Ways To Earn Extra Income Online What To Do? What Not To Do?

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Ways To Earn Extra Income Online What To Do? What Not To Do? affiliate networksWays To Earn Extra Income Online What To Do? What Not To Do?

Here are a some simple ideas geared towards beginners, of ways you can start making some money from home in no particular order.

Successful Strategies To Earn Money Online

1. Start a website

Very easy to do nowadays. Most webhosting companies out there in this day and age have built in site builders as an option that include a huge selection of templates – that you can use to have a professional looking website up and running very quickly. Trust me when I say this when I first started out I had no idea about Microsoft Word, or any other platform webdesigners use to upload their websites from. Having a built in site builder geared towards people who do not have experience building websites makes the task almost effortless a huge time saver. I use Hostgator as my webhost of choice. They have been pretty good to me throughout the years, and whenever I have a problem their customer service staff is available 24/7 which comes in extremely handy when you run into a problem.

2. Start A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Do you like this blog you are reading this post on? If you do thank you – and also tell you that this blog is a self hosted WordPress blog hosted by Hostgator for only $5.oo a month not too bad huh? Having your own self hosted blog is the only way to go if your gonna be in business online for the long run. WordPress has tons of widgets, and plugins, you can implement into your blog very easily. WordPress blogs are very search engine friendly, and very easy to use even if you are a beginner. I highly recommend WordPress self hosted blogs over free blogging platforms like Googles Blogger.com keep reading to find out why!

Do Not Start A Blogger Blog And Invest A Lot Of Time On It If Your An Affiliate. Do Not Make The Same Mistake I Made!

Blogger – I am not gonna go into huge details about blogger lets just say I lost a blog with a page rank 3, a 600,000 Alexa rating, and I was ranking highly for some pretty competitive keyword terms. They claimed it was spam and I violated their terms of service. Google is making up as they go their definition of spam which is basically any blog that has affiliate links. So if your new to affiliate, or Internet marketing in general heed my warning play at your own risk with Blogger blogs these days they are on a rampage and your blog, and hard work could be deleted with the push of a button next!Thankfully I was smart enough to backup my blog – and I bounced back fairly quickly. Warning: Go with a self hosted WordPress blog if you plan on basing your business around your blog! I posted a forum post on the Warriorforum which is the largest Internet marketing forum online if you want to read more about what is going on with Blogger. Here is the link!

How To Monetize Your Blog, Or Website?

1. Google AdsenseYou can place text ads or visual ads right on your website, or blog and get paid for every unique click that is generated by visitors to your site. Adsense is one great way to earn some extra income online. Once you have your blog, or website up and running go over to Google create an account if you do not have one and setup an Adsense account. Their should be directions on how to setup adsense on your website if you run into problems. Here are a few helpful links I found that will guide you through the setup process on WordPress. Click here! This is a helpful video I found on how to set up Adsense on a WordPress blog. Click Here!

Affiliate Marketing – This is what this blog is based around so this is my absolute favorite way to earn some extra income online. Sign up for a few affiliate programs – Here are a few of my favorites for you to get started.

1. Clickbank – Largest digital product marketplace online over 10,000 digital products for you to promote. Tip: Go with products with a higher gravity they are proven sellers. Another great tip is to find products with very low competition a specific niche, and market them. It will be easier to rank higher in the search engines for your articles, blog posts, or classified ads that you post. You will have a better chance of earning a better income from your affiliate ads especially if you are a beginner.

2. Commission Junction – This is the largest physical product affiliate network outside of Amazon. They are very well respected in the affiliate marketing industry. Huge fortune 500 companies you can choose from to promote

3. Amazon – Need I say more their name speaks for itself. You can throw up some related Amazon ads on your website to monetize it.

4. Rapbank.com – This one is fairly new but I love the fact that if you do make a sale you get instant commissions sent directly to your Paypal account. How cool is that? No waiting 2 weeks to get paid its instant income. You can sign up for a free account to Rapbank here if your interested.

5. Linkshare – Another fairly large affiliate network with a ton of quality vendors to work with. Some big name companies on this network.

6. Pepperjam Network – This company is getting pretty big and is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks in the U.S. It is based out of Chicago,IL. They also have some very good companies for you to choose from to market for.

Here Are Some Proven Ways For You To Promote Your Blog, Or Website.

1. Article marketing- Here are my 5 favorites below:

a. Articlesbase.com

b. Ezinearticles.com

c. Goarticles.com

d. Ideamarketers.com

e. Ehow.com

2. Blog Commenting – You can start by posting a comment on this blog I use comment luv so make sure you put a relevant comment. Comment on blogs that are related to your niche. This will give you backlinks, traffic, and an increased Google pagerank down the road.

3. Forum posting– Use a signature link and contribute to forums that are similar to whatever your blog, or website is based around. There are tons of online forums out there so you should not have trouble finding one. You can start off by signing up at the biggest one the Warriorforum. The Workathomeforum is another good one. I also recommend Websitebabble.com.

Ways To Earn Extra Income Online What To Do? What Not To Do? affiliate networksThere are also a lot of other ways to promote your new site you can use social marketing like Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and Tagged. Social bookmarking, classified ads, free press releases, add more and more content to your website, or blog regularly. Hint: The search engines love content. Learn the basics of SEO so you can get your new site to rank highly in the search engines for your chosen keyword phrases. The list goes on and on, but these are proven free methods that actually work.

What Not To Do? Listen Up Newbies!

1. Traffic Exchanges – Do not waste your time on Traffic exchanges they will not earn you any extra income. They will only waste your time, and money. Regardless of what you hear stay away from them! I have been there and done that – so I am passing on my wisdom to you. They do not work so do not spend countless hours in front of your computer clicking on various websites. Take your girlfriend, or boyfriend out to dinner, or the movies. Spend your time on techniques that will actually make you extra money. And believe me when I say Traffic exchanges are not one of these ways to earn an extra income online.

What Works Like Gold For Residual Income?

1. Start An Email List A.S.A.P – I have been talking a lot about the importance of starting an Email list a lot lately, and for good reason! I waited way too long to start mine, and I do not want you to make the same mistake I did if you want to make the real big money online one day then set up an Email list pronto. The money is in the list – and the sooner you get one up and running, the faster you will be on your way to a great income. It took me a long time to realize that fact, once I had my Email list set up I realized how true that statement truly is. I would not ever want to be without my list now that I realize its true potential. If your ready to get started, and I highly suggest you do here is a link to get started for a lousy $1.00. Take advantage of it!

I will leave you with this inspirational quote: This post is getting fairly long. There is nothing like a dream to create the future. Start making your online dreams a reality by taking action today Entrepreneurs!

To Your Online Success, Jay!

Feel free to post your comments I use comment luv, and I am Do-Follow!

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