Trafficswarm And Traffic Exchanges Are They Effective Marketing Techniques?

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Trafficswarm And Traffic Exchanges Are They Effective Marketing Techniques? Trafficswarm And Traffic Exchanges Are They Effective Marketing Techniques?Trafficswarm And Traffic Exchanges Are They Effective Marketing Techniques?

Beginners listen up very carefully to what I am about to tell you! This could save you tons of time, headache, and lost productivity.

Does Trafficswarm one of the most popular online traffic exchanges, or other top traffic exchanges work in generating paying customers to your website, or blog? Where you can actually turn these customers into online earning, for you and your Internet business?

The answer to that question is a resounding no in my opinion! And I am gonna tell you why? And my personal experiences with Trafficswarm, and other major traffic exchange websites out there.

The reason you are wasting your time by sitting one your computer for hours on end surfing websites, and building up your credits on Trafficswarm, or any other traffic exchange program out there is untargeted, poor quality traffic, point blank.

Members of traffic exchange programs are only interested in one thing and that is getting other traffic exchange members to view their new website, or blog. They are not interested in buying anything off of your site which is what you are looking for paying customers. Am I correct in assuming this?

You started up an online business for one reason, and that is to make some extra spending cash. I think we can all agree with my last statement. This is an online business . We are looking  for targeted visitors, with money in hand, that are potentially interested in what we are selling and Trafficswarm, and the other traffic exchange programs out there just do not deliver on bringing us as online entrepreneurs what we are looking for paying, targeted, website traffic!

We are not in business for ourselves to waste our time. We are online entrepreneurs, affiliates, and Internet marketers. We are in this business to earn money online through our marketing efforts.

Back in the day when I was just beginning my Internet marketing career, I was one of those guys desperately trying to build up my online credits for free traffic. I tried many of the most popular Traffic exchanges out there Trafficswarm being one of them. I even paid on numerous occasions for the guaranteed visitors that these Traffic exchanges offer.

What did I get for all of my back breaking efforts? Nada, Zilp, Zilch. You guessed it – nothing! Besides arthritis in my fingers for being on the computer too long, and a few less bucks when I decided to pay for the guaranteed visitors. What a mistake that was! Yeah I received tons of visitors that would leave almost immediately, and no sales, or money to boot.

Some people say it helps build up your email list but I have not tried Trafficswarm, or any other traffic exchange program for that purpose. I highly doubt it would even be effective for that purpose solely but I have not tried it for opt-ins.

So if you are a beginning affiliate marketer, Internet marketer, or plain old online entrepreneur. I wrote this post for you to save you time, and headache. Stay away from Traffic exchanges in general if you are looking for paying customers who will actually buy something off of your website, or blog. Trafficswarm, and other traffic exchanges, will bring you traffic, if that is all you are looking for. But no paying customers.

Stick to what works To Earn Money Online:

1. Article marketing

2. Forum Posting

3. Search Engine Optimization

4. Blog Commenting

5. Classifieds

6. Press Releases

7. Video Marketing Also Called Viral Marketing. Youtube Etc….

8. Social Bookmarking

9. Social Networking Facebook, Twitter, Etc….

10. Internet marketing in general. Building quality backlinks to as many high authority sites as possible, that have a link back to your website, or blog. This builds up your Google pagerank, and you will rank higher in the search engines, for the keywords you are targeting. He, or she, with the most quality links pointing back at their site usually wins in the Google SEO war.

I hope you enjoyed my Trafficswarm review. Feel free to share this article with someone who may find it useful.

To Your Online Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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