Top 6 Google AdWords Hacks That Will Boost Up Conversion Rates Increasing Revenue

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Pay Per click campaign has always believed to be a time testing way of generating qualified leads for your organization. In the expert’s words of Sitewite, businesses continue to make an average of $2 dollars in revenue, and this is for every one dollar that they have been spending on google AdWords. Social media today has an estimated ROI of 44%, whereas the paid ads get 56% more profit generating than even social media advertising. Yet investing your money without gaining any appropriate results will definitely land up hurting your business in the bottom line. This is why it is believed and said you need to be a bit smarter with your campaigns. Smart PPC Campaigns help you and your organization get best results by boosting up conversion rates and increasing revenue. Given below are some of the Google AdWords hacks boosting up your conversions and increase revenue.

Hack 1: Optimizing the Quality Score

What is the Google AdWords score quality score and what impact will it continue to have on your CPC and ad rankings. Your quality score is considered to be important for many number of reasons. And according to a study conducted by word stream, Google continues to reward high quality score to advertisers who continue to have lower CPC and higher ad positions. In the chart below Advertiser 1 has a maximum bid of $2 and quality score of 10. By using various measurements google was then able to lower the actual CPC to $1.61 Advertiser 1. On the other hand the Advertiser 2 continues to have a higher bid of $4, but a significantly lower quality score 4, and the advertiser 2’s CPC is higher than $3.01. Before you improve your quality score you need to know what your current score it.

Hack 2: Being Different from your competitors

One of the easiest ways of seeing changes is to differentiate your ads from the ads by your competitors. Sounds simple right, yet most of the advertisers generally suck at this. Think about what you see for most of the queries. Its total snooze fest. Everyone who has been using the same keywords will be offering you with the same services. Though the ads continue to look the same they are still fighting for their position hoping to get most out of their looks.

Hack 3: Using Remarketing as a conversion rate optimization tool

A lot of PPC marketers don’t consider remarketing to be the CRO tool, which is pretty crazy considering it can help you connect and convert with the site visitors who leave without converting (which is in short a huge majority of them). Even people engaged and committed enough putting items in a cart generally bounce – in fact studies show that 70% of them (the shoppers) will abandon their cart. Remarketing is one such thing who turn these abandoners back into the leads making a second or tenth or twentieth impression out of it. Remarketing can be done either by Facebook or twitter using your own customers list. Of course the google display network is prime remarketing ground as well as this reaches the 92% of all the internet users in the U.S.

Hack 4: Creatively optimizing for Mobile Platforms

Most searches are generally being conducted on the mobile devices these days. And in order to generate more number of leads for your website, you will need to utilize the available platforms that Google AdWords Provides. While running a Google AdWords campaign you will be tempted to focus on PCs but mobile already has the upper hand in the total search volume. It’s a lot much easier of converting the mobile users who click on google ads be it through the search networks or display networks. The click to call feature that is generally available in the mobile browser is the game changer. Below given is an example that will clearly help you and understand the difference between desktop and mobile conversion funnels.

Hack 5: AB Testing the Most Powerful Ways of Turning Your Clicks into Customers

AB Testing also called as split testing on your web page are against one another. Your testing between options A and B is to determine what works better and what not. For example testing which color call to action button will lead you with more number of conversions. You will look at how many click through you get by choosing a few colors and based on the data that you get, you will be able to tell which color button turns out to be the best and has lead you with more number of conversions. While using a/b testing it is first important to decide what exactly are you willing to test, some of them generally include headlines, call to action, form length and designs. Some of the best tools you can try here are kiss metrics, google analytics, unbounce etc.

Hack 6: Use in Market Segments

While managing google AdWords you need to be very vigilant about three crucial points that can lead you with better conversion results. They are called the STP of the google AdWords campaign. These are called as the STP of the Google AdWords campaign.

  • Segmentation

  • Targeting

  • Positioning

You are well aware of the various benefits of retargeting the site visitors. Retargeting at times does not seem to work out well for the start-ups. Organizations who have just started up do not succeed in generating specific amount of leads, as they do not have much visitors to remarket the various brands to. Retargeting through in marketing audiences allows for a greater a greater conversion because such audiences are eagerly browsing, researching, and comparing one type of product with another. So if your ads are reaching out marketers who are already having sufficient larger lists, you are then in effect lowering the conversion rate. If you are aiming for marketers who are having a tough time in getting their lists across hundreds of subscribers you will then be engaging the right audiences.

To Conclude:

Google AdWords PPC is one of the best and an invincible tool for boosting up the conversion rate and increasing the revenue. But you can enjoy it only in full force if you are bidding wisely and have your CPC kept really low at times. These 6 google AdWords hacks for boosting up your conversion rates and increasing revenue are tried by several companies, and cannot be blamed if the landing page is not well optimized for the user. So makes sure that the users land on well kept, useful pages as these hacks ensure that they go ahead and click on your ads.

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