Rapbank Affiliate Program Review

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Rapbank Affiliate Program Review
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I am gonna start this blog post off right and get straight to the point. I love the Rapbank marketplace. No beating around the bush for me. They are officially my favorite place to find all kinds of good material to buy, and review. And if I find the product helpful, and of value,  I recommend that product to my blog readers.

Here is why I like the Rapbank marketplace so well, and why I am doing this review. First off payments are made instantly to your Paypal business account after a sale is made. It does not get any better than instant affiliate commissions.

Secondly: There is a ton of quality products in many different niches that you can promote as an affiliate on your blog, or website, and make some nice extra money online doing so.

Third: This is a great reason. If your familiar with the Clickbank marketplace. They are the biggest digital marketplace for affiliates in the World. They have tens of thousands of digital products for you to choose from to promote to your blog, website, or email list. They are another great affiliate program and I also recommend them highly. Clickbank always pays on time, and they are very reliable. My biggest downfalls with the Clickbank marketplace from an affiliates standpoint is people can buy from their own affiliate links – which I do not like at all.

Secondly, if your in the internet marketing niche everyone knows about Clickbanks 60 day return policy so the refunds can be pretty high. And believe me internet marketers take advantage of this generous return policy. They can even like the product they bought and just return it because they know they can get their money back. It is a very unethical practice that takes money out of the hard working affiliates promoting these products. Dont get me wrong I love the Clickbank marketplace, and you can make some great money promoting their products. But these two reasons are my biggest drawbacks about Clickbank.

Not so with Rapbank! Want to know why? Ever try buying from yourself through paypal? I can tell you from experience you can’t! What does this mean for you? More money in your pockets, and far less returns. I have  roughly 100 – 200 sales of internet marketing products through Rapbank. These are products that I have bought myself, if I like them I promote them to my blog. Guess how many returns I have had with these products? Only 1. I am not kidding that is it just 1! And that 1 was from someone who did not click on the link to get the product he ordered.I just looked up my stats 122 sales and 1 return. Try getting these results with any other affiliate program out there.

Conclusion: Very few returns, instant commissions for all affiliates with a Paypal business account, and you cannot buy through your own affiliate links. Does it really get any better than this if your an affiliate marketer ? Rapbank is definitely my favorite affiliate program out there at the moment. You guys, and Girls can sign up for free by clicking on the Rapbank banner above.

Quick Note: Make sure you sign up for a Paypal business account so you can get paid instant commissions through Rapbank. A business account is free with Paypal it will not cost you a thing. Go sign up, and let me know your results with Rapbank. I hope you enjoyed this review of the Rapbank instant commission affiliate network.

To Your Online Success, Jay!

Beginners video on Rapbank – where I walk you through the Rapbank marketplace. Enjoy!

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