Socibuzz Review Social Media Advertising Made Easy!

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Socibuzz Review Social Media Advertising Made Easy! Low cost social media advertisers

My Socibuzz Review. See How This Bad Boy Works, And How You Can Make Money With Them?

Socibuzz is a rapidly growing social media advertising network that was launched this year. Socibuzzes global Alexa rank is just above 27,000, and growing rapidly!

The concept of this site is simple, you can sign up as an advertiser, and as an affiliate for this site. You can make money by promoting the various advertisers on the Socibuzz network, where you will get paid per click for anyone that clicks on the links of the chosen advertisers you choose to promote.

If you want to be an advertiser for Socibuzz because your looking to grow your social marketing presence, I would get in now before the competition starts to really heat up, because this  site is starting to really gain some steam. The reason I say that is because with every advertiser that is brought on to this advertising network, that is one less chance your advertisement will show up in the right place, at the right time, in front of the right eyes.

Cost per click starts at .03 and up but it looks pretty reasonable as I am going through this site

The people that sign up as affiliates can then promote your advertisement to the social media advertising platforms of your choice like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin, Blogger, Googleplus, and Tumblr.

Affiliates can choose which one of their social networking sites they want to connect to Socibuzz, find affiliate offers, send a message to their social networking sites, and make money when someone clicks on the offers that you are promoting.

Pretty cut and dry right?

First Things First Sign Up To Socibuzz Here And Fill Out Your Info:

Socibuzz Review Social Media Advertising Made Easy! Low cost social media advertisers

  1. Fill out the profile information by adding your website, and linking your Paypal account so you can get paid weekly payouts as long as you are referring clicks through your social networking sites.
  2. Payments are made via Paypal where a week is held back at first then you will get paid each and every week for the clicks that you are generating. Click here to see how it works, and scroll down to when do I get paid. Payments are always made every Monday after your 7 days in rear is met, then you will be paid each and every Monday thereafter, which is pretty cool.
  3. Add the social networks of your choice that you want to connect to socibuzz you currently can connect Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin, Blogger, Googleplus, and Tumblr.
  4. The more social networking sites that you connect to your account, the more revenue you are going to be able to generate through socibuzzes advertising network.
  5. Find affiliate offers to promote on the advertisers list by clicking on the home button inside your control panel you will see publisher opportunities where this is a list of offers for you to promote.
  6. Look directly below their is a screenshot of some cool potential advertisers I found while I was scrolling through their network. I think the top 3 would perform extremely well, I am in the process of testing them, I will update this blog post with my results in the very near future.



 Finding Offers To Promote On The Socibuzz Network?

Social media advertisers

You can find offers to promote by scrolling down, doing a search, or you can browse the advertiser network by category. They will give you an estimate of how much you can earn on the right hand side of each advertiser that is listed in the marketplace. Find an advertiser that you think will perform well with your social networks, and post a Tweet, share it on Facebook, share it with your business connections on Linkedin, and Google plus, and see how much revenue you can generate by finding the offers that convert the best.

Be sure to see which social advertising networks each advertiser accepts before promoting it for them because if they only accept Facebook traffic, and your tweeting about it guess what? You probably just gave that advertiser some free advertising, and you will not be paid for the clicks that are generated through your tweet.

How Socibuzz Can Benefit Advertisers?

1) was made to be a Publisher friendly network. They claim they refuse to hold payments without cause or randomly shut accounts down the day before payments are due. This is good to hear in advance.

2) will ensure Advertisers are getting qualified REAL traffic from bona-fide Social Media sources. They will not send advertisers junk social media traffic, and charge the advertiser for it. Only real legitimate social media traffic which they monitor to insure it meets their guidelines.

3) will provide weekly payments paid out every monday. The first week you will get a week held back just like a conventional 9 to 5 job when you first start. Your first payment wait 2 weeks then after that you will be paid weekly every Monday like clockwork. This means you will get your money faster and a no-hassle payment policy. All payments are made using with a $1 minimum to make everyone’s life easier.


Final Review Socibuzz:

Pro’s: I like the layout, ease of use, and the weekly payouts by Paypal is a nice perk.

Cons: The advertiser network is not huge, but it is relatively nice sized, especially since this site was just launched in 2012.

I will be using this site both as an advertiser, and as an affiliate.

I will keep you updated. Let me hear your reviews below on Socibuzz, what are your results?

You can check out Socibuzz here if you are interested in making some money, or even advertising on their network!

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