Why I Only Promote 100% Commission Affiliate Products On Rapbank?

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Why I Only Promote 100% Commission Affiliate Products On Rapbank?

For those of you reading this blog post who are not familiar with the Rapbank affiliate network, I will give you a real brief overview of Rapbank.

Rapbank is an affiliate network, that pays you instant commissions directly to your Paypal business account, after the successful sale of a vendors product. By you the affiliate marketer.

You referred that product, someone bought that particular product through your affiliate link, or banner ad. You earn an instant affiliate commission sent directly to your Paypal account. Instant money, instant gratification!

If you do not have a Paypal business account sign up for one it is absolutely free. Then you can sign up for the Rapbank instant commission affiliate network, and start earning up to 100% affiliate commissions.

Here Is A Breakdown Of The Affiliate Commission Structure On Rapbank. ( How You Will Be Paid )

When do I get paid?

Instantly! All the product creators listing products on the Rapbank affiliate network  participate in the instant commissions model . What this means is, you don’t have to wait a month or even two weeks to get paid on your internet marketing efforts. Instead, the customer pays you when it’s your turn (i.e., every other sale on a product offering 50% commisions), directly into your PayPal account.

Note: If someone asks for a refund ( Which is not often in my experiences promoting Rapbank products ) You as the affiliate marketer have to honor there refund request as long as it is in the grace period for that particular vendors product.

For more info on the Rapbank affiliate network: http://rapbank.com/products/faq/


Why I Only Promote 100% Commission Affiliate Products On Rapbank?

As you can see from the affiliate structure given as an example above based on a 50% affiliate commission the vendor gets the first sale in full, you get the second sale, vendor gets the third sale, you get the fourth sale, etc… etc…

I do not know about you, but I do not like referring anybodies affiliate product and not getting paid for every sale that I generate through my affiliate links.

What if you refer only 1 sale of that particular 50% commission product? Guess what? You do not make any money in this scenario 50% commission you will only be paid on the second sale.

Not so with Rapbanks 100% commission affiliate products. You will be paid in full on each and every sale that you generate through your affiliate links, or banner ads. The first sale goes to you, the second sale goes to you, the third sale goes to you, so on and so forth.

The 100% affiliate commission products are the only internet marketing products that I will personally promote based on these reasons. 100% affiliate commission Rapbank products will earn you the most money from your internet marketing efforts.


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These Are Some Of My Top Performing 100% Commission Affiliate Programs With Low Refunds. What Are You Waiting For? Go Sign Up For Your Free Paypal Business Account, And Get Promoting These Hot 100% Commission Products In The Rapbank Marketplace Today!


To Your Online Success, And You Earning More Money Online Jay!


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