Save Money By Going Green: Top Ways

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Save Money by Going Green: Top Ways To Keep More Of Your Hard Earned Cash In Your Pockets! Below are listed some tips that help you save money and go green.

Save Money By Going Green: Top Ways To Keep More Of Your Hard Earned Cash In Your Pockets!

Going green is the new mantra, considering the climate change issues we all are party to. Going green not only enables you to be a contributor towards preserving environment but also helps save money. Below are listed some tips that help you save money and go green.

Energy saving ways

Install compact fluorescent light bulbs as your older bulbs fuse over. Encourage the habit of turning off the lights every time you leave a room. You can also opt for a power trip appliance that automatically controls the light usage.

Water saving ways

Encourage the habit of taking shorter showers. Your water bills will reduce to a great extent in case you follow the practice regularly. Use low flow shower head as these save lot of water and also cut on your energy costs.

If you are an avid plant lover, look for plants that have minimal water requirement. This will not only help you keep your surroundings green but will save precious water too.

Save fuel

Encourage the habit of car pool among the people of your locality. This will not only save valuable petrol or diesel but will make the environment clean and green for everyone.

Eat and drink smartly

If you are a non vegetarian, encourage the habit of taking meatless meal at least once a week. You will not only save some money but will gain health. Encourage the habit of using water filter instead of going for bottled water. Bottled water is not only expensive but the plastic bottle is a grave environmental hazard.

If you take whisky, particularly brands as Glenfiddich etc, be a responsible citizen and drink responsibly. Instead of going for the plastic bottle of Glenfiddich, try buying the traditional glass bottle. It looks elegant too and you can enjoy the drink with your friends.

When travelling, encourage the habit of using an aluminium water bottle instead of a plastic one. The water remains cooler and you need not worry about disposing off the bottle as is the case with a plastic bottle.

Borrow things

Encourage the habit of visiting libraries, when looking for a book or movie. Borrowing these instead of buying every time will not only help you save money but will save ink and paper instead that usually goes into printing these books. Think smart and contribute your bit towards environment conservation.

Be a smart buyer

Use your cell phones and computers responsibly. Eventually, whenever you need to recycle or sell them, do it responsibly. Major telecommunication companies accept old phones for recycling purposes. Donate these to the telecommunication company, instead of throwing them away. E- Waste is a big hazard and by acting responsibly, you will be a better citizen.

Have your own cleaning supplies

Make your own non toxic home cleaning products, instead of opting for chemical laden products manufactured in market. Mix lemon, vinegar, baking soda and some soap. The formulation can be used for washing clothes. You will save some money and will contribute towards making your surroundings green.

Choose clothes sensibly

Buy clothes that need not to be dry cleaner. You will save money every time you wash as these need not to be dry cleaned, thus minimizing the use of toxic chemicals that go into dry cleaning. A range of options are available and you can pick some as per your choice.

Follow the above listed tips and go green. You will save money and be a responsible citizen.

About The Author: Alia is a writer. She loves writing, traveling and playing. These days she is working on how to save money.

Save Money By Going Green: Top Ways Going Green Saving Money
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