How to win a client from your competitor using SEO and call tracking tools

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Competition can be thrilling, especially when it comes to SEO. Whatever niche you choose, you will definitely face many rivals. But from the other side, that are rivals who push us to move forward and develop intensively. Also, the rivals are those who we study each time we need inspiration for new ideas.

After analyzing competitors, we can use their strengths for our own benefit and make our site better than theirs. And entice their clients. Because the better site is, the more leads it brings.

Let’s start from the beginning, and see how we can do that with the help of SEO and call tracking tools.

How to determine your competitors

Of course, most likely you already know your competitors in the SERP. But to ensure no significant players in the niche are missed, we use Serpstat.

That’s easy. Just enter your website’s domain on the main page and click the Search button, then pass to Domain Analysis→SEO Research→Competitors.

We took for the example and in less than a minute we found 24 of its competitors.


The more keywords websites share, the more likely they are the direct competitors. You can sort competitors by the number of common keywords and export this data in a convenient format.

How to find out which keywords your competitors use?

To find out keywords and positions of your competitor, just click on it.


Here at once we see the list of all keywords domain ranks and domain positions for the given keywords.

How to win a client from your competitor using SEO and call tracking tools
How to win a client from your competitor using SEO and call tracking tools

You can then export this listing to any convenient format for future reference. Take these keywords to compete for rankings in the same search results. Especially pay attention to the keywords for which a domain lost its position.

How to find highly relevant keywords

The competition among the top 10 of SERP is huge. You can’t miss a thing in case you want to keep up with your rivals.

Use Missing Keywords tool to see the keywords that top 10 competitors for the researched page are ranking for, but the page in question is not.

To do this, just enter URL of your website and pass to the appropriate section.

How to win a client from your competitor using SEO and call tracking tools

So you found the right keywords, but how do you understand that they work properly? In the end, the goal of SEO is to bring your website conversions. So how can you make sure that the rank you achieved in SERP is getting you clients?

Using call tracking for assessing conversion rate

One way of making sure that your keyword strategy worked right is to assess the change of conversion rate. Phone calls can serve as a convenient metric.

The majority of businesses get calls from the clients: retailers, deliveries, medical and legal services, any kind of high priced complex products. And while online contact forms seem an easy way to connect, many clients still prefer ‘live’ contact, such as calls.

Callers usually have an idea of brand and its product before they dial the number, and call only to check availability, delivery options or price. Thus, analysing calls you can get reliable KPI for your SEO. And it is not hard to do with the help of call tracking.

We will use Ringostat here, to show you how you can retrieve and use the necessary data.

First of all, you can use the ‘Call log’ report to get an idea how the number of calls your business receives has changed over time.

Winning Competition In The Search Engines From Your Competition

Choose a period of time for analysis and see how many calls you have received and whether their number increased after you had optimized the keywords.

You also get the information on the number of answered and missed calls, as well as on 9 other call statuses.

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You can also get a stack of data on every call you have received. The phone number of the caller, who received that call, its duration as well as source, channel and keyword of the user session.

Combining information from these reports, you will be able to tell precisely which keyword brought the target call. Therefore, you can check the efficiency of your SEO strategy with high probability.

If the keywords you have found by researching your competitors are working properly, you should see the increase of conversions in your call tracking analytics.


The combination of call tracking and keyword research tools can give you a good advantage over your competitors. You can find out the right keywords by making a research, optimizing your SEO strategy and moreover, checking whether it is working right. In the end, you will be able to understand how every keyword is working and see which ones are turning into purchases.

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