Sons Of List Building Archy

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Sons Of List Building Archy Unite To Build A Wildly Profitable Email List.

Let’s meet some of the members of the sons of listbuildingarchy shall we ….

Gemma, Jax, Clay, Opie, Tara, and Chris record?

Gemma thet crazy matriarch of the sons of anarchy clan always stirs up shit with her ass whooping, never take shit, biker mama ways.

Jax the son of the founding father of SamCro is smart, cunning, and fiercely loyal to the bone. But, do not piss him off because your day may end a lot shorter than expected if you catch my drift.

Clay is the deceitful old president of the sons of anarchy. Clay is also a natural born killer who has a treasure trove of wildly dark secrets that he will fiercely protect that may require a lot of bloodshed to make it happen.

Opie is the big hearted teddy bear who would walk over broken glass for 100 miles for his family and do anything for his best friend Jax Teller.

Tara is the pretty surgeon who is and was Jax Tellers childhood sweetheart who is brought into the chaos of the sons of listbuildingarchy who later becomes Jax Tellers wife and the mother of his kids that has a lot of unwanted surprises coming her way.

Chris Record is the newest member who has been placed in charge of building a super profitable email list that funnels legitimate internet money.

He is an expert on building a wildly profitable email funnel that will work for the club 24/7 even when they are beefing with the Mayans.

Chris Record has made 8 figures online and is a valuable asset to samcro.

The sons needed a legitimate entrepreneur working for them so samcro could stay under the radar from the Charming police.

He built the club an email list that is pumping money from all over the internet for the club.

His email funnel is killing it!

This guy knows his stuff!

Jax Teller loves this guy.

See how he does it

Click Here;

Learn how to get started building a profitable email list.

Me singing: The email funnel flies straight a perfect money making line on the Internet bed you shall thrive.

sons of listbuilding archy build a wildly profitable email list for samcro

Sons Of List Building Archy building email list
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