Top 5 Tips To Write Articles That Make Money

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Top 5 Tips To Write Articles That Make Money

making money from articles
Follow these 5 tips to make more money from your article marketing.

The purpose of writing articles is to draw traffic and make some money. Making money is the reason you’re putting so much effort in your article marketing campaign.

If you want to draw in sales with your articles,you need to apply some key principles I’m going to share here in this article. If you’ve not been generating sales with your articles, it means something is not right. If you want to increase the amount of traffic and sales you make per day, you need to tweak some things about your contents.

Some people don’t just get it.

Writing quality articles is different from writing content that make money! They’re two different things. If you’re going to make sales with your articles, you need to sell yourself! Surprised? Let me tell you the secret I use in generating quality results for my freelance clients.


Tip# 1

Tweak your headline- Write a good title

The first thing you should worry about before writing is a very good title. A good title expresses your personality and what your article is all about.

Be honest. Now, what do I mean?

Don’t write a false title. If your article says ‘’ how to clear acne scars in ten days’’, it should be about clearing your acne within that 10 days. Don’t just place in a false title because you want people read your content. Be clear and conscise

If you want to generate millions into your bank account, you need to follow this guidelines:


Tip #2

Worry about the body

The body of your content explains what your article is all about, and it also teaches your readers about the topic. Your author resource box is also very important especially if you readers to click through your links.

Do not sound self- promotional because people don’t care about who you are ( I do), all they want is what they will get from your blog.

Get this, people don’t read articles because they want to gather useful information, they read because they want to know ‘’what’s in it’’ for them( money and information most times).


Tip# 3

Make your articles short but informative

Like I said earlier, people don’t like reading for long hours, I suggest you make your articles at least 500 words in length( at least this is long enough to pass across your information).


Tip# 4

Embrace paragraph breaks

They are great for making content easier and simple to the eyes. People don’t like reading all the way to the end of your article, in fact they will probably not buy anything from you.


Tip# 5

Writing simple English will increase your productivity

If you keep your content simple and plain, not only will you be able to multiply your productivity, but also master the art of crafting out master-piece contents.

I really care about your success and I want to help you make more money, but


It’s up to you…

Yes! It’s up to you!

Success does not come overnight, it comes when you commit yourself whole-heartedly.

Write, and work like you’ve never done before and in the nearest future, you will experience a bountiful harvest.



Daniel Adetunji is a Professional Freelance Writer at, blog that talks about the latest fashion trends and blogging tips.



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