The Importance Of The Opinionated Blog Post

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The importance of the opinionated blog post

How often do you share your real opinions on a topic with your readers? Do you editorialize when you blog, or do you simply repost facts and figures as they you find them?

Let me just answer that question for you: any blogger who wants to get noticed will relate information to their readers with some slant, personality, or attitude. That’s just good blogging etiquette

We all know that it’s good journalism to remain neutral so as to stay impartial when relating information, but that kind of formalism doesn’t have much of a place in the blogosphere. Big time bloggers from all niches will share a press release or some raw data and then put in their two cents on what it means to them—that’s how they stand out among the masses. A trained journalist will tell you that a tech company is rolling out a new device; a savvy blogger will tell you the same thing and then explain why they think it’s a bad idea.

I’d like to spend the rest of the post explaining why it’s important to share sharp and thoughtful opinions as a blogger. This might seem like common knowledge to some readers, but I know that plenty of new bloggers need to hear this.

Say what you want to say

There’s no point in being coy as a blogger. If you hide their views and convictions from your readers—especially those that pertain to your niche—how do you expect to earn their trust? Continuing the example I made earlier, it’s impossible for a successful tech blogger to write about current trends in the industry without injecting their own opinion now and then. People can read about the latest smartphone release anywhere; you want them to come to your blog because of your perspective on that release. Without adding your unique insight, your blog would just be a place to repost interesting articles from other sites.

This goes for all niches. Blogs that focus business, web enterprises, education, art, science—the readers of these topics want a guiding voice that will help steer them through the wealth of information floating around on the web. You can be that voice if you just speak your mind.

Say it well

Of course, your opinions have to have substance. If you want to be a successful blogger, you cannot only state your opinions; you must do so in an articulate and interesting fashion. It isn’t enough for you to say “I like iPhones” or “I think it’s a smart idea to start an online business.” That’s the kind of lazy writing that’ll lose you readers, and fast.

This is where bloggers with writing experience have a slight advantage. In order to express your opinions fully, you’ll need to be able to write them out and piece them together so that your reader can make sense of them. “I like iPhones” could mean any number of things. It’s your job to take that general statement and turn it into a pointed opinion worthy of your blog. Ask yourself why you feel a certain way about a product, an article, or a blogger. What is your explanation for your unabashed adoration or resentment? Take some time to think it over, and then write about it. That’s the best way to blog.

Risky is interesting; risqué is foolish

Some people make a living from sharing their opinions just because they’re outrageous and make other people upset. You probably don’t want to be that person. The people who earn that sort of living know how to handle a controversy, and that’s probably not your forte if you’re just typing away on WordPess. You might think it’s a good idea to say some shocking things about your niche just to get some attention, but be careful with that approach. There’s a fine line of taste when it comes to stating controversial opinions. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of that line.

How do you write pointed opinionated posts without stirring up too much trouble? Let me know!

Carol Wilson has spent a good majority of her life working for insurance agencies and calculating business insurance quotes—so if anyone knows a thing or two about insurance it’s Carol. But aside from sharing her knowledge to readers, she also enjoys sharing her thoughts and opinions on other business-related topics such as marketing techniques. She welcomes your comments at


The Importance Of The Opinionated Blog Post Blog post opinions
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