Discover essential Internet marketing terminology and learn how to profit from the JVZoo Affiliate Network in our comprehensive guide, complete with a free 30-minute walkthrough video on getting started with JVZoo

What Is JVZoo? The Ultimate Guide On What Everything Means On JVZoo [NEW]

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If you are new affiliate marketer who is new to the JVZoo affiliate marketplace. Or even an intermediate affiliate marketer with a few sales under his or her belt, and you are thinking about signing up as a new affiliate to JVZoo’s affiliate marketplace, and you are not familiar with all the internet marketing lingo related to JVZoo.


If this is the case, then this will be a very good blog post on how to get started with the JVZoo affiliate marketplace and make some money. It will also teach what all the internet marketing lingo means on the JVZoo affiliate network.

You have to learn affiliate marketing before you can earn Grasshoppa 🙂

Let’s dive into the JVZoo marketplace and all the internet marketing lingo, shall we:)

What Is JVZoo? Your Question is answered!

What Is JVZoo? Your Question is answered!
What Is JVZoo? The Ultimate Guide On What Everything Means On JVZoo [NEW] 1

JVZoo is a significant player in digital marketing, offering a robust platform that adeptly bridges the gap between product creators and affiliate marketers.

This online marketplace is where ingenuity in digital products meets the strategic prowess of affiliate marketing, creating a synergy that drives online sales and revenue generation.

Let’s explore what makes JVZoo a great affiliate marketing network:

  1. Diverse Product Range: JVZoo houses an extensive array of digital products, spanning various niches from software and e-learning courses to health supplements. This diversity offers affiliate marketers a wide spectrum of products to choose from, aligning with different interests and market demands.
  2. Instant Commission Payouts: One of JVZoo’s most compelling features is the provision of instant commissions. The platform ensures that affiliates receive their earnings promptly, enhancing the overall appeal of the affiliate marketing experience.
  3. Affiliate-Friendly Environment: JVZoo is designed with the affiliate marketer in mind. It provides comprehensive tools and analytics, empowering affiliates with the data and resources needed to optimize their promotional strategies and maximize earnings.
  4. Accessibility for Beginners: The platform notably welcomes newcomers in the affiliate marketing space. Its user-friendly interface and supportive resources make it an ideal starting point for those aspiring to venture into digital marketing.
  5. Seamless Integrations: JVZoo integrates seamlessly with various essential services, including payment gateways and email marketing solutions. This integration facilitates a smoother operational flow for both product creators and affiliates.

In conclusion, JVZoo is more than just a marketplace; it’s a dynamic ecosystem that fosters the growth and success of both digital product creators and affiliate marketers. Its commitment to providing a comprehensive, user-friendly platform makes it a top choice for those looking to capitalize on the digital marketing wave, whether they are seasoned professionals or new entrants.

JVZoo Affiliate Network: ( My Personal Experience As A 15+ Year Veteran Affiliate ) What Is JVZOO? The Ultimate Guide To What Everything Means On JVZoo

JVZoo Affiliate Network: ( My Personal Experience As A 15+ Year Veteran Affiliate ) What Is JVZOO? The Ultimate Guide To What Everything Means On JVZoo
What Is JVZoo? The Ultimate Guide On What Everything Means On JVZoo [NEW] 2

What is JVZoo? The JVZoo marketplace is an affiliate platform that has been around for years. It pays its affiliate marketers who successfully refer sales to the platform instant commissions, which was very appealing for many years, and it is what won over and drove thousands and thousands of affiliates and vendors to the JVZoo marketplace years ago that contributed to the massive success that JVZoo is seeing now.

I have been an affiliate marketer for years, since 2007 to be exact. I remember another reason for JVZoo’s massive growth was Clickbank which is another huge affiliate network that offers 60-day refunds on its products, which a lot of affiliates did not like it, including me because in the internet marketing niche customers were abusing this policy and basically stealing the courses and ebooks that they bought.

Customers or shady affiliates would soak up the information that they bought access to and then ask for a refund nearing the 60-day refund period, which would void any affiliate commissions that the referring affiliate would have made.

You can see how this would piss off a lot of vendors, and affiliates alike, this all too lenient refund policy that Clickbank had in place.

Clickbank also started cracking down on internet marketing-related digital products, taking them off the market and making it harder and harder for vendors and affiliates to make money through their platform.

This also drove a lot of affiliate marketers to the JVZoo marketplace back in the day and contributed to all the success JVZoo has had throughout the years.

With JVZoo instant Paypal commissions, a friendly environment for the internet marketing niche, great affiliate tracking cookies in place, and a great support team in place, JVZoo grew year by year by leaps and bounds.

Growing into the powerhouse affiliate network and the #1 choice for many affiliates and product creators alike that it is today.

[ Side Note: JVZoo instant commissions have pretty much been banished due to Paypal. The alternative payment option is JVZoo Pay Which I Will Cover Below ]

Discover essential Internet marketing terminology and learn how to profit from the JVZoo Affiliate Network in our comprehensive guide, complete with a free 30-minute walkthrough video on getting started with JVZoo

Discover essential Internet marketing terminology and learn how to profit from the JVZoo Affiliate Network in our comprehensive guide, complete with a free 30-minute walkthrough video on getting started with JVZoo
What Is JVZoo? The Ultimate Guide On What Everything Means On JVZoo [NEW] 3

Like what is JVZoo product launched, sold, conversion, EPC, average price, conversion, refund rate, what JVZoo cookies are and how are they tracked, and one of the most important things to know like how to choose the perfect affiliate product to promote and make money with on JVZoo.

As well as a slew of other important terms that you should know if you want to get started trying to make some money with one of the most popular digital marketing platforms in the World JVZoo.

Note: You can find all these internet marketing terms listed below on the JVZoo approved products page. After you apply for a JVzoo product to promote, and you are approved, go to the approved products page and you will see these various internet marketing terms next to the products that you are approved to promote.

What is JVZoo? a great affiliate network with thousands of high quality products and services for affiliates to promote. See above for the full JVZoo definition:)

What Does JVZoo Product Launched Mean? This JVZoo term is pretty cut and dry it just tells you the exact day that a particular product was available for purchase on the JVZoo affiliate network that customers can buy and affiliates can promote.

What Does JVZoo Sold Mean? This internet marketing term is pretty basic it just means how many sales that particular product has had since it’s launch on the JVZoo affiliate network.

What Does JVZoo Conversion Mean? JVZoo conversion rate means how well that particular product or services sales page is converting clicks into customers. For example, An 8.5% conversion rate would mean 8.5 people out of 100 people that visit that sales page converts into paying customers. [ Which is very good b.t.w. ] The higher the conversion rate the better. But, keep in mind vendors that allow affiliates who send low-quality clicks to the products sales page could drive the conversion rate down so keep that in mind as well. Use the conversion rate as a general guide on how well a particular product’s sales page converts into sales from the clicks that are sent its way.

What Is JVZoo E.P.C. Or Earnings Per Click? EPC or earnings per click applies to all affiliate networks, not just JVZoo and it basically states how much money on average you will earn per click that you send to that product’s sales page. For Example: The E.P.C. conversion rate of $3.89 would mean if you are sending highly targeted buyer traffic to a sales page think Google AdWords or Bing ads PPC then you should be able to spend up to $3.89 per click and still return a profit. Obviously, if you are sending paid traffic to your affiliate products then the less you spend the better. Obviously the higher the dollar amount the better.

What Is The JVZoo Refund Rate? This is very important when you are searching for a quality affiliate product to promote. My JVZoo Affiliate Tip: Only promote affiliate products on the JVZoo marketplace with a refund rate of less than 10% or if possible buy the product first so you can vouch for the quality of the product that you are promoting if feasible. Obviously the lower the refund rate the better.

What Are JVZoo Cookies And How Do They Work? A cookie is an affiliate tracking device that is placed on a user’s computer to make sure you as the affiliate get credit for the clicks that you send to whatever product or service that you are promoting on the JVZoo affiliate network. Pretty damn important! The affiliate cookie is the tracking mechanism that puts money into the pockets of the referring affiliates, so the correct affiliate who made the referral gets the commission. JVZoo just updated their affiliate cookies and tracking system and made it even better with backup cookie-less tracking which is a big game-changer for affiliate marketers and will surely boost every affiliate’s commissions just by JVZoo adding cookie-less tracking to their platform. Here is JVZoo’s definition of cookieless tracking so you can see how it will benefit all affiliates in a very positive way who use their platform.

How Do I Get My JVZoo Affiliate Link For The Products That I Promote? Once you are logged into your JVZoo affiliate account and you find potential products that you want to promote, wait to get approved for that particular product, then click on the green get links tab [ once approved ] and your affiliate link will appear coded to you and ready to go. I highly suggest you cloak your affiliate links for maximum sales, especially in this day and age it is highly recommended by me as a long-time affiliate I personally never use raw affiliate links from JVZoo or anywhere else unless I absolutely have to. [ See my how to make money on JVZoo video below to see a demonstration on how to get and set up your affiliate links on JVZoo ].

What Does JVZoo Top Sellers Mean? The JVZoo top selling products are broken down into 3 main categories tops sellers today, top sellers the last 7 days, and top sellers the last 30 days. [ See Links Below For Example ] Affiliate Tip: I always look for the JVZoo top sellers for the past 30 days to find quality affiliate marketing products to promote on JVZoo because these are the hottest products on the JVZoo marketplace that are selling the best.

Example Below: JVZoo Top Sellers Past 30 Days On The JVZoo Affiliate Network As Of This Blog Posting Obviously It Changes Every 30 Days As Do The Daily And Weekly JVZoo Top Sellers List. [ Affiliate Details Link Is Clickable If You Want To See The JVZoo Top Selling Products The Last 30 Days For Yourself ]

#1 HomeZon Platinum Affiliate Details
#2 AdSightPro – Commercial Affiliate Details
#3 MaxFunnels Commercial Affiliate Details
#4 RANKSNAP 2.0 Deluxe Affiliate Details
#5 Skilexa Commercial Affiliate Details
#6 VideoFXPro | Hybrid Animation Creator Affiliate Details
#7 Social Video Adz Affiliate Details
#8 MailEngageX Elite with Commercial Rights Affiliate Details
#9 DFY Suite Agency+ Affiliate Details
#10 EverZippy Commercial Affiliate Details

What Is JVZoo Pay And How And When Will I Get Paid My Affiliate Commissions? JVZoo pay is a relatively new payment option that JVZoo released on its JVZoo affiliate network in the past year to give affiliates an alternate payment method that does not rely totally on Paypal due to the rampant random account closures that a lot of affiliates were getting for whatever reason by Paypal. [ This is another story altogether that I will not get into ] JVZoo pay has a few specifications that you have to meet to be eligible for payments as an affiliate that I go into great detail here where I talk about JVZoo Pay.

Basically, set up a Payoneer account which is very easy, and have $50 bucks inside your JVZoo account of sales that you have made and JVZoo will send your commissions directly to your Payoneer account on an automatic basis.

[ See My JVZoo Pay Link Above For Full Details ]

What A JVZoo Widget Is? A JVZOO widget is a customizable widget that shows all your approved JVZoo affiliate products that you have been approved to promote that you can place on your blog or website and earn affiliate commissions if any visitor to your blog clicks on any of the affiliate links inside your JVZoo widget and then purchases a product VIA your JVZoo affiliate link. A JVZoo widget is just another potential source of revenue that you can use on your blog to earn additional affiliate revenue.

[ See my JVZoo widget directly below this blog post ]

What Is The JVZoo Affiliate Dashboard For? JVZoos affiliate dashboard shows you any outstanding affiliate commissions that you are owed as well as all the clicks and sales that your affiliate links are generating. When you are logged into the JVZoo marketplace scroll to the link that says affiliate on the left-hand side next to overview inside the JVZoo marketplace. Then scroll to JVZoo affiliate dashboard the first link and click on it this will show any outstanding commissions owed you can change the date range as well as clicks, E.P.C., visitors, conversion rate, and last but not least how much you earned for each sale that your JVZoo affiliate link referred a sale.

What Is The JVZoo Launch List? JVZoo has an integrated system that shows you the soon to be released launches hitting the JVZoo affiliate network that you can plan to promote in the near future so you can get the jump on other affiliates before they can promote increasing your competition like perhaps setting up a blog post before the product is released or setting up an email sequence promoting the latest greatest launch that you found on JVZoo’s launch list.

What Is The JVZoo My Account Tab: After you sign up as an affiliate for JVZoo you can go to your JVZoo my account tab which is the 5th link over on the top of the site when you are logged into JVZoo. Inside your My Account tab it will show all your personal information that you used when signing up for your free JVZoo affiliate accounts like your name, address, payment method, affiliate id, sales notifications, w9 forms, and various other vital information related to your personal JVZoo affiliate account.

So, Now That I Have Covered Some Of The Basic Internet Marketing Terms Used Inside Your JVZoo affiliate Account It Is Time To Learn And See How I Make Money With JVZoo With My Free JVZoo Affiliate Bible For Newbies – How To Get Started Making Money On The JVZoo Marketplace. Enjoy The Video And Please Re-share This Blog Post If You Found It Helpful!

So, Now That You Learned Some Technical Internet Marketing Terms On The JVZoo Affiliate Marketplace I Am Going To Show You How To Get Started And Make Money With JVZoo On The Video Below. This Is A Very Thorough Video On JVZoo That I Could Have Charged For So Take Notes And Enjoy The JVZoo Tutorial Below That Is Almost 30 Minutes Long.

Visit JVZoo’s Official Site And Sign Up As A JVZoo Affiliate Here

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