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Top Affiliate Programs For The Healthcare Industry

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Top Affiliate Programs for the Healthcare Industry
Top Medical Affiliate Programs In The Healthcare Industry For Affiliates To Promote.

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What are the top medical affiliate programs in the Healthcare industry for affiliates to promote? Find out in my in-depth guide!

The healthcare industry offers huge opportunities for affiliate marketing, both in Europe and the United States. Online sales of health products have seen massive increases in recent years. Consumers like the fact they can compare products and prices online before making a purchase. When it comes to health and well-being, there will always be a demand for high-quality products.

So, what are the top affiliate programs the healthcare industry has to offer? Here is a complete list and helpful resource for you medical and healthcare enthusiasts out there who are looking for quality affiliate programs to promote in this niche.

Medical affiliate programs worth considering include the following:

List Of The Top Medical Affiliate Programs For Healthcare Affiliates

Medsitis Medical Supplies
Cookie Validity: Thirty Days

This is a company in the eCommerce sector that has been operating for more than two decades. Based on the medical supplies industry, the company has made a name for itself for its ability to provide a broad range of medical supplies to both businesses and ordinary consumers. All products are competitively priced and are delivered within no time.

The order value of products supplied by this company range from $125 to $200. Its affiliate program is managed by Refersion. The good thing about this particular program is that affiliates get to make a choice. Each affiliate gets to choose between promoting select products or promoting all available products.

For those that opt to promote select products, the company helps them by creating specific product pages for the campaign they need to run. Above-average retail prices are provided to assist affiliates to earn better commissions.

Why Consider the Medsitis Medical Supplies Affiliate Program? Customer product pages, competitive product pricing, and more than two decades’ worth of experience. The company provides a competitive price structure that is further boosted by low minimum orders for free shipping. This is meant to encourage more sales.

This is why Medsitis takes my number #1 choice for the top medical supply affiliate program spot.

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AvaCare Medical
Cookie Validity: Forty-five days

AvaCare medical is a leading supplier of medical equipment and supplies to online retailers based in the United States. Affiliates working with this company can expect a price match guarantee and competitive pricing on its large selection of medical products. Clients can expect to encounter a quick checkout process, assistance from customer service personnel, and buying guides to help them get started.

This particular company works with Commission Junction to make it easier for them to operate their medical affiliate program. Customers targeted include family caregivers, medical professionals, seniors, and medical facilities. All affiliates in their program can expect to receive a broad selection of reporting tools and marketing materials.

Why Join the AvaCare Medical Affiliate Program? High conversion rates, price match guarantee, and competitive pricing. It has one of the most user-friendly websites on this list which assists in increasing conversion rates. This, in turn, translates to more sales for its affiliates.

Bay Alarm Medical
Cookie Validity: One hundred and twenty days

This is currently the highest-rated medical alert system in use in the United States. What a user needs to do is to press a button and they will immediately get connected to its highly trained operators. All operators are available around the clock and will immediately contact 911 emergency services, friends, and family members.

The service has been operating since 2012 and has received glowing reviews from respected publications such as TopTen and Huffington Post. Its affiliate program is run through the use of AvantLink. Affiliates who choose to join their program get access to well-crafted marketing materials that can resonate with any audience.

Management of this medical affiliate program falls under the hands of PS Web Solutions. This particular program is more than happy to assist new affiliates to optimize their campaigns as well as set them up in a professional manner.

Why Promote the Bay Alarm Medical Affiliate Program? Great flat commission fee, good conversion rates, and it is the number 1 rated medical alert system in the US. An affiliate gets to earn sixty-five dollars every time a visitor to their website opts to sign up for a plan that has got high conversion rates.

4MD Medical
Cookie Validity: Sixty Days

4MD Medical happens to be a duly authorized medical equipment dealer and supplier dealing with equipment and products from renowned firms such as Medline, Invacare, and Drive Medical. It operates the biggest medical equipment catalog online. The fact that they have good buying power means that they can offer competitive prices compared to competitors.

ShareASale powers its affiliate program. All affiliates working with 4MD are awarded a good selection of tracking tools, data feeds, text links, and banners. The firm also helps affiliates to create unique tools that can assist them to better monetize their traffic at

Why Promote this Affiliate Program? They offer unique affiliate tools and good prices. Affiliates working with 4MD Medical can expect to start receiving recent and up-to-date information related to free coupons, sales, and specials to help increase visitor conversion rates.

4md Medical is a great choice for a medical supply affiliate program to promote for affiliate marketers in the healthcare niche.

Top Affiliate Programs For The Healthcare Industry affiliate programs medical
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Mountainside Medical Equipment
Cookie Validity: Ten days

Mountainside Medical Equipment deals with the supplies of medical products to individuals, nursing homes, hospitals, and doctors. All their customers get to buy the products at wholesale prices. All the equipment and medical supplies are of superior quality and are sourced directly from the manufacturers. Customers are guaranteed quick deliveries, discount pricing, and excellent customer service.

Rakuten Marketing is responsible for powering its affiliate program. With Mountainside Medical Equipment, an affiliate can expect great conversion rates and access to a well-paying medical affiliate program. Affiliates get to receive tracking tools, banner ads, product links, and text links from the company.

Why Promote Mountainside Medical Equipment Affiliate Program? Great commission rates, wholesale prices, and excellent access to top-quality medical supplies. Affiliates are assured of earning good commissions on all the sales made, including from the sale of company gift cards.

Medical Supply Depot
Cookie Validity: Forty-five days

This is a company that deals with more than twenty-five thousand different types of medical supplies. In a bid to boost its sales, the company offers free shipping to clients who have bought supplies worth more than seventy-five dollars. Its product line covers everything from walkers to diabetic supplies, wheelchairs to incontinence protection, and even hospital beds.

It’s a company that has dedicated itself to ensuring that clients get to make orders with ease from the comfort of their own homes. An average order value at Medical Supply Depot is one hundred and twenty-five dollars. The company has entered into a partnership with ShareASale to assist it to run the affiliate program. Affiliates get to receive the data feed from hundreds of its products including a broad selection of coupon codes that are regularly updated.

Why Consider Promoting Medical Supply Depot? Access to more than twenty-five thousand medical products, lots of marketing materials, fast and timely shipping. Affiliates get to work with performance commission tiers that range between five and seven percent of their monthly sales.

If you are looking for the perfect medical supply affiliate program to promote as an affiliate marketer in the healthcare niche, this could be a perfect fit for you.

Performance Health
Cookie Validity: Ninety Days

Performance Health is a manufacturer and supplier of top-quality rehab, premium strength, and recovery products. Their widely known products include Sammons Preston, Theraband, Bon Vital, Rolyan, and Biofreeze. Its entire line of products is designed to enable individuals to perform better, live well, and feel good about themselves.

The company has entered into an exclusive partnership with ShareASale to help them run its healthcare affiliate program. Its affiliates get to receive up-to-date reporting tools, monthly affiliate promotions, and creative materials. Affiliates looking to promote individual products from Performance Health will be happy to note that the company is also considering incorporating a product data feed.

Why Promote the Performance Health Affiliate Program? VIP rates and bonuses, top-of-the-line healthcare product manufacturer, and the provision of monthly affiliate promotions.

The VIP rates and bonuses are often provided to all its top-performing affiliates. This is in addition to receiving a two-dollar tiered affiliate bonus.

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2 People Shaking Hands

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Cookie Validity: Forty-five days

HDIS has specialized in providing good healthcare to individuals who frequently find themselves dealing with bladder leaks. Some of the products sold by this company include Depends, Tena, Always Discreet, and Poise. Clients can expect discreet delivery and free shipping on all their orders.

It’s a company whose sole purpose is to make sure that its incontinence products are convenient and affordable to acquire. The HDIS affiliate program is powered by Pepperjam. Affiliates working with its affiliate program have access to monthly newsletters, reporting tools, and marketing materials to help enhance conversion rates.

Affiliates with any questions can always reach out to their affiliate management team for prompt answers. This includes suggestions on how to better optimize marketing campaigns.

Why Promote HDIS healthcare affiliate program? Lots of monthly promotions, free shipping on all its products, and discreet delivery of the incontinence products to its clients. More US residents purchase incontinence supplies from HDIS than from any other company in the country.


Having read about the leading medical affiliate programs, you now need to choose your preferred target niche. You do not have to limit yourself as you can choose to specialize in areas such as in-home care for seniors or even on medical alert buttons. You just have to choose your preferred specialization area and commit to it.

Author Bio: This article was written by Patrick Hanley of APC Physio & Sports Clinic. Patrick has over two decades of experience working in the healthcare industry and has a great understanding of affiliate marketing in the healthcare sector.

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