Super Affiliates Why They Make Tons Of Online Money And You Struggle?

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Super Affiliates Why They Make Tons Of Online Money And You Struggle?Super Affiliates Why They Make Tons Of Online Money And You Struggle To Make One Red Cent?

1. Super affiliate face challenges head on do you?

2. Super affiliates have a huge Email list where they can continually make residual income. Have you started your Email list yet?

3. Super affiliates love competition and are not afraid to be in a niche with heavy online competition? Here are a few examples the earn money online niche, the Internet marketing niche, the video game niche, the relationship niche, these are just a few examples of some highly competitive but very profitable niches where there is a ton of money to be made online.

4. Super affiliates are not scared to fail? Are You? They learn from their mistakes that they make, they fix them, and they profit from their mistakes down the road. Do you?

5. Super affiliates use their time online to their advantage. They focus on the niche that they are experts on, they will not have a problem adding content to their blog, or website. Why? Because they know a lot about that particular niche. This is smart because search engines love content and if your a Super affiliate you will have plenty of content in your head that you can write about. Content equals traffic and traffic equals lots of money online.

6. Super affiliates outsource tasks that are time consuming. Article writing, blog commenting, etc…. They concentrate on the meat and potatoes of their marketing. Their mindset concentrate on the main tasks that are making the majority of their money online. Can anyone say building their email list? Hint… Hint ….

7. Super affiliates leverage the work of others online to their own advantage! Creating their own product and having an army of affiliates promote that product for them. Have you read the book rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki? The same philosophy applies to super affiliates think rich to grow rich!

8. Super affiliates are not sitting around reading the latest greatest money making E-Books that hit the market. Yeah if your a beginner affiliate and your new to the game a good E-Book will help you out considerably. But moderation is the key to online success. Taking action will make you money. Reading E-Book after E-book will not. Use your time online to your advantage, and take the necessary steps needed to succeed.

9. Super affiliate marketers actually work on building their online business, do you? Find a niche that you know a lot about and stick with it till you see your bankroll grow. Are you jumping around from niche to niche like a chicken with his head cut off? If you answered yes stop it! Grow your business by sticking to your one main focal point. If your constantly jumping from niche to niche your spreading yourself way to thin. Think long term residual income.

10. Did you start your own website, or self hosted WordPress blog? If your a super affiliate I bet you did a long time ago. Super affiliates realize the power of owning your own online real estate, building up that real estate, and profiting from that real estate for years to come. What better way to earn long term income? Are you building up your online real estate?

11. Super affiliates do not waste time on the Internet, they actually work with they time they do have. No Facebook, no Myspace, no continuously checking Emails etc… Are you using your time effectively?

If you want to make the big money on the Internet one day start implementing the work ethics of the big boys – The super affiliate marketers!

To Your Online Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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