How to Utilize Social Media for Bigger Profits And Massive Growth

12 Social Media Marketing Strategies For Maximum Post Engagement

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12 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Yield The Maximum Amount Of Engagements on Your Posts For More Traffic And Sales.

It’s almost unbelievable how Social media inspires people’s purchasing decisions. The marketing approach has changed completely ever since the popularity of social media platforms grew immensely, in just a short amount of time, when we are talking Internet years.


graph number people using social media platforms.

Just yesterday, I bought a belt without holes for my husband. I found it quite convenient and unique (like, really no holes in a belt?) after I watched a popular fashion YouTuber reviewing that belt. My decision was quick as me and my husband trust this YouTuber’s recommendations.

Powerful influence, isn’t it?

There is much more to social media marketing than that. I am sure you will be amazed to know the proven strategies that bring followers, leads, and, ultimately, sales for any kind of business.

And it makes sense, given the massive number of social media users (almost 50% of the world population, according to Statista).  People browse through a brand’s social media pages if they wish to buy anything from it.

So, what are the tips and tricks of using social media that can benefit your own brand?

To begin with your plan of action, first, decide who your target audience is. Once you are clear-headed about who your target audience is, it will be much easier to determine what, when, and where you are going to share.

Moreover, determine the right platform that will be good for your business. A rule of thumb is to develop a more substantial presence on social media, which the majority of your target audience uses.

Let’s have a look at some of the strategies that might bring you a high level of engagement from the audience.

1.   Arrange Contests and Giveaways for Your Followers

An excellent way to excite your audience is to announce contests and giveaways. Recommending the followers to share and repost your content will broaden your reach. Simply put, the higher the following, the easier it is to get a higher level of engagements.

One more strategy is to collaborate with a brand with a similar audience, but a different service/product. For instance, a brand making car shades can collaborate with a sunglasses brand and plan a fun giveaway to tap into each other’s following, all the while promoting both the products.

2.   Make a Group on Facebook

Facebook is termed as the top brand building platform by many marketers. If you build a community around your brand by starting a Facebook group, it will work pretty well.

Not only staying active in the group will help you build relationships with your audience, but it will also generate new leads. Make sure to moderate the group well so that spams and irrelevant posts do not spoil the true essence of the group. 

I recommend posting at least a few times a week, and preferably daily to grow your FB group and keep your members interested and engaged.

Take as an example, the Instant pot community. A Facebook group by the brand that has over 2.7 million members. From recipes, cooking hacks, to commonly asked culinary questions, this group provides terrific value to Instant pot’s target audience.

3.   Upload Explainer Videos About Your Brand’s Services

Don’t think that explainer videos that describe your service are only for the website’s landing page. You can upload them on your social platforms as well to get engagement from your target audience.

For instance, people who design logos can post a short explainer video where they can throw light upon all of their services briefly. It will help the audience understand their professionalism and good service in a better way.

custom logo avatar marketing

4.   Add Relevant Hashtags 

Hashtags are a potent marketing tool. Researchers from Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine, found out that posts on Instagram, which contained hashtags get 13% more engagement than posts without a hashtag.

Hashtags serve the intent of a customer’s search. He gets what he is looking for, and may end up following you if your content appeals to him. Brand hashtags are particularly beneficial to increase mentions of your brand everywhere.

A brilliant tip is to start a weekly chat on your Twitter and make a particular hashtag for it. If your chat thread gets retweeted with your hashtag, it will potentially trend as weeks pass by.

5.   Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer marketing is doing the rounds for many years now. As reported by Streamline marketing, up to 93% of marketers use social media influencers, and 35% say it brings the best ROI. Let’s see how.

Tell me, who doesn’t want to be as fit as Ronaldo? We all do so, right? And we would love to know what he recommends for a healthy body.

Herbalife, a wellness brand, collaborated with Christiano Ronaldo and extended their reach to his 229 million followers via a video on his Instagram handle.

christiano rinaldo herbalife advertisement

Alternatively, you can sponsor videos of YouTubers whose followers are your target audience. They will promote your product and bring potential customers. Just like I mentioned in the beginning, this is a strategy that has inspired my own buying decisions several times.

6.   Post Content That Your Audience Would Relate

As I said earlier, knowing who your customers are is crucial. Providing content that taps into their real issues, or is in sync with their ideologies will bring you the level of engagement that helps a business succeed.

One of the top brands in the Makeup industry, Huda Beauty, knows how most of their customers are women who wish to have clear, beautiful skin. They keep sharing tips, remedies, and treatments for skin conditions like the one below.

huda beauty rosacea picture.

7.   Maintain a YouTube Channel

YouTube, with more than 2 billion users, is the second most popular social platform, according to Alexa.

You can start a YouTube channel of your brand and provide valuable content to the audience who might need expert advice about your service and product. You can either teach relevant skills to the learners, or upload product reviews. An optimized, maintained YouTube channel will be a game-changer for your brand.

Be persistent when it comes to creating and putting out Youtube video’s.

If you do Youtube marketing efficiently your channel, subscribers, and video engagement rates will skyrocket eventually and so could your business.

Look at the Joe Rogan Experience for example one of my favorite podcasts to watch on Youtube.

Joe Rogan started his podcast for fun years ago, and he was persistent with his marketing efforts, by churning out quality Youtube video after quality Youtube video to the tune of almost 10 million subscribers.

Did I mention Joe Rogan just signed an over $100 million dollar deal to be exclusive to the Spotify platform.

Yep, that is the power of Youtube marketing, social media, and being persistent with your efforts.

Throw in a little talent and the sky is literally the limit with Youtube marketing.

But, the first step is creating that Youtube channel and getting started.

8.   Use Twitter As a link-sharing Hub

For businesses whose target clients are active users of Twitter, it’s a compelling platform to form a loyal customer base.

Hubspot reports that almost 92% of user interactions on tweets are link clicks. Hence, if you run your marketing campaigns on twitter, chances are that any link you share there will bring traffic.

9.   Schedule Your Posts 

According to Smart Insights, the best time to post on Instagram is around 3 pm on Wednesdays. For Facebook, it is from 11 am to 2 pm on Wednesdays. Sunday is concluded to be the worst day to post as the level of engagement that day is the least.  

You should carefully track analytics and insights from your social platforms and formulate posting schedules to get the kind of engagements you desire.

One more thing to consider is to post the same tweet after some interval. This strategy will help your post get visible to followers from different time zones. Tweeting a post multiple times is also an effective way to increase your blog traffic, which is one of the most crucial social media goals.

10.   Respond to Comments on Time

The audience that engages on a post expects a quick response from the brand itself. Responding quickly also increases the chances of further engagements according to most social platforms’ algorithms. You can refer to these social media engagement examples where brands responded to the comments in a friendly way and that too quite promptly.

social media engagement posts example.
social media engagement posts example.

11.    Post Testimonials About Your Service or Product

Want to know about the best promotional tool ever? It’s people who love your brand!

Post any user-generated content that mentions your brand. It has a significant impact on the minds of audiences, and they feel content buying from you.

12.    Launch Products in an Intriguing Manner

Whenever you launch a new product or service, creating hype and intrigue around it does wonder. You need to craft a promotional strategy that grips the audience so that they will engage more on these posts.

You can use a fun riddle or a poll before announcing a new product. Besides getting the audience excited for the upcoming launch, you will also get a fair idea of whether it will work with most of your customers or not. Recently, Kohl’s posted a poll whether the new poncho they are selling is yay or nay for the customers.

example poll launching new product for business.

Wrapping Up

Although there are lots of ways that you can include in your marketing plan, it is better to determine the what and why of your target audience before deciding on a strategy.

The strategies mentioned above work for most businesses, and you can increase the engagements on your brand’s social media to a great extent by using them. Remember, the more effort you put into crafting valuable content, the better it is for building your brand. 

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