How To Be A Super Affiliate And What It Takes To Succeed Online?

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How To Be A Super Affiliate And The Characteristics You Will Need Too Succeed Online?

Super affiliate marketers online
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How A Super Affiliate Is Born?

You wake up one morning with a burning desire too better yourself perhaps you just hate your 9 to 5 job, or perhaps you are just trying to make some extra money working from home . This is where your affiliate  journey is born.

You stay up late nights researching affiliate marketing ( How to promote and sell other people’s stuff online in exchange for a commission. )

You didn’t know affiliate marketing can be so challenging. You really have to learn a lot of stuff such as seo, blogging, website traffic strategies, how to set up a blog, content creation, forum posting, blog commenting, video marketing, social marketing, article marketing, the list can go on and on …. But hey your loving this new internet marketing thing, it does not feel like work too you at all !

This is the first characteristic of a super affiliate actually loving your work!

You learn to set up your first WordPress blog in a profitable niche. You also picked out a great keyword rich domain name, and your already seeing some traffic from the search engines just from the keywords in your domain name ( How cool is that! )

Man I really need to learn how to rank as high as I can in the search engines so I can make as much money as possible affiliate marketing. You are smart and buy your first seo training course that will speed up your learning curve considerably.

You learned a lot from the seo course that you purchased, and all the trial @ error you have put into your new online business in the past few months, and it is starting too pay off. You have sold 25 affiliate products in the last 3 months and you are seeing the potential of this whole affiliate marketing business.

The second characteristic of a super affiliate is taking action, seeing results, and improving on those results, too see even more results. 

You start reading up on the popular internet marketing forums trying to learn more tricks of the trade on the Warriorforum, and honestworkfromhomesuccess. Your looking to learn new traffic strategies to drive traffic to your blog, and affiliate offers and you are searching for some new ideas to make more money online with affiliate marketing.

You are learning a lot and the affiliate commissions keep coming in at this point. You are 6 months into your affiliate marketing career and things are really starting to take hold.

Everything seems like it is fitting together nicely like a jig saw puzzle, and you are starting too see the picture in your jigsaw puzzle a little more clearly!

A lot of late nights, and raw determination too succeed online has brought you too this point! You still have a lot to learn but you have learned a whole lot about affiliate @ internet marketing in the process of your 6 months of persistence.

( You are still really enjoying your new affiliate marketing career ) This does not feel like work too you at all!

You are hearing more and more about email marketing that the real money online is made in the email list.  Why have I not started my email list yet you think to yourself? I am already seeing some pretty good results with my affiliate marketing time to really ramp up my online earnings.

You keep hearing great things about aweber and they are offering a $1.00 trial so you decide to sign up and get your email list rolling. You find a great freebie to giveaway to build your email list, and come across a great product that makes building a squeeze page extremely easy called the point and click squeeze page.

Everything is finally put together and you are working on ways of driving new customers to your squeeze page and the signups keep coming in. You are even making quite a bit of money selling a few quality products on the backend when your subscribers opt-in for your freebies.

The third characteristic of every super affiliate is they all have large, responsive, email lists that they can use to send an email at will – And generate huge amounts of money at the push of a button.

You are now getting to be a seasoned pro 2 years down the road. Your email list is in the tens of thousands due to massive action taken by you on a consistent basis. Your blog is pushing a 1,000 unique visitors a day. It is considered an authority blog in your niche, and you are earning upwards of 10,000 per month consistently now.

Your affiliate marketing business is thriving too say the least!

Your online earnings are mostly coming from the affiliate products that you are promoting mainly from Clickbank, and Rapbank.

You are also making money from selling advertising space on your blog which is not too shabby by itself.

Congratulations you have now reached super affiliate status!

Let’s recap: So what does it take to really succeed online and reach super affiliate status?

  • Loving your job! Enjoy your work and you will never really work a day in your life!
  • Taking massive action by concentrating on the things that actually make you money, and ignoring the things that do not produce tangible monetary results.
  • Persistence – Are you working on your online business on a daily basis so one day you can achieve super affiliate status?

These are the key ingredients on how to be a super affiliate.

I am always striving for super affiliate status. The question really is are you going to be the next super affiliate marketer? And if so how do you plan on making that dream a reality? How will you succeed online?

Do You Have What It Takes To Reach Super affiliate status?

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