Optimizing AI-Generated Content for Undetectability: A Comprehensive Guide [2024]

Optimizing AI-Generated Content for Undetectability: A Comprehensive Guide [2024]

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Hi, everyone, and welcome to my video. In this video, I’m going to show you how a new AI detection tool and AI rewriting tool that humanizes AI content so it can pass AI detection with flying colors.

This product was just released in the marketplace within the last week or so.

🎁 Resources As Seen In Video: 👉 https://jaysonlinereviews.com/go/undetectable-ai/

📄 https://jaysonlinereviews.com/originality-ai-review/

📄 https://jaysonlinereviews.com/winston-ai-detector-review/

Optimizing AI-Generated Content for Undetectability: A Comprehensive Guide [2024]

Read My Full Video Transcript Below and See My Resources Above For More Details

New Tool on the Market: This Undetectable AI human rewrite tool was just released in the last week or two; it’s very new to the marketplace. I was made aware of it within the last week, and I decided to make a video about it because I actually bought it.

The Tool’s Functionality And I’m going to use it on one of my blogs. What it does is it takes content that you created from Chat GPT, any AI tool, or Jasper, or whatever AI tool you may be using.

Making AI Content Undetectable And it makes it undetectable to all the content detectors that are out there. So, it’s super useful. So if you’re blogging and using a lot of AI in your business, this tool is going to be invaluable to you.

Useful for Various Professions If you’re an affiliate marketer, the same goes for you. Or if you run a digital marketing agency, whatever it may be. If you create content at scale or use AI in your content creation, this tool will make your life a lot easier.

Demonstrating the Tool’s Usage And it’s going to, I’m going to show you how I’m using it. I’m going to take, I’m going to run a scan through Originality AI. That’s one of the most popular AI content detector tools out there.

AI Detection Test And show you, you know, what it comes up with, if it passes AI detection, and all that good stuff. And I’m also going to let you know where you can get your hands on this if you want to try it out for yourself.

I am using Chat GPT. I am, I upgraded my, so I pay the $20 a month. I got access to GPT-4.

Access to AI Tools And if you’re watching this video, you probably will have access to that if you use Chat GPT a lot. If you don’t, it’s not a big deal. And I also use AI PRM Premium.

Benefits of AI PRM Premium And I got all these cool prompts, it helps me out a lot. I have favorites: AI PRM here, public, and my own. And these are all awesome prompts, epic inclusions for an article.

Creating Content with AI Tools And you got best meta description, you can kind of read it from the screen there. And my favorites here. So, I got all kinds of cool prompts to make my life a little easier when creating blog content, etc.

Using the New Tool So let me go back here, and we’re going to dive into this. And I’m going to show you how this tool works. And this is the tool right here.

Preparing the Blog Post And we’ll be back here in one second. I will show you how this works, how it will help your business, and all that cool stuff. So let me go back here, and let’s get started on this article.

Creating the Blog Post Title So I just made up a fitting title for this blog post that I’m going to create using Chat GPT. And it’s called, “How to Create Undetectable AI Content”.

Utilizing AI PRM Premium Fits the video, and I’m using it; like I said, I got ARP on premium. I think I pay 20 bucks a month for that as well. And it gives me different tones, writing styles.

Choosing the Writing Style And I get all these prompts and all the other cool features. But I put it in, I seem to get the best content when I use the humorous tone and the creative writing style.

Creating Content with Chat GPT That’s just me. But there’s a ton of them, as you can see. So you can put whatever you want if you do use this tool. But this is what I personally use, and a lot of mine is humorous and creative.

Beginning the Content Creation Process So, “How to Create Undetectable AI Content”, let’s dive in here. And we’re going to put um, we’ll just put the 1500w article.

Instructions for Using Chat GPT And if you don’t have access to this, a lot of you are not going to have access to this. Just put, “How to Create Undetectable AI Content”, whatever you’re writing about. Whatever your blog post title is, whatever you want Chat GPT to answer, just put it in there.

Continuing the Creation Process And it’ll give you the answer you’re looking for. Then, we’re going to go over to this tool. And go from there. But you can see how, with this outline, it’s pretty professional.

Creating the Outline It’s a cool prompt. It’s putting the headings in bold. I got the outline here. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to let this run for a minute.

Testing the AI Content, We’re going to run it through Undetectable AI. And we’re going to see if it detects it as AI-written content. And then we’re going to go from there.

Making Content Human-Like, We’re going to make it human, human-written content. We’re going to go over to Originality AI. And that’s going to double-check it, make sure it’s good to go.

Stopping for a Test So we’re going to stop it right there because I’m just doing this for a test. Right here. So we’re going to use about, I don’t know, it’s about 300-400 words here.

Copying the Content: We’re going to copy that. And then we’re going to go over to this tool here, like I said, Undetectable. AI.

Using Undetectable AI: Yeah, all you do is type it in here. And you have different readability levels. And the purpose for it, I’ll go through that real quick here.

Choosing Readability and Purpose You have high school, university, doctorate, journalist, marketing, general writing, essay, article, marketing material, story, cover letter, report, business material, and legal material.

Optimizing AI-Generated Content for Undetectability: A Comprehensive Guide [2024]
Optimizing AI-Generated Content for Undetectability: A Comprehensive Guide [2024] 1

Simplifying the Process So what I’m going to leave it on, make it simple, is we’re going to leave it at a high school reading level. That way everybody can understand it and don’t get too complicated.

General Writing and Pasting the Text And general writing. And we’re going to paste the text we just got from Chat GPT in here. Now we’re going to click check for AI.

Checking for AI Checking for AI, says your content is detected as written by AI. Which it was, you just see me use Chat GPT for Sure, continuing from where we left off:

Results from AI Checking it. It’s through Chat GPT, zero checkmark, all these Open AI writer cross, plag, copy leaks, sapling content, and scale, zero GPT. They all detected it as AI.

Humanizing AI Content So what we’re going to do now is, I already have an account here. I already paid for a yearly account because I’m going to be using this in my business.

Trying the Tool And if you want to check this out for yourself, I think you get a couple hundred words free. I’ll leave a link directly below in the video description box. Just click on that, come on over here, and you can check it out for yourself.

Using the Humanize Feature Let’s go here to humanize. We’re going to click that humanize button. And it’s going to go, it’s got 272 words, it’s humanizing this text for us.

The Magic of Humanizing So we’re going to give it a second here, let it work its magic. Now we’re going to head on over to Originality AI and see what it comes up with. See if it detects it as AI.

Waiting for the Result And here we go, 40 seconds, should be done anytime now. It does take a little while to come up. Basically, what it estimates at, it’s usually what it takes about.

Introduction to Originality AI So we’re just going to wait here for one second. And this is the originality I’m talking about. I don’t know if you guys have heard of it, but it’s one of the best content detectors on the market.

Accuracy of Originality AI A lot of pros use this to detect if content was written by AI. And it’s probably one of the most accurate, if not the most accurate, and hardest to pass AI content detector on the market.

Going Back to the Process So that’s what we’re going to be running this through. And I do have an account here, the balance is getting a little low, but I got enough for a while, and I have to refill it again.

Returning to Results Uh, we’re going to head back here again. And there’s our um, result. Original submissions below, that’s what I, that was detected as AI.

Analyzing the Humanized Content And this is what they came up with. We’re going to copy that. I’m going to stop this for one second. I got to copy it already.

Observation on Output Quality It does come up a little Blacky, so you could, you can make the sentences, and it’ll come up a little better. This one’s coming up a little Blacky, but it’s real easy to change up.

Easy Editing Tips You know, just add the sentences in there, they come in perfect sentences and all that stuff. It just got, you got to separate it. If you got something like Grammarly, that’s perfect for it.

Recommendation for Grammarly Uh, but it’s not a big deal. But that’s something you got to be aware of. So, I’d maybe make the sentences before you submit it, and it’ll come out a little better.

Content Readability But it’s not a big deal to me. Just something you need to be made aware of. And we’re going to, we’re going to read this real quick, see what the content it produces comes out as, how readable it is.

Impressed with the Quality And I was real impressed with that’s why I bought a subscription. But I’m going to read it to you, and then you be the judge of that.

Reading the AI Content “Ever heard of undetectable AI content? It’s a game-changing development where artificial intelligence creates texts so realistic, they could fool even seasoned readers into thinking they’re human-written.”

Describing the Technology “From short stories to epic sagas, the possibilities of this technology are endless. Creating human-like text with advanced tools. We’re not just talking about spell checker or autocorrect features here.”

The AI’s Learning Process “These are complex artificial intelligent programs like Open AI GPT-4 engine. These programs use machine learning to study billions upon billions of data points and pick up on subtle language patterns used by humans when writing.”

Assuring Content Quality “So, you can tell this is written very well. So, quality is not going to be an issue with this. Pretty awesome.”

Using Originality AI for Verification We’re going to go back over it, and now the main part is we want to make sure it passes AI because if you’re going to AI detection tools, you know these tools have the capability to detect it.

Google’s AI Content Policy You know what Google does, they have said that AI, as of now, is fine, but that may change in the future. I’m sure it will. As to how much AI is fine, that’s who knows.

Speculating on Future AI Use You could be six months down the line, they could say, “Oh, 50% AI, 50% human is fine, we’re going to rank you.” Or they could say, “30% human, 70% AI is fine, we’ll rank you, as long as the content’s good in the search engines, etc.”

Continued: Optimizing AI-Generated Content for Undetectability: A Comprehensive Guide [2024]

Optimizing AI-Generated Content for Undetectability: A Comprehensive Guide [2024]
Optimizing AI-Generated Content for Undetectability: A Comprehensive Guide [2024] 2

Covering All Bases So you don’t know what they’re going to do. So it’s better to cover as many bases as possible. So that’s what this tool is going to do for you, is cover a little bit more bases, make sure your content’s more human-readable, and passes detection.

Next Steps Let’s head over to Originality AI. We’re going to paste that in here and we’re going to click scan. Now we’ll check for plagiarism too.

Waiting for the Final Results And we’ll let it load here and see what it comes up with. And there you go, 100% original of 200 words. This is a short article.

Effective Results with the Tool I’ve used it about five times now with actually full articles, and it’s come out really, like 100%, almost 100% every single time. So, it’s awesome.

Observing Industry Dynamics They’re going to be keep updating their technology, I’m sure, as Originality AI. It’s funny to watch these companies go after each other. They’re trying to detect it, whereas this company’s, you know, putting out content that is undetectable.

Watching the Industry Evolve So these two will probably be going back and forth as time goes on. You can watch how that plays out. But as of right now, these guys are getting past Originality AI detectors.

Using Content at Scale AI Detector And we’re going to also, I’m going to do one more thing. I’m going to go to Content at Scale AI detector. Let’s see here. And I’m going to run it through here.

Final Test with Content at Scale Run it through there real quick, just so you get two different data points.

Conducting a Second Test to see how good it is. See if it passes both of these. This is another one I use quite a bit. This is a free one, and it’s a little easier to pass than Originality AI for sure.

Waiting for Results from Content at Scale Let’s see what it comes up with here. 100%, there you go. So you got a 100% highly likely to be human on Content at Scale’s AI detector and 100% on Originality AI’s content detector.

Success in AI Detection Tests This is a hard one to get past. This is like the digital police of detecting AI content. They’ve got a good system here, so when you get scores like that, you know your content’s good.

Implications for Large Scale Blogging So if you’re doing like blogging at scale, you’re trying to use AI to try to push out more blog posts and all that, you know, trying to create a lot of content, and you’re using a lot of AI, this is a good tool to have in your back pocket.

Affordability and Efficiency And it’s very cheap too, which I really like. That’s why, well, I would have bought it regardless, but because of what it does.

Exploring the Pricing Options Let me take you through the pricing real quick. They had a really good deal going on, and it still is going on. And like I said, the link’s below, and it’s a fantastic deal. It’s super cheap.

Monthly and Yearly Plans They’ve got the monthly deal. I wouldn’t even bother with that unless you just want to try it out. Like, get 10,000 words, you could try it out, that’s fine. I bought the yearly, but they got 10,000 words for only 60 bucks.

Attractive Pricing for Content Creators And you get six months free here, so you’re getting 10,000 words per month for the whole year for only 60 bucks. That’s a steal. And if you’re doing more, I think I got around the 50,000.

Choosing the Right Plan I got it right around here, I believe, yeah, right around here. And that is 255, so you’re getting 50,000 words a month to run through this tool and create human content for 255 bucks.

Yearly Coverage and Value That’s for the whole year, and you’re getting six months free. And you can lock yourself in here if you plan to use it for a long period of time, with your blog or creating content at scale.

High Recommendation for the Tool But, awesome tool, like I said, I’m glad I bought it, and they’re just, this is their launch, so I’m sure the prices are going to go up. So take advantage of them while they’re dirt cheap right now.

Incorporating Undetectable AI into Business And incorporate undetectable.ai into your business and scale that content, make more money, and stay undetectable to all these AI content detectors out there. They’re trying to catch people that are creating content with AI.

Concluding the Video Thanks for watching the video. I hope it was helpful to you. And like I said, if you want to grab it, click that link below in the video description box.

Call to Action for Viewers Hit the like button on this video. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out the next video inside this video.

Final Thanks and Farewell And like I said, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye-bye.

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