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What is Klippyo?

News: Klippyo was Released may29th 2019 to the general public and will be an evergreen product but the price will go up after launch week so act fast.

Klippyo Affiliate + JV Info

Klippyo Links to the sales page + links to the Klippyo jv affiliate center are directly below for your convenience.

What Is Klippyo?

Klippyo Creates hollywood style square video’s. captioned video’s, meme video’s, compilation video’s, and everything in between all from one single cool app.

Klippyo let’s you create video’s right from your mobile phone. These are not just any run of the mill videos either these are video’s that will make Stephen Spielberg proud because they are blockbuster movie based quality.

{ See the first link below to learn more about Klippyo and what it can do for you )

Klippyo is and is the JVZoo #1 top seller for the past 30 days in just a few days after it’s release.

Klippyo is new, Klippyo is exciting, and Klippyo makes creating breathtaking video’s fun and very convenient.

Klippyo Funnel For Affiliates + JVS

There are 2 upsells in the Klippyo funnel and they are completely optional but will take your investment to the next level if you do decide to purchase the Klippyo upsells.

Upsell 1: This is a monthly service at $47 a month called Klippyo studio.

Upsell 2: The Klippyo masterclass that will teach you how to be basically a sensei with video and getting the absolute most out of the videos that you create using the Klippyo video creator software as well as other topics covered.

Klippyo jvs and affiliate earn 50% commissions on every successful sale that you refer through your Klippyo affiliate link.

Link 1: is the Klippyo salespage to learn more about the product

Link 2: Is direct access to the Klippyo jv affiliate resource center.

This product is selling like hotcakes jvs.

Klippyo JV Affiliate Details Page:


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