Would Love To Hear Your Comments Below How Are You Monetizing Pokemon Go As An Internet Marketer?  If You Are A Buyer Of The Pokemon Go Marketing Secrets PLR How Is It Helping Out Your Business?


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