Unhustled 6 Figure Freedom Launch Affiliates Earn $1200 Per Sale Plus Recurring Commissions.

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22 Year veteran internet marketer and very successful info product creator Sean Donahue launching the Unhustled 6 Figure Freedom Launch through the Clickbank marketplace set to launch on November 12th, 2019.

So, as of the writing of this blog post you have 2 in a half months to sign up and promote this high ticket evergreen offer and get promoting this offer.

Back end story how I learned about the Unhustled 6 figure freedom high ticket offer: I just received an email today as of the writing of this blog post about Sean Donahues high ticket launch because I am on his JV affiliate email list.

I have promoted quite a few of Sean Donahues products mostly through the JVZoo marketplace but it looks like he made the switch to Clickbank for whatever reason.

Sean Donahue is a well respected internet marketer – digital product creator that has been in the game for 22 years that is prehistoric caveman years in Internet years you know how everything changes in the online World so fast so being able to stand the test of time speaks for itself so the product should be top notch.

Disclaimer: I have not bought this product, or had review access to it, I am just speaking from personal experience from promoting his products in the past as an affiliate and buying a few of his products back in the day.

Here are a few details about this high ticket evergreen offer launching on Clickbank Unhustled Freedom

  1. JV’s Affiliates will earn 50% commissions on a $2400 product which put $1200 on the front end inside your pocket.
  2. JV’s will earn recurring commissions on a monthly basis as well of $75 per month.
  3. $130,000 in total prizes for jv’s or affiliates that place on the leaderboard for the launch.
  4. Converts very well for almost any type of email list.
  5. Clickbank is the payment processor for this launch
  6. Affiliates JV’s need to be whitelisted to be approved for this high ticket evergreen launch [ VIA the link below ]
  7. You can check out all the reviews, the actual prizes,

If you are an affiliate looking to earn high ticket affiliate commissions with a proven vendor with a proven track record then click the link below to learn more and signup for unhustled freedom.

You Can Sign Up To Promote Unhustled Freedom And Access The JV Page To Learn More By Clicking Here

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