The High Ticket Affiliate Program In The Home Business Category That Pays A Whopping $800 Up To $1200 Commissions For A Single Sale

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Quote: Jay Orban The 100k Apprentice Is The High Ticket Evergreen Affiliate System That Pays Big, Always Pays On Time, And The Product Itself Is Absolutely Awesome:) If You Are On The Fence About Being A J.V. Partner, Or Buying This Product Don’t Be! It Is A Smart Investment In Yourself Either Way That You Go.

The High Ticket Affiliate Program In The Home Business Category That Pays A Whopping $800 Up To $1200 Commissions For A Single Sale 100 k apprentice review

100k Apprentice JV Page Link: Click Here To Earn $800 commissions promoting a product that pays big and you can be proud to promote to your customers.

Link To 100k Apprentice Free Training Webinar: Click Here To Access

Product Creators Of The 100k Apprentice: Richard Legg @ Nathan Mackenzie Brown

Total Sales 100k Apprentice To Date: $1.2 million so far

EPC: Earning per click are between the $4-$6 dollar range.

Refunds: Under 5% this is unheard of for a product at this price point.

Affiliate Payouts: $800 up to $1,200 per sale for the 10 membership site package and $400 for the starter membership package not including the other hands free upsells that you will get paid on in the sales funnel itself.

Is The 100k Apprentice Done For You Membership Sites And Sales Funnel Any Good? This is an extremely high quality product that is well worth the investment because everything is done for you the main part that is going to make you money is the high converting sales funnel that you will be sending your customers through. Membership sites, sales funnel, and everything you need to make a lot of money online is included with your purchase…. Your main job would be to collect leads that then go through the automatic sales funnel geared to make you a lot of affiliate commissions. For example: The earnings per click on the funnel is anywhere between $4-$6 per click based on thousands and thousands of clicks that Richard and Nathan have personally sent through the funnel. If you get 100 email optins to go through your done for you funnels on average they have made between $400-$600 dollars make sense? This is based on their testing of the product.

What is 100k apprentice: The 100k apprentice training webinar is an in depth training webinar that shows you some secret tips and tricks that Richard Legg uses to make hundreds daily by simply giving away free stuff to people. The webinar has some very good information inside it and the best part is it is free:) At the end of the webinar viewers will be offered a done for you service of 10 membership sites each site is based around the online marketing/online business/business success niches. Customers get 10 complete sites all networked together and automatically cross-promoted.Your customers will be able to build their very own targeted list of subscribers, and generate sales with 10 proven sales funnels, complete with pdf reports, audio and video training, as well product reviews and ongoing promotions.

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