Want To Become A Millionaire? Read The Fastlane Millionaire By M.J. Demarco

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How To Become A Millionaire And Retire Young

Want To Become A Millionaire? Read The Fastlane Millionaire By M.J. Demarco

I just got finished reading the book the millionaire fastlane by M.J. Demarco it was a very good read, and it will change the way you look at money forever.  I like the fact that M.J relates to the internet because he made his fortune from the internet. Which we as internet marketers can all relate too as far as the potential of the internet, and how many millionaires it creates daily.

The book in a nutshell is very entertaining first off, as well as educational. I was laughing many times reading through M.J.’s book the millionaire fastlane. The author has a great sense of humor which I really loved about the book. Secondly the main principles he teaches in the book is how to have time on your side and create passive income streams that make you money on autopilot once you have the systems set up and in play.

This book should be taught as a degree program at Harvard no joke! People have it engrained in their heads that going to college, getting an advanced degree, and working for someone else is the way to go. They have a lot to learn as M.J Demarco shows in his very educational book the millionaire fastlane. He tells you what you should be doing if you want to be a millionaire, and retire a young millionaire which is what you are striving for.

We are tied down to our 9 to 5 jobs and work away like slaves day after day. And for what? You can miss your children growing up, our young years pass by like stars in the night and before you know it we are old.  Your job is probably not very enjoyable is it? But we are trapped like mice in a mouse trap. Or are we? If we start thinking like millionaires to be millionaires then the tables can be reversed in our favor.

When we are working a 9 to 5 job we are trading our time for money. We work 5 days for 2 days of freedom which Mr. Demarco states in his book the millionaire fastlane. This is the slow lane and is a lane to old age, a big diaper, and a wheelchair before you can have enough money to retire. And that is if your lucky, pretty shitty huh?  How about driving in the Fastlane and retiring young, vibrant, and actually able to enjoy your money – so you can get the most out of life? Sounds like a lot better option huh? The fastlane millionaire will teach you how to create passive income streams that can have you retiring young, and in the peak of your life. Let your money work for you not the other way around.

Have time on your side and make money while your working, or not, by creating smart passive income streams. You can be making money while you sleep, while your vacationing in the Caiman islands, while your in the bathroom. It does not matter! Passive income is the smartest way to becoming a millionaire young not old.

Why work your whole life to become a miserable old man, or woman, in the golden years of your life. To play bingo, and that is if your lucky enough to be in good health. Maybe you can put some daytons on your wheelchair grandpa. All kidding aside I know this is harsh but it is a reality. The fastlane millionaire will show you how to break this cycle, so you have a chance of enjoying your good years.  And M.J. Demarco will show you the light at the end of the tunnel if you let him.

Conclusion: I absolutely loved this book as you can tell – and I will be recommending it to my readers, my friends, and family.  My mindset is in the fastlane and I am creating my passive income streams are you? If not grab his book the millionaire fastlane and learn how to be a smart, young, vibrant, millionaire. The choice is yours. If you pass enjoy the wheelchair that comes with your retirement. and I hope you have lots of money to spend on Bingo, and you make the owner of the company you work for a ton of money. I am sure he is already semi retired, and by the way he says thanks for the brand new Ferrari your hard work bought him.

Change your financial mindset people. grab this book it is well worth it, trust me!

5 stars for the millionaire Fastlane from me. If you want to retire young, and not be too old to enjoy your money properly. This is how to become a smart new age millionaire!

To Your Online Success, Jay!

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