Tips To Earn More Cash and Increase Your Online Income Levels Faster

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Tips To Earn More Cash and Increase Your Online Income Levels Faster affiliate tipsTips To Earn More Cash and Increase Your Online Income Levels Faster

Alright I have been online now for quite some time. 5 years plus to be exact. Messing around with all aspects of affiliate marketing, and Internet marketing. I have built websites, blogs, learned a great deal on how to generate traffic over the years. What works to increase your online income faster? What techniques are a complete waste of time? What marketing techniques to concentrate the majority of your energy on? What Internet marketing techniques to avoid? Etc… Etc …

Here are some tips to bring your online business to profitability much faster:

Tip 1: Stop wasting your time reading Emails constantly, talking to your friends on Facebook, or any other time waster for that matter. Unless it is for your online business, and it will increase your revenue. Be productive remember a Blog, or a Website is a business, treat it as such!

Tip 2: Start a self hosted WordPress blog. If you are serious about a long term recurring income, and a stable online business that you can count on. Newbies do not put your main money making blog on a Blogger platform. They can delete your blog for any reason for violating their terms of service which changes regularly. Blogger does have its advantages just not for your main business. Trust me I am speaking from experience, I was a victim of a deleted Blogger blog a while back. It can happen to you! Protect yourself and your Home Based Business. Go the self hosted WordPress route. You have been warned!

Tip 3: Build backlinks to your Website, or Blog. This is mandatory if you want to rank higher in the serps and increase your online income faster. Remember: The more quality backlinks pointing at your Website the higher you will rank in the serps, and the higher your Google page rank will become. He or she with the most links usually wins the SEO war remember that!

Tip 4: Write articles, comment on blogs relate to your niche, post in online forums, write press releases, join a web 2.0 website like Hint: I earn a nice residual income just from my Hubpages hubs you can too. Post classified ads to Craigslist, U.Sfreeads, Kijiji just to name a few. Update your blog at least 3 times a week and keep your blog posts unique. Trust me the search engines will reward you for this and rank you higher in the serps. Build your Twitter following! These are a few techniques that will increase your traffic, backlinks, pagerank, and online earnings.

Tip 5: Start an Email list A.S.A.P I recommend Aweber. You can sign up for a $1.00 through this special link. The money is in the Email list, ask any serious Internet, or Affiliate marketer. This is the single best thing you can do for your online business trust me! I have learned this fact the hard way. An Email list is a must for any serious Home Based Business. Most visitors will check out your Website, or Blog, and just leave to never return. What if you could capture some of these visitors who are interested in your site by capturing their Email address so you can market to them later?

Kind of a no brainer especially in this competitive day and age. The sooner you start building your own list the better. This is a small investment that you should definitely not ignore. You have been warned about the powers of Email marketing.

Tip 6: Proper Search Engine Optimization on your Website, or Blog is essential. How can you ignore free targeted traffic to your site from the search engines? This is free long term traffic that can be extremely profitable – Do your keyword research and optimize your Blog, or Website with your chosen keyword themes.

For example: My blog is based around affiliate marketing, and earning money online. I might use keyword phrases integrated into my blog like.

How to make money online

How to earn an online income

Online affiliate marketing

How to earn extra cash online

affiliate marketing tips

These are just a few examples but you get the general idea. Optimize, optimize, optimize. The search engines will reward you for your efforts trust me!

Tip 7: This is gonna be my next step within the next year. If you want to make the huge money online one day create your own affiliate Ebook, or digital informational product. Submit it to Clickbank for approval. It only costs $50 bucks which is very cheap and use Clickbanks tens of thousands of affiliates to your advantage. They will do all the hard work and you can sit back and collect the cash its really that easy once your system is set up.

Building your own Email list, and creating your own product is where the big money is. If its not a viable option for you at this point in time put these 2 profitable tasks in your to do list down the road! These are the 2 secrets the Internet gurus use to earn millions yearly. Leverage the power of others to your advantage!

Things To Avoid For Newbies Waste Of Time@Money:

Traffic Exchanges – Avoid them at all costs. The traffic is non converting, and will not make you any money. I am speaking from experience trust me! They can be decent for building up your Email list though so keep that in mind.

Guaranteed Traffic 1,000 Visitors For $5.00 for example: Scam, Scam, Scam. Do not waste your money or your time. They will send you the traffic but I think it comes from Mars and will never earn you any money. You can take that to the bank. Been there done that waste of time, and money trust me!

Do not pay for online directories to increase your backlinks in your link building efforts. The only 3 directory links that are worth buying are the Yahoo Directory, the Best of the Web directory, and the directory. Because of their strict editorial process this is from Googles Matt Cutt’s. Each one of these links will really help build a sites credibility for about $300 a year. Every other directory is a waste of time in Googles eyes!

To Your Online Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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