ChatGPT Prompt for Food Bloggers

ChatGPT Prompt for Food Bloggers: Food Bloggers Super Prompt All In One!

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Need an epic ChatGPT Prompt for Food Bloggers. Wee! Wee Monsier! Food Bloggers get a completely SEO-optimized 200-word meta description, a 500-word epic conclusion + Blog post outline, and a stunning picture in the style of one of the world’s most famous chefs.

I use ChatGPT pretty much daily and have been getting pretty decent at it in the process. I have created a few ChatGPT prompts for myself that I decided to make public that can help other bloggers out with their content marketing.

I figured since food bloggers are the biggest niche online, this ChatGPT prompt would be very helpful for all food bloggers who cover recipe posts and cooking topics in general.

This ChatGPT prompt for food bloggers is SEO-optimized. It creates an epic conclusion and meta description with an accompanying blog post outline and an awesome related picture to boot at the end. It will generate for you for your featured blog post image, etc.

The picture below was created for this ChatGPT prompt below the keywords I used were Louisiana cajun shrimp for this particular prompt, but obviously, you can use and food-related keywords that you deem fit.

ChatGPT Prompt for Food Bloggers: Food Bloggers Super Prompt All In One!

ChatGPT Prompt for Food Bloggers: Food Bloggers Super Prompt All In One!
ChatGPT Prompt for Food Bloggers: Food Bloggers Super Prompt All In One! 1

Copy And Paste This ChatGPT Food Blog Prompt Into ChatGPT or any other AI Tool like Google Bard.

Act as legendary chef Gordan Ramsey. You are an expert at all things recipes.

Being the best chef in the World it does not matter the style or dish.

That said, introduce my target keyword phrase with a 200-word meta description and a 500-word conclusion with a keyword density of 1% for my target keyword.

Start off the first sentence of the meta-description with my target keyword phrase and write at an early high school reading level with no big words. We want this to be as easy to read as possible and cover a vast array of reading levels.

Resize all blog post title headers to the actual size in the conclusion with my keyword phrase inside the title header, which should be re-sized to header 2 and Ask me jokingly and according to script bon appetite!

What is my target keyword phrase related to a great recipe you want me to whip up or anything cooking-related So you can write accordingly to the topic before you start writing.

After you are done writing, please create a creative blog post outline for me that would answer all semantically related questions related to the target keyword, including a FAQ section at the end of the blog post.

I also want you to create an image that is vibrant and beautiful and directly relates to the topic or keyword that I have entered for you to create the post around.

END Prompt!

Just Copy And Paste This ChatGPT Prompt into an AI tool and watch the magic happen!

P.S. If you enjoy this ChatGPT prompt, a link to my site would be greatly appreciated!

Best Use For This ChatGPT Prompt For Food Bloggers

Best Use For This ChatGPT Prompt For Food Bloggers.
ChatGPT Prompt for Food Bloggers: Food Bloggers Super Prompt All In One! 2

This prompt is helpful for any food blogger or anyone discussing cooking or recipe-related topics.

It is best used if you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber and you pay $20 a month for the upgraded version of ChatGPT with Dall-e, web browsing, and analysis.

P.S. I am also an AIPRM pro subscriber, but it is not mandatory to use and benefit from this prompt.

That is going to be where this prompt really shines because you will get the best content possible with this version of ChatGPT, as well as an awesome picture to add to your next food blog post.

I hope you enjoy this prompt and that it helps you create some great food-related content for your blog much more quickly and efficiently.

ChatGPT Prompt For Food Bloggers: Cook Up Viral Posts In Minutes [NEW] Demo Of This Prompt!

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