Aweber Review – Should I Buy Aweber Autoresponder?

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Aweber Review - Should I Buy Aweber Autoresponder? Aweber Review - Should You Buy Aweber Autoresponder?Aweber Review – Should You Buy Aweber Autoresponder?

First off I am gonna start off by saying I should of started my own Email list a long time ago. I kept putting it off, and putting it off some more till I finally took the plunge and joined the Cadillac of all autoresponders Aweber. At least that is what I read on numerous occasions from a lot of top Internet marketers. I also read a lot of positive reviews on Aweber just by Googling Aweber reviews. So I decided to take the plunge about 8 months ago. Here is what I found out about Aweber keep reading.

Aweber was only a $1.00 to try out for my first months service this was a win win situation. After 8 months using Aweber and their autoresponder service, I can say without hesitation that this was the single best investment I have ever made for my online business. And I am gonna tell you why?

Aweber has the best delivery rate of any other autoresponder online, or in the World. This means the main majority of the emails you send out to your opt-in subscribers get read. This means more online earnings in your pocket at the end of the day.

The money is in the list the Internet guru’s say? Is this a true statement? I can personally verify this is the truest statement their is out there bar none. If you capture your blogs visitors by giving away a nice freebie package, then you can sell products to them later that will help them personally, and earn you a nice commission in the process.

Let me break it down to you this way. Let me say for arguments sake you built up a huge list of 25,000 people on your blog. It took you 2 years to do this but your list is huge. Check this out pay close attention. You are promoting  a top affiliate product that was just released and your commission will be $40 from a $55 dollar purchase. You still with me? You send out a broadcast through your Aweber autoresponder account recommending this product through your affiliate link to your 25,000 double opt-in subscribers.

Remember you are gonna be receiving a $40 dollar commission for every sale that you generate. This product is converting at lets say 2%. What does that mean? If an affiliate product is converting at 2% it means 2 people out of every 100 clicks should pull out their wallets, or purses, and buy this particular product.

Now let us do the math on the money you would earn. Remember I said you would earn a $40 commission for every 1 sale. 2 sales per 100 subscribers. So you are potentially gonna make $80 bucks per 100 clicks. Now keep in mind just because you have 25,000 subscribers not every one of them will open each and every Aweber broadcast. My open rate is about 30% of my total subscribers click on my links on each and every broadcast.

More math 30% of 25,000 is what? I am not gonna get scientific but it is roughly 8,000 people on your list will be interested enough in your offer to open your Aweber email and click on your offer. Remember I said earlier by averages you will make $80 dollars per 100 clicks? That is $800 per 1000 clicks. But you had 8,000 clicks. You just made $6400 dollars for one simple Email that took you about 10-15 minutes to put together, and send out to your list. Now do you see the power of Aweber? And why Aweber is the single best investment you can make online to earn a lot of money with your business?

Am I happy with Aweber? Very much so I have earned so much more money on a monthly basis just through my list then what I pay them. Single most profitable investment I have made for my online affiliate marketing business by far!

So if you are thinking about running a profitable home based business but are 2 cheap to invest in your single most important asset an Aweber autoresponder account. Then fine! That is more signups on my forms, and more money in my pockets. Sorry about sounding a little rude but I want to sink it into every new Internet marketers head. How important, and lucrative, starting your own Email list  really is.

So if your serious about increasing your online income, starting a real Home Based Business, and building a foundation for future success I can get you started for a $1.00 through this Aweber Link Here!

Remember: Do not make the same mistake I made! The longer you wait the more money you will be losing. Get started a.s.a.p!

To Your Online Success And Your New Aweber List, Jay!

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