How to Remove Your Phone Number from TikTok

How to Remove Number from TikTok Step by Step New Handy Guide [2023]

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Learn quickly in this step-by-step guide how to remove number from TikTok so you can take back control of your privacy and enjoy your Tiktok account to it’s fullest potential.

TikTok is among the most popular apps on social media in the world. People from all generations love making content on it either by following the trends or coming up with something unique. It is not wrong to say that TikTok is fast becoming the king of social media. 

If you are an active user, you must know that the TikTok app asks for a phone number to send a verification code, and this is also to get connected with other TikTok users or with the people who live near you. But, most people have privacy concerns and do not want to share their mobile numbers with any social media platform. If you are among them, this guide is for you to know how to remove a number from TikTok. 

How to Remove Number from TikTok
How to Remove Number from TikTok Ste By Step Tutorial

How to Remove Number from TikTok The Steps To Remove Phone Number from TikTok without Having To Replace It

Did you add your phone number while creating a new TikTok account and now regret it? Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can remove your phone number permanently from your TikTok account. 

  • Step 1: Download The App: 

Download and open the TikTok app on your mobile phone. 

  • Step 2: Click On Profile Information Icon: 

Now, click on the profile information icon at the bottom of the extreme right and go to settings. 

  • Step 3: Click On Three Lines: 

Then, click on the three lines given at the extreme top right. 

  • Step 4: Go To Settings And Privacy: 

This will give you options of creator tools, settings, and privacy. Click on settings and privacy. 

  • Step 5: Click On Report A Problem: 

Scroll down a little, and tap on the option ‘report a problem. 

  • Step 6: Tap On Email And Phone Number: 

Go to account and profile, scroll down, and click on the email and phone number. 

  • Step 7: Click On Changing Phone Number And Email: 

After completing the steps mentioned now, six options will appear under the heading of email and phone number. Click on “changing the phone number or email associated with an account.” 

  • Step 8: Tap No: 

Then, they will ask you whether your problems got resolved or not; click on “No.” 

  • Step 9: Write A Report: 

Tap on “still have a problem,” and here you will write a report on the space provided, saying that you cannot access your mobile number, so you would like to remove it from the app. 

  • Step 10: Replace With An Email: 

In the final step, TikTok will want you to give some contact details and some other details related to your account to ensure you are an authentic user. Once you have done all these steps, you will be asked to give a new number or email, and then TikTok will remove your mobile number in a few days. 

Why TikTok Does Require A Phone Number? 

TikTok requires a mobile number for identification purposes to verify you are the real person and not someone using anyone else’s account. Still, mainly the two reasons are authentication and moderation. By authentication, the creators of TikTok mean that permission is required in order to create an account, and moderation is for keeping an eye on inappropriate posts made by users. The phone number can be removed after making a new TikTok account, and the steps for removing the number are given above. 

Can You Send Messages On TikTok Without A Mobile Number? 

Unfortunately, messages cannot be sent on TikTok if you do not have a mobile number added to your account info. If you choose to remove a number from TikTok, you must let go of the messages. If you want to send messages and interact with other TikTok users, then you must add a phone number to your account info. So, if you are alright with not getting the option of sending messages, read the above guide on how to remove your mobile number from TikTok and enjoy your privacy. 

Can Other TikTok Users See Your Number? 

No, TikTok does not let any other user see your mobile number. Only the moderators and admin of the TikTok app can see your phone number. The only thing visible to other TikTok users is the content you post on your account. So, it is very safe to say your mobile number is not accessible. But, if you are still concerned about your privacy, your mobile number can be easily removed. Follow the steps of removing your phone number from the TikTok mentioned above. 

How Can You Change Your TikTok Account Password Without A Mobile Number? 

If you have followed our guide about how to remove your mobile number from TikTok in a few steps and now want to change your password but have no clue how to do it, we got you sorted. It is not necessary to have a mobile number to change the password; email can do the same job. When you remove your mobile number, you are asked to give any other number or email. Provide the TikTok app with an email and use the same email to change your password without worrying about removing your phone number. 

Is It Safe to Add Mobile Number In Your TikTok Account? 

The TikTok app only asks for a mobile number to let you make a new account. The only purpose is for the verification code on your mobile number right when you make a new TikTok account to let you have full features. No other user can see your mobile number, so it is safe to add. But, if you are still thinking about whether you should remove it or not, go with removing it because email does the same job as a mobile number. Just follow our guide on how to remove number from tiktok step by step and let out some of the confusion from your life. 

How To Remove Number From A Banned TikTok Account: 

It is really hard to use the same number again if TikTok has banned your account. The only solution to this is deleting the TikTok account so that the number can be used again for any other new TikTok account. It is always advised to remove a number from the TikTok account after the initial steps and replace it with an email so that you do not face any issues like these in the future. Privacy can be one reason but being stuck with a mobile number in a banned account is another big problem. Make sure to follow the steps given by us on removing the number from TikTok to avoid problems in the future. 

Is It Necessary to Connect Your Phone Number With TikTok Account? 

Connecting your mobile number with a TikTok account has many benefits. The chances of going viral increase by adding a phone number because TikTok shows your profile to other users and suggests following your account. The algorithm shows your videos to the people who already have your number on your phone. Here are a few advantages of connecting your mobile number with your TikTok account: 

  • Your account gets verified. 
  • Your account is shown in the suggested accounts in your contacts. 
  • Increases the chance of getting viral. 
  • It shows you the profile of your contacts. 

Connecting your mobile number with a TikTok account has many advantages, but nothing is more important than your privacy. If you are always concerned about your privacy issues, you should replace your phone number with an email. Follow the steps for removing the number from TikTok given by us and make privacy your #1 priority. 

How Can You Recover Your TikTok Account Without A Phone Number?

If you deleted your TikTok account and want to recover it, but you followed our guide on removing your number from TikTok, and now you are struggling to recover your account without a phone number, we are here for you. 

You would have to submit a TikTok feedback form in order to recover your account without a phone number. In the form, enter your username and any alternate email address. Next, explain that you do not have access to your phone number and provide them with your username. Once you submit your form, wait a few days to get your account back. 

Can You Use TikTok Without Having A Phone Number: 

Yes, the authenticity of your account remains the same if you do not have your mobile number connected to your TikTok account. There are very few reasons why the app asks for a contact number. Adding it is necessary for the initial steps, but you can avoid it by replacing it with the option of an email. If you have connected your mobile number with your TikTok account, you can still remove it from TikTok step by step, already given above. 

In this detailed article, we have step-by-step explained how to remove number from TikTok. We have also explained whether it is necessary to connect your TikTok account with a mobile number or not and what are the consequences of it. Please re-read our complete guide to remove your phone nunber from a TikTok account. 

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