The Principle Of Liking And Its Application In E-Commerce Marketing

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The principle of liking and its application in eCommerce marketing

The Principle Of Liking And Its Application In E-Commerce Marketing ecommerce marketing

Suppose you want to buy a new car; you visit a car dealer and as soon as you enter, you are accompanied by a beautiful young lady. You are greeted with a smile, your preferences are asked and various choices are provided. The assistant even offers you a cup of coffee. You feel that you’ve come to the right place, and pretty soon you are ready to purchase a car of your dreams.

That assistant wasn’t just there to guide you through the process, she was more inclined towards persuading you to purchase a car. She managed to persuade you without even you finding out. Actually, this a common principle used by a number of big businesses; This is known as ‘the principle of liking’.

Psychological background:

The principle of liking states that you are more likely to be persuaded by the people that you like as compared to the people that you don’t like. You unintentionally experience this phenomenon almost every day. Whether you are purchasing a dress or getting a new house, you will ask the opinion of people that you like.
There are a number of ways to utilize the concept of liking, you can do it by complimenting, by physical attraction or by simply highlighting the similarities by you and your client.
Here is how the principle of liking can be used to persuade customers in online marketing:


We prefer to develop relationships with people that are similar to use. This method can be used to influence customers on an online site as well. When consumers are purchasing from an online store they want to know if you are trustworthy or if you value their ideas and problems. If you are better able to relate to your clients, they will feel that you as well as your products can be trusted.
Here is how you can use the concept of similarity for your online site:

a) Customer interaction:

When clients reach out to you, whether it’s through social media or your site’s customer service. Make sure that you communicate like a friend, ask about their preferences and try to relate to their experiences.
You can also develop a sense of similarity by using your eCommerce website design.
b) Website design:
The human mind looks for shapes, colors, orientation, and size for grouping similar elements. These similar elements are further perceived as more related as compared to dissimilar elements.

· Color:
Similar colors can be used to give your site a sense of uniformity and if you want to make a product stand out from the rest, you can just tweak its color and it will ultimately attract the customer’s attention. You can also use color to better organize your site’s content, it will be more readable and attractive.


The Principle Of Liking And Its Application In E-Commerce Marketing ecommerce marketingIn the above graphic, what did your eyes fall on first? Most people would be attracted towards the shirt with the discount. It has a brighter color it also has an added sales tag. Using this color distinction and similarity phenomenon, you can attract your customers towards a product that you wish to sell.

· Size:
Shapes with similar sizes attract the human mind and are grouped as related elements.

We love to be praised. Whether someone’s compliment is true or false we like them equally.
Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay compliments to every other customer. You can simply interact with them and take the time to respond to their quarries on social media. Social media, especially Facebook is an excellent platform to interact with your clients. This will make your customers feel valued and they will want to invest their time money in your online store.

-Physical attraction
Even if you don’t want to admit it, physical attraction is something you just can’t ignore. It will always be important and it can do wonders for your eCommerce website. This is the reason that website developers direct their focus to the overall look and feel of a website.
An attractive website can help you build customer trust, attract more visitors, reduce the bounce rate, and evidently increase sales. An unattractive website is one of the common mistakes made by startups in websites.

Use the following methods to make your site more attractive:

a) Layout
Users don’t really read the entire content on your site, they just scan through it. Make sure that you include the essential information at the top, center and at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to leave whitespace in your site’s content, it will increase the uniformity and readability of your site. Asides from this, keep the content, ads and other elements at a minimum and try not to complicate your website layout.
b) Color
Use the right colors, every color holds a meaning for the human mind. Black can be associated with luxury items and sophistication, blue is associated with trust and loyalty, similarly green is associated with tranquility and good luck. If you incorporate these colors wisely, you might be able to drive the desired results.
c) Typefaces
Different types of typefaces give off a certain feeling to users as well. For example, a sans serif typeface gives a more professional outlook; a script typeface is more informal, and it seems to be handwritten. The type of font you use must align with the concept of your website. For example, if you’re a floral shop, you might want to get creative and use the script typeface. But, if you’re selling office ware, you might go for a serif typeface. Try to keep the font type as uniform as you can, give your content a clean finish.

The Principle Of Liking And Its Application In E-Commerce Marketing ecommerce marketing


We like people that are helpful, well, it’s no surprise that your customers are only human and they will definitely consider a site that is more cooperative and willing to help them. Be open to customer quarries and interact with them in a friendly manner. Try to negotiate in harmony and resolve problems for your customers in a way that shows that you are willing to work with them.


Of course ‘The liking principle’ isn’t the only persuasion technique. There is reciprocity, authority, social proof and many other tactics for influencing customers. However, these techniques will only work if you provide quality products. Persuasion methods should be used to assure that a customer continues to purchase goods. They should be used to aid customers in decision making rather than entirely hypnotizing them and making them purchase goods that hold no value.
E-Commerce retailers have to appeal to their customers and show them that they are willing to provide them quality goods and services and are willing to aid them throughout the process. At the end, the most important ingredient is to bring true value to customers.

Author Bio:

Rameeza Yasin is a Digital Marketing Executive for Appverticals. Her expert writing skills, enable her to convert complex information, into content that anyone can read. Her technical educational background, combined with a know-how of content marketing, gives her an edge over others in a variety of blog posts.


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