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In this blog post I am going to be doing a very quick review of a WordPress theme that I like very much called jnews that I purchased through the envato marketplace [ thrive themes ] BTW There are no affiliate links inside this blog post i just like the jnews wordpress theme a lot so I decided to do a quick review to tell you a little bit about all the features this theme has and why I consider it the perfect WordPress theme especially for internet marketers, or people running a news or magazine style site.

Do you like the look of my site that you are reading this review on?

Well, cool I do as well it is the jnews theme and I have bought it 2 different times one copy for this site and one copy for my new site

The jnews theme is a newspaper and magazine style WordPress theme but you do not have to use it as such because it is highly customizable to give your blog the look you desire.

The jnews theme is highly customizable as I will point out some of the many features in this jnews wordpress theme review.

Before I decided to take the plunge and buy the jnews theme I was deciding between 2 other WordPress themes from this list of the 10 best newspaper magazine style WordPress themes in 2019 I chose between the newspaper theme, mh magazine theme, and finally deciding on the jnews wordpress theme do to a few more options that I absolutely loved.

Here is a screenshot of proof of purchase inside my members area.

Review JNews Wordpress Newspaper Magazine Blog Theme newspaper themes

So, now that you know how i personally feel about the jnews magazine newspaper WordPress theme here are some key features that this very versatile theme offers and you can see why I bought this theme twice.

  1. 40+ ready to use demos all in different niches that you can install with just 1 click and customize from there.
  2. Gutenberg editor ready
  3. 2 of the best front end editors on the market wp bakery and Elementor to choose from so you can customize away.
  4. customize fonts, headers, layouts, and much more.
  5. front end post submit [ This feature is awesome and you can even enable paid front end submit once your blog reaches a certain level and people are willing to pay to submit there blog posts ]
  6. [ Monetization ] built in monetization for adsense, amazon, or your favorite affiliate products that you want to promote. There are countless areas for monetization on this theme which was another main reason I bought it.
  7. Seo and speed friendly theme up to current code standards so your blog will not only be fast but Google will love it as well so you rank a bit better in the search engines.
  8. auto scroll option where every blog post just loads as your user scrolls many big sites have implemented this feature.
  9. Push notifications enabled which I will be personally activating shortly after this review:)
  10. Floating video on page scroll feature, custom width,language switcher, weather feature, social sharing, the list goes on and on with jnews.

This is only about half of the features of the jnews theme that I covered because I do not want this review to get too long. Check it out for yourself below if interested and see why I bought it twice, and why I give this WordPress theme a perfect 5 stars.

How to buy the Jnews WordPress theme

  1. Buy Jnews from the envato themeforest marketplace here
  2. Buy Jnews from the jnews official site here.

Have you bought the jnews wordpress magazine newspaper style theme? If so what are your thoughts? Do you like it?

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