What I learned Affiliate Marketing My Top Internet Marketing Tools

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What I learned Affiliate Marketing My Top Internet Marketing Tools

What I learned Affiliate Marketing My Top Internet Marketing Tools

2009 was a good year for me even with all its ups and downs.  I learned a lot of great information to say the least. What projects should I spend more time on? What projects are a total waste of time? What is making me money? What is not? These are the questions you should be asking yourself if your operating an online business. You have to know how to separate the garbage marketing, from the golden marketing, if you want to succeed with your online affiliate marketing business. I had to learn that fast after a while you get sick of wasting your time with useless tools, and traffic methods that just flat out do not work, period!

What Internet Marketing Tactics Are Useless – And Will Suck Your Wallet, And Your Valuable Time Dry!

1. Traffic Exchanges – If your a new Internet marketer, or a beginning affiliate marketer, chances are you have stumbled across numerous traffic exchanges. They are very enticing if you do not know any better. I fell for them hook line and sinker 4 years ago when I was just getting started online. Here is how they work you click on various websites that are usually set on a 10 to 30 second timer all you have to do is look at their pitiful websites, or blogs,  and enter the capcha code and you earn a credit for someone to look at your pitiful website, or blog.

Lol sorry to be so brutally honest but they are such a waste of time its not even funny. But the best part is their free if you want to sit at your computer all day getting a sore ass. Unless you like getting a sore ass, then by all means feel free. After all that is what you get with traffic exchanges a sore ass, very bad traffic, and a bunch of wasted time. Here is why? The main majority of people that use traffic exchanges are beginners with pretty much no money to invest on their online marketing.which is okay I am not knocking anyones financial situation these are tough times to say the least.

But the fact of the matter is that this kind of traffic will not convert into online sales which is what we are all after if were looking to earn extra money online, or even a full time income down the road. Some people swear they are great for building up your email list. I say there are far better tools, and ways that actually work to accomplish these goals. You can pay them your hard earned money without getting the sore ass I was talking about by clicking on various websites. But what fun would that be? You are still left with sub par traffic that will make your analytics page light up like a Christmas tree. But what really counts is sales and traffic exchanges do not deliver in that regard and that is what  counts when your in business to make money! This may make some people mad, but hey its a free country. I just hope I save someone some valuable time reading this steer clear!

2. Paying for guaranteed traffic – I’ll send you 10,000 visits for $10 bucks you have probably seen this service advertised on the various search engines. Does it  work? Hell no!!!  You would make better use of your money by making paper airplanes out of them and launching them off the Sears tower in Chicago. At least you will make some lucky pedestrians day! This type of traffic is comparable to traffic exchanges it doesn’t work, and it does not convert period! Stay clear of these types of scams.

5 Techniques, And Tools, That Have Helped Me Online

1. Writing articles One of the best free ways to earn money online. Its free, laser targeted traffic that converts into sales and actually makes you money. It is time consuming – but it is worth every last word you write trust me. This is the article marketing tool I use that saves me a lot of time, after all time is money. You can check it out here if your interested!

2. Blog Commenting – All you do is just comment on blog posts with a link to your website, or blog pretty cut and dry. Does it work? Yes it is extremely effective just comment on blogs related to your niche. What are the benefits of blog commenting? Increased targeted traffic, potential sales, and an increased Google page rank. This will help your website, or blog, rank higher in the search engines so you can earn more money online. What do I use to speed up my blog commenting time so I can accomplish these tasks a lot quicker? You can check it out here!

3. Start A Blog, Or A Website – This is very important you need something you can call your own. Plus its a great way to build up a nice recurring online income. I prefer blogs over general websites because they seem to rank better in the search engines and their are a lot of tools, and services, that cater to bloggers out there.

4. Forum posting – Works like a charm sign up for free forums related to your niche. Add a signature with a link to your website, blog, or affiliate link, and comment on previous posts or start your own posts. Its free targeted traffic that converts, so take advantage of it! My favorite is the Warrior forum they are the biggest most popular forum online hands down.

5. Start Email List – There is a saying among marketers that goes the money is in the list. Is it true? You betcha starting an Email list will be the most profitable thing you can do online for your business period! The bigger your email list gets the more money you will make! I use Aweber they are the best online hands down and their offering a full month trial for only a $1.00 here! 

I Hope This Helps Shed Some Light On What Works In Internet Marketing For Generating Paying Customers!

To Your Success Entrepreneurs, Your Comments Are Appreciated, Jay!

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