Sneaky Little Email Trick That Will Make You More Money

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Sneaky Little Email Trick That Will Make You More Money

This is a trick ( Not necessarily a trick but a great email strategy that is guaranteed to make you more money online if your building an email list )

What You Will Need?

  1. You need an email provider or an autoresponder account I use Aweber they are great and they are offering a $1.00 trial for your first months service. You can click here if you are interested in checking out Aweber.
  2. You need some freebies to giveaway to build your email list I have a great ebook that you can giveaway for free to help you out. If your niche has anything to do with how to make money online, affiliate marketing, blogging, seo, or traffic tips check this very informative ebook out here.
  3. Next you are going to need some high converting squeeze pages these are beautiful, high coverting, and they are premade for you no work involved you can pick them up by clicking here.

Now you are ready to rock @ roll!  

Here Is The Sneaky Little Email Trick That Will Make You More Money

When a subscriber double opts – in to your email list for the freebies that you are giving away he or she will be taken immediately to the sales page, affiliate program, or product of choice if you do this!

In Aweber for example all you have to do is go to my lists in the control panel. Then you are going to click on list settings, then you are going to click on confirmed opt-in, scroll down to the bottom you will see success page this is where the sneaky trick comes into play that is guaranteed to make you more money online. 

In the confirmed opt – in field you are going to put an affiliate link to a relevant offer related to whatever the people opting in to your email list.

It Can Be?  

  • A high coverting Clickbank product
  • A high converting Rapbank product
  • A high converting Amazon product

When your subscribers double opt – in to your email list they will automatically be taken to the affiliate product of your choice, and quite a few will buy from you!

I have generated thousands from this little email trick alone and it baffles me why more internet marketers are not using it!

You are leaving a lot of affiliate commissions on the table by not implementing this little email marketing tactic.

Try it out and watch your affiliate commissions soar!

To Your Online Success, Jay!

Your comments are always appreciated!

P.S. Be sure to pick up my 18 free internet marketing training guides for some great information to help you succeed online!

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