Why Smart Internet Marketers Diversify Their Online Income Streams? [2023]

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Why Smart Internet Marketers Diversify Their Online Income Streams? I always hear the question. I want to know how to make money fast online?

Can you teach me how to make money fast online? It’s like everyone wants a handout.

If everyone could make money fast online, and it was super easy, without any effort on your part. Don’t you think everyone would be doing it and going online full-time?

Unfortunately, earning money online takes some time and effort on your part.

You will need to know which affiliate programs to promote. How to rank highly in search engines?

How do you pick the right niche that will be an evergreen niche and earn you a lot of money year-round?

How to get quality backlinks? How To Write Effective Articles? How To Make Money Blogging?

How To Make Money With Facebook @ Social Networking? The list goes on and on. These are just a few of the many aspects of an effective internet marketing campaign.

Don’t get me wrong. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to make some good money online through internet marketing.

You have to meet the criteria of a successful internet marketer.

1. You need to be willing to learn Internet marketing on a continuous basis, even if you are a seasoned Internet marketing veteran.

The Internet marketing field is always changing. As the internet changes you need to change your marketing techniques to adapt to your surroundings like a well camouflaged chameleon.

A Dr. does not stop learning medicine after he receives his M.D. status.

A good Dr. is always learning new techniques that will make him that much better in his chosen profession. The same thing applies to the internet and affiliate marketing field. Want to be the best? Educate yourself.

2. Passion @ Determination – It will make it a lot easier for you to succeed in this field if you actually enjoy the work and are determined to succeed.If you are persistent and motivated, then guess what?

It will only be a matter of time before you are a successful internet marketer and are making a lot of money online one day.

But if you are lazy, and you are always looking for an easy handout, and you’re asking the question, how can I make money fast online.

Then maybe the Internet marketing field is not for you. Successful internet marketers are smart, passionate, and not lazy. They will do whatever it takes to be a success.

Back to the title of this blog post. Why do smart internet marketers diversify their online income streams?

As the title states, it is smart, first off. I always preach never to put all your eggs in one basket.

If that basket of eggs falls on the floor and breaks, then what? If that is the last bit of food you have to eat, and you have no more money, guess what? You starve?

Put those same eggs in 3 to 4 different baskets, and 1 of those baskets crashes to the ground and breaks all your eggs. Guess what? You still eat.

Make sense?

The same principle holds true in internet and affiliate marketing. If one of your income streams dries up for whatever reason.

You still have 3 or 4 more income streams that can be bringing you in money to make up for the slow one. Imagine your are a Clickbank affiliate, and Clickbank goes under for whatever reason.

Highly unlikely but not impossible.

You are relying on clickbank, and it is your sole source of income for you, and your family.

Now what do you do? Probably running out of the house trying to find a 9 to 5 day job as quick as possible.

That same guy in a different scenario has multiple income streams built up online.

He is a profitable Clickbank affiliate, he is also a profitable Rapbank affiliate, he is a profitable Amazon affiliate, he is building a big mailing list so he controls more of his internet marketing business, and he is making some good money running Google adsense ads on his numerous blogs.

The point is this internet marketer is a lot smarter than the first guy. He is covering his ass so to speak.

Why it may be a little blow to his internet marketing business he is making enough money with his 4 or 5 other income streams to support himself, and his family if he is doing this full time online.

This guy will not be panicking looking on Careerbuilder for a job opening so he and his family can eat.

This marketer’s family will still be eating well, and this blow will not affect them as much.

Why? It’s simple he is smart and was prepared for something bad to happen one day.

The point is if you want to quit your day job one time and be a full time internet marketer for years to come.

Be smart, be willing to learn, be prepared, do not be lazy, and most importantly, be smart and diversify your online income streams.

We cannot see into the future with a big crystal ball. We need to be prepared when a potential tsunami warning is issued ( figuratively speaking of course ) 

Are you covering your ass? Or are you gonna drown in the 50-foot waves that could bring your internet home based business to a screeching halt?

Be smart, and diversify your online revenue sources.

Just something to think about!

To Your Online Success. Future Successful Internet Marketers, Jay!

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