Rockford IL Local Business Product Reviews: Advertise your Business [2024]

Rockford IL Local Business Product Reviews: Advertise your Business [2024]

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This is my Rockford, IL service page, where I am going to be featuring local businesses in the Rockford, IL area to feature and spotlight on my blog and YouTube channel. The packages I am offering to get you and your business more exposure are directly below for your convenience.

My Product Review Packages for my Blog + Youtube Channel

  • Basic Package: $500 for a product review that includes a 5-10 minute video on my Youtube channel and a 1k word blog post written by me that will be human written and not AI generated. This includes me sharing both on my social media accounts.
  • Premium Package: $1500 – $3000 for a more in-depth review that includes up to a 10-20minute video, and a 2,000 word product review that will be featured on my blog if your business or product is more detailed and you want the best of the best as I dive deeper into your product and business. This will also include sharing both on all my social media accounts.

P.S. All my video’s will be product demo’s where I will screenshot my computer screen and go over your product in an in-depth fashion covering it in detail.

Note: If you want me to review your actual business and you have pictures or photos that are personal and important to your business you can just send them to me and I will include them in your Youtube video review and your blog post review.

Details About My YouTube Channel and Blog

Details About My YouTube Channel and Blog
Rockford IL Local Business Product Reviews: Advertise your Business [2024] 1

My YouTube channel has 15k subscribers, and it is well-established. If you want to check it out, Click Here.

My blog: The one you are reading this one has a domain authority of 40 and it is well-established being around for almost 15 years.

As far a my social media accounts they are all pretty healthy and you can check them out above where all my social media links are at.

Contact Me: Rockford, IL Local Businesses To Discuss Further Details


Cell Phone: (608) 322-4081. Ask for Jay and leave a message. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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