How To Write A Good Press Release For Insane Traffic Surges

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How To Write A Good Press Release For Insane Traffic Surges How To Write A Good Press Release For Insane Traffic SurgesGreat post I came across on the Warrior Forum I thought would bring some value to my blog readers, Enjoy!

How To Write A Good Press Release For Insane Traffic Surges

Everybody wants traffic. Traffic is like the lifeblood of your online business. Without it your business will fail. Well this is a slick way to drive traffic to your CPA offers, clickbank products, sales pages, squeeze pages, or articles.

Firstly, I want to say that this method is not exactly original and I’m sure you have all seen it before – probably a few times over. I just fine tuned it to pull some sick traffic spikes.

This method involves writing press releases (I know, I know, but keep reading you may learn something yet here) – and getting them syndicated to Google News. Oh, and did I mention I am taking the guess work out of it? Almost all of my press releases get syndicated to Google News.

Okay, first off we want to head over to Google Hot Trends and see what is currently hot right now. You don’t have to do this though, you can just search keywords related to your offers to see if they are in the news. Likewise, you can check Google News for breaking news that will be hot in the next few hours (this method always brings me the most traffic). Either way, we want to find 3 keywords that are currently in the news. These keywords should have news results come up in the top 3 positions in Google – otherwise don’t bother with them.

Heading over to Google Hot Trends right now I see the keyword “ufc 112 results” – so I click on it to get related keywords and see what the traffic is looking like. The traffic peak seems to be 3 hours ago but this keyword is still getting a ton of searches right now so it’s not a big deal. I find the related keywords: “anderson silva” and “ufc 112 fight card”.

So at this point all I have done is taken a quick peek at Google Hot Trends and found 3 keywords that rank #1 in Google (due to Google News). Those keywords are:

ufc 112 results
anderson silva
ufc 112 fight card

From here I would write a quick press release. The title of my press release would be: “UFC 112 Results – Anderson Silva – UFC 112 Fight Card” – exactly like that. I would then use the 3 main keywords in the first paragraph. The main keyword – ufc 112 results would be sprinkled in the press release to a 3-4% density.

So you get your keywords and write a press release about them, simple right?

Okay, now here is the part where people seem to fall off. First you need to find a way to monetize the traffic, second you need to actually get your press release syndicated to Google News.

The first place I usually check is Clickbank. There are some “fighting” related products but they may not convert. So then I would check some CPA offers. Acai Berry may be related but it’s a roll of the dice. What would be great would be promoting tickets to the next UFC fight. Stubhub, or any other ticket site would be perfect for this type of thing.

So go through all your accounts and find the perfect offer. Google News will bring you a lot of traffic, but you need the perfect offer to make it convert. If you can’t find any way to monetize the traffic then why not use it to boost views on an article or send them to a fresh squeeze page and get them on a list? I have found that Google News can bring hordes of traffic and you can build a list quicker this way than any other way I have tried.

Back to the method, you need to get it syndicated to Google News right? Well its actually pretty brainless just make sure you use the right sites. The first is – they need to approve your press release but it is almost guaranteed that you will get it syndicated.

The second site is – one you may not have heard of. You create a new post and it will get picked up by Google News, sometimes within 10 minutes. The best thing about Gather is they pay you money for bringing traffic to their site, and they allow you to post links anywhere in the article.

A good press release can bring you about 2,000-20,000 visitors to your release. I sometimes get up to 10% click through on the offers. Imagine putting hundreds of people on your squeeze page in a single day. Or imagine ranking #1 for Miley Cyrus – even above her own website? I did, for 6 hours one day and brought in over 5,000 hits to my press release.

Okay, I’m done for now – have fun writing and profiting!

You can read the full post and all of the comments here:

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