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What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank? Maximizing Clickbank Profits [2024]

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Does ClickBank Gravity Score Really Matter? What is a good gravity score on Clickbank? What does the Clickbank gravity score mean? Find out the answers to these questions in this informative blog post that helps you discover Clickbank’s success.

There’s no debate about it ClickBank is one of the heavyweight affiliate marketing networks out there, with over 10,000 digital and physical products and services literally at your fingertips to promote and make money with.

The Clickbank marketplace is a popular choice for many.


It’s free and easy to join. It has thousands of product listings in every conceivable niche.

The Clickbank platform has a high commission rate of 70%+ for most products that can pay you hundreds and even thousands in potential affiliate commissions per sale.

But there’s one divisive issue on the Clickbank network.

The Clickbank gravity score.

Some experienced affiliates swear by it. They say would-be sellers should only promote products with a minimum Clickbank gravity of 100. Other veteran affiliates tell you to forget gravity and focus on product quality.

Whose advice should you take?

In this post, I will explore all you need to know about Clickbank gravity scores as you sell on ClickBank.

What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank? What Does Gravity Mean In Clickbank?

What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank.
What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank? Maximizing Clickbank Profits [2024] 1

Clickbank gravity measures how many affiliates earned a commission by promoting a particular product over the past 12 weeks.

The higher the gravity, the higher the conversion rate.

On paper, at least 🙂

Remember this.

Clickbank gravity is not an indicator of how many sales a product makes but how many affiliates sell the product.

Is the Clickbank gravity score helpful?

You bet it is.

What does gravity mean in on Clickbank marketplace? Find out here
Clickbank gravity? What does gravity mean on Clickbank? Q+A

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Clickbank Gravity

Clickbank gravity is an important metric because it:

  1. Shows you what’s selling now

How can you be sure a product will sell? Well, it’s easy. Just check if it has been bought lately. Gravity shows you possible hot sellers inside the Clickbank marketplace.

  1. Shores up your confidence

If you are a beginner, you are tentative about which product to promote. A high gravity score assures you the product has potential. You can market it with greater confidence.

  1. Saves you a lot of time

Finding a stellar Clickbank product can be a huge time suck. You must wade through thousands of junk products for hours on end to find the winners.

Clickbank Gravity points you straight to products with potential to make you a lot of money because they sell so well.

But there are some caveats to answering your question. What is a good gravity score on Clickbank?

4 Clickbank Gravity Myths That Trigger A Cycle Of Frustration

4 Clickbank gravity myths.
What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank? Maximizing Clickbank Profits [2024] 2

If you think gravity is the opium of making money on ClickBank, think again. There are a lot of misconceptions about gravity doing rounds in forums and social media.

Here are the top 3.

Myth #1. Higher Clickbank gravity equals higher sales

While gravity tells you what’s selling.


Products don’t sell themselves.

Great products don’t guarantee sales. If you are a lousy marketer, you won’t get any sales even with a quality program in your hands.

Marketing is up to you.

As with anything in life worthwhile, the more you learn, the more you earn!

Myth #2: Higher Clickbank gravity means there’s fierce competition

Competition doesn’t apply if you have an audience that trusts you.

As you know, people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

You can enjoy bumper business with an audience that trusts you while other affiliates scramble for sales.

Myth #3. High Clickbank gravity equals high quality


There are plenty of high-gravity programs that are trash. They’re just hyped up.

Even if a product has a high gravity, still do your homework. Thoroughly vet it.

Myth #4: Low Clickbank gravity equals low quality

Most people assume that low-gravity products are poor.

Not at all.

Maybe it’s a great program, but it’s still new.

Perhaps people ignore it because of a low gravity score. So they miss its brilliance.

Bottom line: myriad epic products with low Clickbank gravity exist.

The Multi-faceted Components Of Closing A Sale

What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank? Maximizing Clickbank Profits [2024] Clickbank
What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank? Maximizing Clickbank Profits [2024] 3

Clickbank Gravity doesn’t tell you the whole story.

That’s why fixating on it is unwise.

So much goes into clinching a sale.

  • An audience with a problem whose solution they will to pay for.
  • A product of high quality whose features and benefits match the audience’s needs. Clickbank gravity comes in here.
  • A gamut of highly persuasive copy. Copy that shows the prospects the seriousness of their pain and amps up their desire for the solution by showing the product in the best light possible.
  • All-round intimate knowledge of the product so you market it convincingly.
  • A seller or referrer whose word they trust.

As you can see, Clickbank gravity is only a piece of the sales puzzle, not the whole.

Clickbank Gravity Debate: The Big Point Everyone Misses

Obsession with gravity is a grave mistake.

Here’s the biggie everyone misses in the Clickbank gravity debate.

You put the cart before the horse by being carried away by the gravity craze.

You focus on the product, not your audience.

Here’s the thing.

No matter how brilliant a product is- if it doesn’t meet the needs of your audience, they won’t buy it.

End of story.

To make sales give them products that scratch their itch. You can only do that if you know and understand them deeply.

The big question you should ask yourself when searching for products is:

Can this product help my audience?

That’s the core.

Whether the product has a gravity score of 0, 5, or 500, it doesn’t matter.

Just be sure it serves your potential clients.

Then you are in business.

How To Approach The ClickBank Gravity Score Like A Super Affiliate

Clickbank gravity scores what to look for?
What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank? Maximizing Clickbank Profits [2024] 4

Clickbank Gravity points you to a product with potential.

According to other people.

But why depend on hearsay?

Yes, you can check gravity. But don’t stop there. Check out the product itself. Then you’ll be double sure about the product’s value for your buyers-to-be.

Two ways to do that.

  1. Ask the product vendor for a review sample product. More often than not, they’ll say yes if the product owner says no, move on to the next step.
  2. Buy the product. Yes, it’s an extreme sacrificial move, but it’s the right thing to do. It’s the only way to know you are marketing a quality product. Plus, you protect your audience from being exposed to crappy Clickbank products.

Nothing beats personal experience with the product itself.

If you don’t have personal experience with the product, there isn’t much you can say besides what’s on the product sales page.

Intimate personal knowledge of a product gives your copy the extra cutting edge. It adds originality and flavor you can’t get anywhere else.

Your marketing resonates.

Your sales skyrocket.

Go Beyond Clickbank Gravity To Unearth Great Products

Clickbank Gravity is the beginning of a product search, not the end.

While it can point you to would-be profitable products, it’s not foolproof. Solely depending on it is a big mistake.

Ultimately, know the products your customers need. Search for those products and offer them to your audience, whether they have a high or low Clickbank gravity.

Only then will you hear the cash register ring.

P.S Check out this detailed ClickBank review to learn more about the network.

What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank? In-Depth Answer Based On My 15 Years of Affiliate Marketing Experience

What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank.
What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank? Maximizing Clickbank Profits [2024] 5

The higher the Clickbank gravity score, the more affiliates have successfully referred a sale to that particular vendor’s products.

That said, anything over a 50 Clickbank gravity score is considered a high Clickbank gravity score, in my opinion, and those products should sell well.

This does not mean that lower Clickbank gravity scores under 50 would not convert and sell just as well.

Fewer affiliates promote those products, which could open up some golden doors for you.

Look for Clickbank gravity scores under 50 to lessen the competition between you and the hordes of other hungry affiliates out there and create blog posts based around those products.

Examples are product reviews or verse-type blog posts based around those Clickbank products that you can rank for where there is minimal competition in the SERPS.

So, do your keyword research!

Higher Clickbank gravity products are better to promote to a list of email subscribers if you have an email list based around a certain niche.

On the other hand.

Lower Clickbank gravity products that have lower gravity but are still selling are better to go after through content marketing strategies like blogging. Etc.

Why? Because you have a better chance of ranking on Google with less competition from other affiliates who are all promoting the same high-gravity Clickbank products.

What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank? Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Clickbank Gravity In This Video Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

The Guy Who Taught You What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank and His Author Bio:

What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank? Maximizing Clickbank Profits [2024] Clickbank
What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank? Maximizing Clickbank Profits [2024] 6

According to his cheeky wife, Qhubekani Nyathi aka The Click Guy is an irresistibly handsome guy. He’s an offbeat long-form content writer who helps SMBs grow their income through zingy content that ranks, drives leads, and builds authority. He contributes to prestigious blogs like Search Engine Watch, Crazy Egg, Smart Blogger, Business 2 Community, Clickz, Gets Response, and The Drum.

*He also hopes you enjoyed his in-depth answer and learned all about what is a good gravity score on Clickbank inside this in-depth question-and-answer post.

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