Why Marketers MUST Attack Facebook In 2013

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Facebook Marketing Tips You Should Attack In 2013Facebook marketing 2013 tips And Beyond

“You know that article you’re working on? Statistics tracking and optimization whatever? Bin it until the New Year. It’s nerd stuff.”

I almost spit my coffee out on the desk. I’d just gotten an email from Jay Orban. Apparently, he wasn’t too excited about the story I’d written. And since he pays the bills around here, his problems are my problems.

“Is something wrong with the article?” I told him I’d be willing to make revisions if he needed them. But the response he sent me back was pretty surprising.

“The article’s great. But this website is for newbies who build a real business online. And it’s Christmas. I want you to INSPIRE some people and show them a method they can use to really get their 2013 started strong. In a couple of weeks, not months!”

Then… A Great Idea Hit Me

It was the most popular promotion I’d ever had on my website (http://www.micahmedina.com) and marketers all around me were talking about this method, making a killing with it, and sharing it with everyone they know.

That’s Facebook Marketing.  I sat down and gave another look to Dr. Ben Adkins’ latest video series, “Evil FB Magician List Building Unleashed“.

Dr. Ben is probably the web’s #1 expert on Facebook marketing. He’s not just a guy that’s done it – he’s a skilled teacher who has helped other people CRUSH it with Facebook. So if you’re tired of hearing how the money is in the list, but don’t know how it’s actually done, he’s the guy tha explains how to do get 1,000 opt-ins in your first 7 days of using the program.

I told Jay about the program and he instantly “got it”. It completely sidesteps many of the causes for newbie failure and gives them success quickly!

He told me that people needed to be reminded of…

Exactly Why So Many Newbies Blow It

They spend way too much money looking for a golden tactic and not enough working on the fundamentals – creating a nice offer, building credibility, and getting it in front of as many people as possible. If they’re new to business, or new to making money, they don’t often realize the power that making a real *investment* in their business can have.

The money that you’re spending on methods and advice can easily be spent on TRAFFIC and give you a leg up on your business. If you’re a “one man band” that’s running your whole business solo, then you’re really hurting yourself by trying to add traffic generation to the list of duties you’ve got to do.

If you’ve got a small amount of money – $100-$200 dollars – you can build a list of between 2,000 and 4,000 people. That’s a return on investment that CRUSHES traditional SEO flat. Now usually, people on Facebook might as well be setting their money on fire and burning it.

With Evil Facebook Magician, avoiding those wastes isn’t just possible. It’s easy. That’s because…

You Don’t Need To Be A Brilliant Salesman

Too many people downplay Facebook because it’s “more casual” than traditional affiliate marketing. And it’s true, people are going to be in a “shopping” mood when they’re on Facebook. They’ve let their guard down. But they’re more likely to share, to comment, and to get really invested in things that interest them.

And that’s what affiliate marketing is all about. Too many marketers are consumed with the make money online and weight loss niches – those are high pressure niches that are filled with eager marketers shoving things down people’s throats.

But you won’t need insane sales tactics to get people to buy stuff for their pets. Or to buy supplies for their band. Or to purchase toys for their babies. So why don’t YOU get in front of them and promote stuff that they’ll always be interested in?

learn Facebook marketing secrets 2013

Once you spend time outside of the IM niche, it’s like stepping into the Matrix – everything is moving in slow motion and you can focus on making the sale.

Customers Actually Give A Damn About You

Go to your email inbox right now. How many of your emails are from internet gurus and geniuses? Probably a lot. And how many of them do you open? It’s probably a huge pain in the ass to read them all. But when you get an email about something a little closer to you (a girlfriend, maybe) you damn sure open that sucker up.

Once someone subscribes to your email list through Facebook, you’re going to a place where most marketers aren’t. Facebook prospects don’t just sign up for everything, so their in-boxes are more pristine.

Facebook marketers getting EASY open rates of about 50% on all of his emails, and his students are doing almost as well. If you’ve been struggling to get 5% open rates, you know how precious this stuff is.

And yes, it’s possible to get Facebook leads to give you their email address without pushing them away – if you know what you’re doing.

Know what else?

It’s Fun As Hell

What’s fun about traditional, SEO-based affiliate marketing? The checks.

What’s boring? Writing articles, commenting on blogs, researching stuff to review, getting slapped by Google, creating brilliant content and getting crushed by some dude’s “aged domain”… all that stuff STINKS.

But when you’re on Facebook, you’re basically playing. You’re thinking up poll questions. You’re looking for funny pictures. You’re posting quotes. You’re chatting with people who have a shared interest.

You Can Pick Your Customers

Only Dr. Ben is REALLY teaching this stuff. He shows a method where you can pick your customers based on your niche. Age, gender, income level, all that stuff. That means you can surround yourself with people who “get you”. If you’re a huge fan of Justin Timberlake (or can tolerate 19 year old girls) then there’s nothing stopping you from laser targeting these fans and building relationships with them as a marketer.

It’ll absolutely make you a better salesperson. So if you’re looking for something FRESH in 2013, drop those ugly WordPress sites, and make it your New Year’s Resolution to go off the beaten path – real entrepreneurs know that’s where the real success is!

Micah Medina is a marketer, foodie, and copywriter who splits his time between  Boston, MA and Atlanta, GA. When he’s not fighting his way onto a plane or helping writers get their stuff together at MicahMedina.com, he mixes an incredible Whiskey Sour.

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