New to Twitter? Here is How to Build a Brand! [2023]

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The world is changing fast, and to survive in this competitive place, you need a social media presence.

Twitter is the best social platform for building a personal brand. This digital business card can make you visible amongst target consumers.

Twitter is a popular branding platform today, but its 280-character limits pose a challenge.

Which is just tweeting about your brand or blog won’t work. You must work on the bio, Twitter handle, etc.

Also, in order for your Twitter profile to work, you need to take this platform seriously.

Many users are not serious and keep posting inappropriate things which harm their reputation.

So, in this blog, we will learn the basic tricks and tips that will help you build a personal brand on Twitter.

1. Select your Twitter handle carefully and make it great

The Twitter handle needs to be chosen carefully so that it looks professional. A powerful brand is consistent, memorable, and short.

You can even use your username as the Twitter handle.
Some other points that will help you select it are:

● The handle name should be straightforward and easy to remember. For example, if you are a chef, the name can be @Jennathechef.
● Using @gimmecomics200 as your Twitter name is a strict no. You can have a little fun, but it also needs to sound great.
● For bloggers and website owners, the best handle is its name or URL.
● For a simple and memorable handle, use your name.

Don’t change your Twitter handle often; it is difficult to tell everyone you changed it.

This may affect the number of your followers. Canva is one site that will help you create unique and beautiful Twitter handles.

2. Create a dynamic bio

Your Twitter account needs to have an impressive bio.

Your followers won’t just see your tweet; they will check out your profile too.

So, tell them about yourself and what you do, and don’t forget to include your blog/website/channel name. Remember these points:
● The bio should include your name
● A crisp, short, yet memorable introduction
● Provide links to all your social media accounts
● A clear profile and cover image
● Link to your blog/website or Channel.
● Your designation and company name. Check out this Twitter handle for a better understanding; also, change your cover and profile image once a year.

You can also use Canva for designing Twitter headers for free.

3. Brand imaging must be done right

You are creating a personal brand, so it is crucial that people know who you are.

And for this, you need to place your image in the profile. Don’t use a quote or photo of a celebrity. That will totally nullify the purpose of having a Twitter handle.

Some tips regarding profile picture:

● Use a clear headshot
● Even selfies will do, but they should look professional
● A passport-size photo looks best
● A funny image can be put, but it should be in good taste.

Tips about the cover image:

● A simple image of you will work wonders. Not every aspect of the platform needs to be used for promotion.
● When your profile is little-known, use it to promote your blog, book, and so on. For this purpose, place a banner about the same as a cover image. This is also helpful when some event is coming up, like a book tour.
● If you want something more dramatic, use a catchphrase.

Check out this profile and its cover image for a better understanding-

New to Twitter? Here is How to Build a Brand! [2023] building brnd twitter

4. Build connections

You have successfully built a Twitter account, and it is working for you. To keep the followers engaged, you need to have a connection. You can do this by:

Twitter Chats:
Join weekly Twitter chats that interest you. You will be surprised how many like-minded people you can meet here.

It is crucial that you are active on your account. For this, you need to post fresh content regularly.

Also, make sure that the content is relevant to the people.

Don’t just post anything; it should have meaning or value to your business, followers, or yourself.

Mentions and replies:
Initially, replying to every comment you get is a good brand-building strategy.

After a while, you can reply to the maximum number of people. Or better, start a question-answer session, and answer interesting and relevant questions.

Also, whenever you get mentioned in some comment or someone else tweets, especially an influence, it is your job to reply to that.

If some fiery debate is going on about things you have a perspective on, join it.

It is a great way to engage with new people and followers.

5. Follow influencers

If someone from your industry inspires you, follow them.

Or if you think that certain people are influencing a lot of people and following them may get you notice, do it.

The trick is to start conversing with them or casually commenting on their tweets.

Also, follow them on every social media account and show gratitude towards them.

6. Sometimes tweets about personal life works too

Not everything has to revolve around your work and promotions.

Sometimes, you can post about your latest trip or your views about the latest movie you saw.

Just make sure that it is nothing inappropriate and informs people about you as a person.

6. Brag a bit

Let the world know about your achievements. So, if you got featured in a newspaper, tweet about it with the proof.

This helps add more value to your profile.

7. Hand out your account

Your Twitter profile is your digital business card; people need to know about it.

So, include this as a social button in your email signatures and profiles.

Have a link for the Twitter profile on your other social media accounts so people can access it directly.

These were the best tricks and tips I found. These have helped a lot of people create a successful brand on Twitter, and it will do the same for you too.

Always remember that honesty and being you are key to impressing the audience.

Author Bio:

Prince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger.

With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide.

You can reach out to him at

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