So You Want to be an Affiliate? Here Is How To Get Started

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You will be surprised at how many sites on the web have affiliates programs like the most popular ones such as Clickbank, JVZoo, Amazon associates program,, Shareasale, etc… The list goes on and on.

Usually, there is an affiliate link on the bottom of the page of the site where you can signup to join as an affiliate.

Affiliate programs usually only take a few minute to sign up to, and once you have embedded your personal affiliate links, and banners on your site you are off to a good start.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The way affiliate marketing works is based around promoting a website’s business or services. You as an affiliate will either have to gain visitors to a site, subscribers or most popular, sale leads.

It is usually referred to as paid on delivery. You will not get paid unless you deliver a sale.

In a nutshell – affiliate marketers get paid for successfully getting a customer to click and then buy a product through your unique affiliate link, or banner.

Fun Fact: Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar a year industry Worldwide.

So You Want to be an Affiliate? Here Is How To Get Started affiliate get started

What Do I Need To Do To Get Started As An Affiliate?

A website or blog is crucial to get started at affiliate marketing. A blog or site that is well established will give you better results to start with than with a site you just register today.

So get that website started asap to build your foundation on.

Before you start, you need to make sure if you want your site to be an informational site with the odd banners at the side, or you want your site to be a full affiliate site, where the sole purpose of the site is to advertise affiliate links.

Whatever you decide you need to make sure what niche your site will be about. There is no point having a site that promotes TVs, watches, cookers, and then gambling.

You need to make a site that discusses and promotes similar products. Having a site that reviews TV with an affiliate link at the bottom of the review is perfect.

Bear in mind that you need to sign up to all the affiliate programs from the different manufacturers of TVs. Then you as an affiliate will receive commissions for every person that you refer to the TV merchant who buys a TV.

But Wait!!!

Many people believe that you can make an affiliate site today and then tomorrow be rich. I am sorry to disappoint you but it is really not that simple.

If you had a huge advertising budget then, sure, you will get results a lot quicker. For the rest of us however, it is going to take some time.

Without traffic to your site you are going to make no affiliate commissions whatsoever.

You can either use such programs as Google Adsense to buy traffic to your site, or you need to get your site into the top of search engines for the keywords that you target.

To do this you will either have to hire an SEO professional. (which could have negative effects if you hire the wrong one) or you need to learn SEO (search engine optimisation) yourself.

The look and feel of your website can also play a big part. It is not essential, but a site that you think does not look professional will also have the same effect with other people.

Getting a Designer and Developer to make your site look and function better can be very expensive. Knowing how to do this yourself will save you a hell of a lot of money in the beginning. It is just taking the time to learn.

Most affiliate programs will not pay you the $5 you made last month if that is all you made. You need to read the small print as many affiliate programs do have a withdrawal minimum, and they will not let you withdraw any funds from your account if it is below this minimum threshold

Note: ( The exception being instant affiliate platforms like JVZoo for example where you can get paid instant affiliate commissions right to your Paypal account if the vendor approves you for instant commissions that is or else you will be set to delayed commissions where you will be paid after the refund period is over. )

Priya Nagrale is a blogger from Mumbai who loves to write about making money online ideas.

You can find more ways to earn money on her blog here. She is also very passionate about writing tips on career growth.

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