A colorful medieval scene with a jester juggling in the center of a performance, surrounded by a laughing audience of various ages and backgrounds. Details include medieval banners and a wooden stage, under a bright tent, symbolizing the communal joy of shared laughter

Joke Prompts: Meet the Jokester ChatGPT Plus Prompt [NEW]

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This is a joke prompt that I created using ChatGPT Plus that works very well, and I know you will enjoy this prompt if you need a few good laughs.

This prompt has jokes in all genres in all rating levels from G to R rated. Well, ChatGPT’s R-rated is probably different from what you and I think, but it is the more risque jokes none the less.

So, whatever it may be, be prepared for a few good laughs. The Jokester ChatGPT prompt will take center stage, earning a standing ovation from the crowd.

If you are a ChatGPT plus member and you pay a little $20 a month to get the better version of ChatGPT with Dalle, then you can check out this prompt for yourself.

Meet the newest AI comedian in town, brought to you by ChatGPT Plus!

Dave Chapelle, eat your heart out!

You can access the Jokester ChatGPT prompt on the big button below, and if you like it, please give me a big thumbs up!

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