Training Tips For New Affiliate Marketers Learn The Basics

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Liquid Web Managed Word PressTraining Tips For New Affiliate Marketers Learn The Basics
Training Tips For New Affiliate Marketers Learn The Basics

Training Tips For New Affiliate Marketers Learn The Basics

Sign up with Clickbank A.S.A.P Very High Payouts Affiliates!

1. Step 1: Affiliate Online Training Tip Sign Up for a free account with clickbank, clickbank vendors pay up to a whopping 75% commission which can add up to some big bucks for you the smart affiliate. Look for products with a high gravity that means there proven sellers. Or look for a niche you can promote. While most aren’t proven sellers yet! There’s a lot less competition if you find a good niche product to promote, remember there is always that diamond in the rough if you can do your research and find it!

Learn Bum Marketing Internet Marketers Very Important!

2. Step 2 Training Tip- Learn bum marketing I have some very useful tips on my website I can’t stress this enough for learning affiliate marketing correctly, and your a new affiliate, take the time to learn bum marketing i promise it won’t take long at all. Bum marketing shows you step by step how to get your classifieds, or articles, to the top of the search engines. If your new to affiliate marketing and want to make some big money someday learn this technique quick!

Write Classifieds After You Learn Bum Marketing

3. Step 3 Training Tip – After you learn the bum marketing method you will have great knowledge on how to get your classifieds to the top of the search engines, for your keyword phrases you go after! U.S FREEADS is my personal favorite, I would also recommend posting articles on craigslist because of the very high traffic craigslist receives on a daily basis. Google loves craigslist, and u.sfreeads, so your classified ads should rank very well with the high page rank of these two popular sites. Your ads should be indexed very fast usually within a day or less. Tip: make sure to ad your affiliate link on each classified you write! Craigslist dont let you put affiliate links in your ads, so you will have to link your classified ad to an article, or website, containing your affiliate link!

After Your Done Learning The Art Of Writing Classifieds And Getting Them To Rank High

4. Writing Quality Articles Training Tips – The bum marketing method you learned above, will come into play getting your articles and everything else you do online to rank well in the search engines. Submit your articles to,, and There are many more article submission websites out there but these 3 are my personal favorites. Quick Tip Affiliate Marketers: Make sure you submit your article to your 1 favorite first, after the search engines index that article -then submit it to a few more of your favorite article sites!

Tips For Learning Affiliate Marketing Training Step 5

5. Post in forums affiliates – Use a great title, even in your forum posts, because your posts you make in forums are indexed too. Join forums related to affiliate marketing such as warrior forum, or the work at home forum. These two are a couple of my favorites but there are many more. Add a signature link, with your affiliate link in your signature. Every post you make in a forum will have your signature link show up at the bottom of your posts. Getting you some great traffic, and potential affiliate marketing sales!

Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Website

6. Start your own affiliate website – Remember the more revenue streams you have going, the more money you will potentially make. Marketers if you really interested in learning affiliate marketing correctly, eventually you have to start your own website! It’s not very hard at all to do. Webhosts have free templates, and sitebuilders designed for beginners, that make creating your own website a walk in the park!

Once Your Website Starts Getting Some Good Targeted Traffic Start An Email List Very Important!

7. Email marketing and building up a quality opt-in safelist is the single most effective way to build up a substantial income from home. That’s how many of the Internet Millionaires get rich! By simply by building up a huge list of laser targeted opt-in subscribers to there email lists, and sending them all an email at once advertising whatever product they are trying to promote or sell. So if you have your own website, or you are an existing affiliate marketer! If you want to play with the big dogs and make the big money, you’d be absolutely brain dead not to start your own email list! This is the email company I personally use, they have been around for 10 years plus and they are currently offering absolutely free trials!

To Your Affiliate Marketing Online Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

Training Tips For New Affiliate Marketers Learn The Basics
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