Ways To Make More Money With Affiliate Marketing From Your Blogs

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Ways to make more money using affiliate marketing on your blogs.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways of making money as one can earn more profit with less investment. You don’t need to own your own product, deal with customers, product enhancement and maintenance. If you’ve chosen affiliate marketing as your online business, but not satisfied with the income from it then you may be looking for ways to increase your income. Here are some guidelines that help you to make more money with affiliate marketing from your blogs.

Create your own Advertising materials

Affiliates usually use the same advertising materials for marketing a product. If people get the same ad from different affiliates, they may lose interest in reading your advertisement. Instead, create your own classified advertisements and sales letters. This will help differentiate yourself from other affiliates. Also, people appreciate your creativity. Hence, your different marketing approach will drive more people to read your material.

Stay updated with industry trends

Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive field and people are often coming up with new inventions. Staying updated with the industry trends can help you to promote your business. If you fall behind and not compete with others, you are likely to lose a good share of your market to your competitors.

Participate in forums

Participate in group discussions, chat rooms and forums which are related to the affiliate products you’re marketing. Care for the people’s concerns and try to help them with their issues. This makes people trust you more and builds a strong relationship. By creating a good reputation online, you will certainly reap the dividends in future.

Write an e-book

Create an e-book related to affiliate marketing. Place a link of your website in it. Use this e-book as a give away wherever possible. This helps boost your business. You can submit your e-book to the reputed e-book directories on the web. You can also use it as a freebie on your home page in exchange for your visitor’s contact address. Allow other affiliates to use your book in their promotions. Add it as an item on your free download page. All these efforts definitely boost sales of your merchandise.

Don’t try to promote everything

One of the common mistakes affiliate marketers make is that they sign up with several different affiliate programs and try to promote everything. If you continue doing this, affiliate marketing can become overwhelming and you won’t be able to promote any product properly. So choose a handful of good products to promote. Get to know the market needs and choose the products that go exactly with the topic of your site.

Capitalize on keywords bring people to your blog

Check out the keywords that are driving more people to your site, and find out what those people are looking to purchase. For instance, if people are visiting your photography blog using the keyword “camera,” place the links of your favorite camera accessories or photo software on your sidebar through a well-placed banner.

Use other traffic tools to promote your products

It’s common for affiliate marketers to put up the ads only on their sites, but there are many other traffic tools that you can make use of and promote the product simultaneously. If you send more targeted traffic to the sales page then you have greater possibilities of making money. You can take the help of Google Adwords to send targeted traffic to a sales page. All you need to do is create an ad in your adwords account then place your affiliate link in the target page URL of the ad. Also, you need to track the conversions and see if the advertisement cost is less than the advertisement profit in order to keep the ad running.

Measure your affiliate campaign

Another excellent idea is to use different strategies to promote your product so that you get to know what is working and what is not. Use split testing method and track the performance of each ad then take appropriate actions. Making a few changes here and there can boost your profit significantly. Remember to place the banner ads on different positions of your page. Some areas will highlight the ads more than others. Most affiliate programs provide you with the analytics that you need, but it is better to use your own conversion tracking software. There are many conversions tracking software available that help you to track your affiliate campaign.

Promote your affiliate business website offline

Place the links of your website on your business cards and hand them out to the public you meet in different situations. You can also use a bumper sticker or electronic scrolling plate to advertise your website on your car. TV ads, classified ads, etc are other media that help you to promote your business website offline.

About the guest author: Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes to James Mann Stag Energy

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