search engine optimization tutorials How To Rank High Organically

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search engine optimization tutorials How To Rank High Organically
Search Engine Optimization Tutorials How To Rank High Organically

Ranking high in the search engines can be confusing if your new to website optimization. I’m gonna show you some simple, but very effective tips to help you rank high organically so you can get seen by potential customers quickly! Here’s the correct way to do SEO properly to get top listings in the major search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. To take your first step in earning money online. Keep reading!

First step is do some research on Domain names for great keywords you can use! If your selling Internet marketing products for example use Google Adwords keyword tool. And type in different things someone might type in looking for what your selling! I can’t stress this enough, a proper domain name is crucial. If your intentions are trying to rank high for a certain keyword phrase, try buying that phrase and using it as your domain name if possible. Once you find a keyword phrase that is highly searched on Google, or in high demand. You must and I stress must make sure that the listings on Google are preferably under 300,000. If you are writing articles, or making classified ads with a high page ranked website such as u.s free ads, or Craigslist. The number can be up to 1,000,000 or more, and you can still grab the first page! Why you ask? Simple their websites have a high page rank which means their way more important than your website.these websites have a page rank of 5 or better. Use articles, or classifieds for more competitive keyword phrases. Use your website until your page rank builds up, for the lower competition keyword phrases. Make sure you find that golden domain name and buy it quickly! High searches, relevant to your website with low competition equals a golden domain name.

Your 2nd step is crucial make sure you fill out your meta tags correctly. Put your domain name keywords in the title of your meta tags, as well as the description tags at least once. These will be your main keywords your trying to use to get ranked on the first pages of the big three search engines. Tip Make sure you fill out your keyword tags too, smaller search engines use these. Bigger ones use them too, but your meta tags are more important make sure you do this properly! Whatever phrase you want to get on the first pages of Google, Msn, and Yahoo with. Use these keywords in your meta tags.

Your 3rd step get as many links pointing to your website as possible, but you want quality. Try to get links from quality websites with a high page rank. the quality of the links pointing back at your website is better than more links from low page rank websites. Over time with old fashioned hard work your page rank will increase and the traffic will follow. Be persistent on your link building! And your page rank will increase.

4th step if you actually want to optimize your website for the spiders this involves researching keywords! Put a list together of your favorite keywords. Highly Searched Keywords. And fit them into your website content as much as possible, without blatantly spamming, make your content readable to a potential visitor. Remember the more optimized the content the better! Content is king in ranking high organically in the search engines. The more quality content your website has the better! Which will in turn equate to more potential visitors to your website.

These tips I have just shown will help you get ranked high in the search engines! Use them and you’ll be ranked high organically in no time, getting some great long lasting free traffic to your website. A little about me I’m from Rockford, Illinois area. I have put countless hours for the last 4 years Learning Internet Marketing. Through old fashioned hard work, I have learned a great deal to make me a nice 2nd Income Online. I really hope I have helped someone with this hub. Best of luck to everyone! Here is a resources you might find helpful.

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