SEO Need Help? A Must Read SEO Steps For Newbies!

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Liquid Web Managed Word PressSEO Need Help? A Must Read SEO Steps For Newbies! SEO Article

SEO Need Help? A Must Read SEO Steps For Newbies! SEO Article
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SEO Need Help? A Must Read SEO Steps For Newbies!

So you have probably just started your new Website, or blog and do not know the first thing about getting targeted traffic through proper search engine optimization. Having a website, or blog online is your little piece of Internet real estate that no-one can control but you. If you are in it for the long haul and you are looking into blogging I would highly suggest a self hosted blog. The free blogging platforms like blogger can be deleted by Google and all your hard work will be flushed down the virtual toilet. Trust me when I say this I have been there and done that and it is definitely no fun.

Enough of the small talk let’s get down to business! Here is how to drive free targeted traffic to Google, Yahoo, and Bing from the search engines using some simple search engine optimization techniques!

If your website, or blog is not getting any free targeted traffic from proper search engine optimization then how in the World are you supposed to make any money from your new Internet business? And who wants to pay for traffic if they can help it? Not me! And I am sure you would answer the same way.

Paying for traffic via pay per click methods is a temporary fix to running an online business. Search engine optimization is a free strategy that can have targeted visitors to your site in minutes with proper keyword research. At least when you are first starting out online and you do not have hundreds if not thousands of dollars to hand over to Google? Google has enough money why make their pockets even fatter if you do not have too? They do not want your site to be getting a bunch of free traffic from their search engines. Why? Because they want you to be dumb and run pay per click campaigns to make their pockets even fatter.

Google is only worth billions and billions of dollars are you? It is time the small business owner gets a break and that is why learning proper search engine optimization techniques is crucial if you want to make a lot of money from your online business.

But you have a little problem. You do not know anything about basic search engine optimization so you can drive this free targeted traffic to your new website, or blog so customers can buy your merchandise – whether it be digital (information) or actual physical products like Amazon for example. Or you may produce your own goods, or services, that you are selling for yourself for example.

Either way you cut it you need laser targeted seo traffic to make a considerable amount of money online. The Internet is a numbers game. The people that are doing well online, or online businesses for example know how to drive targeted traffic to their sites that  will crash some servers.

The Internet can be brutal especially in a competitive niche like the affiliate marketing, make money online, or the Internet marketing niches. just too name a few of the many competitive niches out there in the Internet marketing World. Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and it will determine if a business is a success or not. If you are able to bring targeted traffic too your website, or blog than you will make a lot of money. If you cannot than you might as well pack it up and put in more hours at your stable 9 to 5 job. I cannot even stress enough how crucial search engine optimization really is for a long lasting viable business.

Learning and training in at least basic search engine optimization tactics is more important know than it has ever been. Unless your blog, or website is based around underwater basket weaving with little to no competition. Your gonna need to know a few pointers so you can compete in the new SEO game, and turn your personal online real estate into a money making machine or your personal ATM machine.

Your gonna need to know how to get your blog posts, or your websites content to the top of the major search engines (meaning page 1 for your keyword terms) for you to drive targeted cash in hand seo visitors who are actively searching for what you have to offer.

Free traffic is the best kind of traffic and that’s what search engine optimization can bring to the table very quickly. Cool Fact: 90% of all online searchers click on the natural organic free listings when performing a search online. Only 10% click on the paid listings (For beginners these are on the right hand side of the Google search engine)

Here are a few SEO tips that are aimed more towards beginners that will at least give you a basic understanding of what’s going on with search engine optimization and how you can get the most out of it to rise up the rankings in the search engines fast!

Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques For Beginners:

1. Research keyword phrases related to your website, or blog that potential visitors will be looking for related to your site. I use the Google adwords keyword research tool it is free and it is the best online in my opinion. You can use the exact phrase function it will tell you exactly how many searches are being performed on a monthly basis for whatever keyword phrase that you type into it. If you see articles on the top pages of whatever particular phrase you are trying to rank for that is a good sign you can potentially beat them out with your search engine optimization techniques. ( SEO Tip ) If you see a lot of paid ads when doing a search this is a good sign that that keyword phrase is profitable)

2. Think highly searched keyword phrases with low competition. This may require some research on your part but it will pay off big time when done correctly. Your goal is to find lucrative phrases that people will type into the major search engines that will lead them to your site. Make sure the competition is low and if you see articles ranked on the first pages this could be a good phrase to optimize your site for.

* You do not want to go after phrases like make money online if that is your niche that will take years for you to climb up the rankings for example. Be smart and go after phrases that you can rank on the first pages for with little effort. Long tail keyword phrases work the best 4 or more words.

3. Make a list of 4-5 phrases that fit this criteria and optimize your website, or blog with these keywords. This does not mean stuffing your content with all your keywords so that your content doesn’t even read properly. It means after you find a good list of keywords to go after from the search engines you are gonna want to add those keywords into the text of your site, or blog. Write posts with these keywords as titles for example and then!

* Sprinkle your keywords into your text moderately, and make sure your text is readable for your visitors. Readers first, search engines second should be your main goal.

4. Meta Tags – These are the tags that are at the top of your blog or website in the header section. My meta tags are An Entrepreneurs Journey To Earn You More Money Online – Affiliate Marketing Lessons, Product Reviews, Traffic Tips. These are the words that show up when you are visiting a site at the very top address bar directly above it!

This is the title of my blog, and these keywords are also my meta tags. These are a few of the keywords I am going after in the search engines. Meta tags are absolutely essential so make sure you have them added and your keywords are in your meta tags prominently. Meta tags alone can do wonders, but don’t expect no miracles. Especially if you are in a very competitive niche. But they do help out a great deal so use them wisely! If your using a hosted WordPress blog there is a section in there where you can add meta tags. These are extremely important if your not using them your blog will not be indexed properly and you will fall down the rankings like the slide on the old Chutes and ladders game. If your still confused on how to add them do a search on Google how to add meta tags to my blog, or website? This will guide you through the process.

5. If you have not started your own blog, or website yet than make sure you pick a short domain name with the keywords that you are targeting in your domain name. This will make it easier for people to remember your site, and it will give you a nice boost in the search engines rankings. Having your keywords in your domain name is a great search engine optimization tip that all beginners should take advantage of if they have not picked a domain name for their new site yet.

6. Build relevant backlinks for proper search engine optimization. This is even more important if your niche is extremely competitive like mine is. You want to link to sites with high page rank if possible that are directly related to your blog, or website for proper search engine optimization. He or she with the most quality relevant backlinks usually wins the SEO wars.Are you prepared to go to combat for your first page rankings on Google? You should be it can pay off big time for years to come without an adverse effect on your pocketbook. SEO is based around free traffic it does take some time on your part but at least your money will be where it belongs in your wallets, and purses!

I hope you enjoyed this free training tutorial on search engine optimization. There is a lot more intangibles to search engine optimization but this training will at least get you started on your way to getting some free traffic that will last forever.

As Always To Your Online Success Affiliates, And Cheers To Your Long Last Free Search Engine Optimization Traffic. Jay!

SEO Need Help? A Must Read SEO Steps For Newbies! SEO Article
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