Why You Should Be Using YouTube In Your Marketing Campaigns

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Plain and simple, YouTube is by far one of the most powerful Internet marketing strategies that most people do not take advantage of.

Whether you want to drive more targeted traffic to your website, blog, personal product, squeeze page, landing page, affiliate product etc, YouTube can help you reach the masses in your given niche.

This post will summarize a few key reasons why you should put YouTube marketing on the top of your priority list.

Let’s get right to it…

1.) Substantial Amounts Of Traffic

The actual number of people that “hang out” on YouTube on a daily basis is nothing short of extraordinary. More and more people are using YouTube as a search engine than ever before to look for solutions to their problems.

The truth is that people are getting progressively lazier and would rather search for their answers through YouTube videos, rather than traditional written articles or webpages (sad but true).

This is actually good news for you since you can be a part of the small percentage of people who harnesses the power of a properly optimized YouTube channel.

There is so much traffic floating around on YouTube that really anyone can grab a piece of this pie (especially because most people will never get started in the first place).

Important: Take advantage of YouTube’s built-in analytics platform as this is a great way to gauge your growth and progress (see screenshot below).

Why You Should Be Using YouTube In Your Marketing Campaigns Why You Should Be Using YouTube In Your Marketing

To know your numbers as an Internet marketer is everything, and YouTube makes it easy to track the most relevant metrics.

Another extremely important thing to point out about YouTube traffic is quality. Let’s face it, what good is large amounts of traffic if the quality is poor right?

Thankfully for you, some of the most hyper-targeted traffic comes from YouTube when compared to almost any other traffic source.

The people that are on YouTube are generally looking for an answer to their problem or more information on a particular niche or subject.

I want you to think of the last time you used YouTube and searched for something specific, even if it was just as simple as a music video. The vast majority of people cannot go a single day without watching a video or two.

This is an enormous amount of traffic that is circulating YouTube each and every day!

This goes hand in hand with my next point…

2.) Higher Search Engine Rankings

It’s time for a quick lesson…If you didn’t already know, Google bought and now owns YouTube. This is the reason why in many cases you’ll see YouTube videos ranking in the top positions of Google rather than a traditional website.

The pure weight that a YouTube video holds compared to say a blog post or webpage is nothing short of amazing. As an Internet marketer if you’re not using YouTube as an SEO strategy, you are leaving a huge chunk of money on the table.

Additionally, YouTube videos tend to rank fairly quickly in Google (this is good for all you impatient people out there). They also take all of 5-10 minutes to make by using your camera or smartphone.

As long as your videos are optimized with SEO best practices in mind, the sky is the limit in terms of search rankings and organic traffic.

A good place to start would be to focus on targeting longer tail keyword phrases (around 2-4 words long) to test the waters and see how your SEO matches up against the competition. See example below:

Why You Should Be Using YouTube In Your Marketing Campaigns Why You Should Be Using YouTube In Your Marketing

If you find you are having good luck outranking other marketers by using this long tail keyword approach, you can then scale up your efforts. You can also test your luck on targeting broader search terms as well.

The more you practice ranking YouTube videos at the top of Google, the better you will get at it…Stay patient and never give up!

3.) You Become An Expert

Something about sharing your voice and message for the world to hear/see, immediately builds trust and credibility for yourself. Once you start to gain more and more momentum this synergy results in becoming an expert and leader in your niche.

Most people are too scared or shy to post videos on YouTube or build out their channel. This results in lower competition and more opportunity to position yourself as an authority figure in your niche.

Many of the most successful YouTube channels are just average people sharing their story on a specific topic.

No, these people do not have super human powers or magical skills. However, they are not afraid to post videos consistently to their channel.

The second you decide to create a YouTube channel and start posting videos, you immediately have a “leg up” on the competition.

It’s vital that you do NOT shoot for perfection with your videos…the important thing is just getting started. The more content you put out, the better chance you have of ranking in the search engines.

In order to be a leader online you MUST have a YouTube channel mixed in with your other marketing efforts, plain and simple.

4.) More Exposure For Your Website

Last but certainly not least, utilizing YouTube in the correct manner will generate more exposure for your blog or website.

This step is as simple as leaving a link in your video description and saying something like “Take a look at my blog post on…”.

The more traffic you drive to your videos, the more people will end up navigating to your website and hopefully buy whatever you’re promoting!

The screenshot below is an example of how to set up your video descriptions for the highest possible click-through rate.

Why You Should Be Using YouTube In Your Marketing Campaigns Why You Should Be Using YouTube In Your Marketing

This is a specifically powerful method if you run your own blog, as this could result in more daily readers on a consistent basis.

Remember this goes back to building trust and relationships with each and every visitor, which is easier to convey through video than any other platform online.

In summary: You need to start thinking of YouTube as one of your main marketing strategies going forward. Maybe you just started a new website, well then start a YouTube channel with it.

If you have an old website that is struggling to generate traffic, create a YouTube channel and learn some basic SEO tactics.

Hopefully if you read this far, you can see the sheer power behind what creating a simple YouTube channel (and being consistent with it) can do for you. When you fully absorb the points I mentioned above, it will all start to make more sense.

If you’re not even slightly motivated to start a YouTube channel now after reading this, then I recommended coming back to it at a different time. But for the people that were even a little bit inspired by this post, do yourself a favor and get your feet wet.

You owe it to yourself to experience all the benefits that YouTube has to offer. I look forward to seeing your videos in the near future!


Why You Should Be Using YouTube In Your Marketing Campaigns Why You Should Be Using YouTube In Your Marketing

About the Writer: Evan Hoeflich is a passionate Blogger, SEO Specialist and Digital Marketing Strategist, who takes great pride in providing his readers with the latest tips, tricks and strategies in the Internet Marketing industry. He runs his blog Evan Hoeflich Marketing, to help as many people as he can earn an extra income online using powerful marketing techniques.




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