Want To Earn Online? Here Is How To Really Make Money At Home?

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Want To Earn Online? Here Is How To Really Make Money At Home?
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Want To Earn Online? Here Is How To Really Make Money At Home?

I get asked these questions all the time. How do I earn money online? Is it possible to really make a good income from the internet? If so what do I need to do to get started? What steps do I take to finally start making some money online? Can you please help me make money online I am so confused. I think I am having a case of  information overload lol ….

The list goes on and on …. Well, for those of you asking me this question Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,  this blog post is going to be just for you. Pay close attention to what I am about to go over.

This is going to be  step by step directions that I personally due to create myself a profitable home based business from my spare bedroom ( Converted into an office )  in my house. No bullshit, just straight talk from someone who has been there and done that!


List Of Things To Do If You Want To Earn Money Online And Run A Successful Home Based Business

  • First things first you want to think of a profitable niche where there is money to be made and a niche that you have passion for or are interested in. If your passionate about something you are more inclined to succeed, because you will actually put the time and effort into your online business consistently giving you the best possible results. By results I mean you will earn more money from your online business. ( Make sure your passion or niche is profitable before jumping in head first ).
  • Once you find a profitable niche that you have interest in. I would start a blog, or a website based around your interest. I myself would rather be a blogger, because blogs rank better in the search engines, as long as you update them often.
  • But first things first you are going to need a domain name for your new online business. A domain name is your internet real estate. Your domain name is going to be something that is easy to remember and keyword rich. What I mean by keyword rich is you are going to want to target keywords that your potential customers will be Googling that are highly searched, with low competition.  I recommend Godaddy . They are the cheapest domain registrar around. There is a link below that you can use to buy a domain name for your new online business.

World’s Largest Registrar – GoDaddy.comWant To Earn Online? Here Is How To Really Make Money At Home? affiliate marketing

  • Go after buying keywords if possible! If your niche is how to earn money online? I am using my niche for an example. You may want to target keywords to use for your domain name related to earning money online. Use the free Google adwords keyword research tool to get an idea of some keywords to target that are highly searched with low competition.
  • After some research you should have a good keyword rich domain name picked out for your new online business. Now we are going to want to sign up for a reputable webhost, and get a self hosted WordPress blog installed and up and running.  Ready to earn money, and ready for business.
  •  I recommend Hostgator as my chosen webhost provider. I have been a happy hostgator customer for years, and there customer service is second to none. Hostgator is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you with any question you may have.

Want To Earn Online? Here Is How To Really Make Money At Home? affiliate marketing


  • Now you are going to want to sign up with a few top affiliate programs and monetize your new blog. If you want to earn online as an affiliate marketer. Selling other peoples products, or services online in exchange for a commission. P.S. This is how I make money at home primarily – Through the affiliate marketing business model. Here are a few top affiliate programs for you to join for free that you may want to consider!
  1. Clickbank Marketplace – Over 10,000 digital products and up to a 75% commission for the successful referral of a vendors product.
  2. Rapbank – The instant commission affiliate network. Sign up for a free Paypal business account and get commissions delivered instantly to your account after a customer purchases through your banner, or affiliate link!
  3. Commissionjunction – Huge, well respected affiliate program. Commissionjunction has a lot of companies that are household names for you to choose from. Promote their products, you refer a sale, you earn a commission in the process.
  4. Amazon.com – Need I say more? This company is a household name, and a lot of products sell easier just because it is a very well respected company. Affiliate commissions are lower for the most part so you will have to sell more to make up the difference from the others I mentioned above. Tip: Make sure Amazon allows affiliates from your state. A few states have been banned due to new laws. Illinois, and California, are two I know off the top of my head.  So just do your research first before signing up.
  • Your next step would be to make a few blog posts and make sure they are 100% unique content blog posts. Google will penalize the hell out of your blog if you are stealing other peoples content and posting it online as your own.
  • Now you are going to want to start monetizing your blog with a few links, and banners, from the affiliate programs that you have chose to promote. Remember: When a visitor to your blog clicks on your link, or banner, and buys something. You will earn an affiliate commission.
  1. Article marketingEzinearticles, goarticles, and articlesbase.com are the big three in article directories.
  2. Blog commenting – Submit comments on top blogs related to your niche
  3. Forum posting ( Warriorforum is my favorite )
  4. Video marketing ( Youtube anyone? )
  5. Search engine optimization tactics – Here is an seo course that you will love! Seo is teaching you how to get your site on the first pages of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  6. Press releasesPrlog.org is one of my favorites and they rank well in the search engines.
  7. Classified AdsBackpage, u.s.freeads, and Craigslist are the creme of the crop when it comes to classifieds.
  8. Guest Posting – Why not make a guest blog post on a popular blog, that is related to your blog, with a link back to your blog in the authors resource section at the bottom of your blog post? Some savvy internet marketers earn a full time income just from using this technique alone.
  • Congratulations: You have a basic foundation for a successful online business where you can make money at home for years to come.  If you are willing to work hard, learn all you can about affiliate marketing, and making money online on a continuous basis. Remember: Home based business seekers. The more you learn online, the more you earn online. Just like a well seasoned athlete, the more practice you get on a daily basis, the better you get at your chosen profession. Internet marketing in our case!

But Wait There Is More! Here Is Your Most Important Step If You Really Want To Earn A Lot More Money Online!

  • Your most important internet marketing step by far is to start, and build a profitable email list. I recommend Aweber they are only a $1.00 to get started for your first month, and they are my chosen autoresponder.

Why Build An Email List? The Money Is In The List That Is Why?

  • I have over 4,000 double opt-in aweber subscribers to date and growing. I recently sent a broadcast out to my list promoting a well known Clickbank product that took me ten minutes to write. I knew this was a good product to promote because I bought the product, and reviewed it. Plus this particular Clickbank product had a ton of great reviews on the major internet marketing forums like the Warriorforum to back up my claims. If you want to check out the product I sent to my email list here is a link.
If you need a free ebook titled the beginners guide to affiliate marketing @ making money online sign up here and you can give this book away for free to build your email list.

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I hope you enjoyed my blog post titled: Want to earn online? Here is how to really make money on the internet?

What other blog actually helps you earn money online, by actually giving you some solid information that you can actually benefit from? That is what separates me from my competition.  I actually help you make money online by teaching you how I do it.

To Your Online Success, Jay! 

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